The Grant 11-Up is an 81 mile route that climbs all 11 ascents up Grant Mountain, totaling 8,300' of climbing. The climbs range up to 10% average grade, with some sections approaching 20%. Each climb is a down-and-up, some including switchbacks or poor pavement, so use caution on the descents.  Map Directions to start: This ride starts on top of the mountain at the Hardee's restaurant/store south of Grant, at the intersection of Cathedral Caverns Highway and Simpson Point Road. It's located 3.6 miles north of US-431, 8 miles south of US-72. Park in the gravel parking lot on the south side.  Google Maps start location
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
R 3.3  South on Cathedral Caverns Hwy x
U Turn 2.2  Climb 1  Cathedral Caverns Hwy
 590' in 2.2 miles, 5% avg grade
R 0.1  on Randles Road x
R 1.1  on Word Mountain Road x
U Turn 1.3  Climb 2  Word Mountain Road
 450' in 1.1 miles, 8% avg grade
R 0.8  on Davis Hill Road x
L 0.2  on Randles Road at "T" x
R 0.7  on Campbell Mill Road x
R 0.3  on Elkins Road at "T" x
R 0.5  on Old Union Road at "T" (slow!) x
SR 2.7  on Columbus City Road x
U Turn 4.4  Climb 3  Columbus City Road
 440' in 1.1 miles, 8% avg grade
R 0.5  on Free Home Road x
L 0.5  on Blueberry Lane x
R 2.6  on Baker Mountain Road x
U Turn 2.6  Climb 4  Baker Mountain Road
 550' in 1 mile, 10% avg grade
R 1.1  on Ester Road / Shady Side Drive x
SR 3.3  on Swearengin Road x
Rest Stop -  at Backwoods Grocery on right
 next rest stop in 28 miles
S 3.2  East on Swearengin Road x
U Turn 3.8  Climb 5  Swearengin Road
 540' in 1 mile, 10% avg grade
R 2.5  on Babe Wright Road x
U Turn 1.3  Climb 6  Babe Wright Road
 530' in 1 mile, 10% avg grade
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
R 2.7  on Winkles Road x
R 0.8  on Waverly Hills Road x
L 0.1  on Esslinger Road x
R 2.2  on Swearengin Road x
R 1.6  on Cathedral Caverns Hwy x
U Turn 1.0  Climb 7  Cathedral Caverns Hwy
 500' in 1 mile, 10% avg grade
R 2.8  on Fishtrap Road x
U Turn 2.8  Climb 8  Fishtrap Road
 600' in 2.8 miles, 4% avg grade
R 2.8  on Cathedral Caverns Hwy x
Rest Stop -  at Hardee's (start/finish)
 finish in 25 miles
S 2.5  West on Simpson Point Road
 (Left from store)
RL 1.1  at Anderson Ridge Road onto
 Butler Mill Road
U Turn 1.1  Climb 9  Butler Mill Road
 500' in 1 mile, 9% avg grade
RR 5.3  onto Simpson Point Road x
U Turn 4.1  Climb 10  Simpson Point Road
 530' in 1 mile, 10% avg grade
RR 3.5  at church onto Cottonville Road
 (water at church)
U Turn 3.3  Climb 11  Cottonville Road
 380' in 1 mile, 7% avg grade
R 0.7  on Whitaker Road x
R 3.3  on Simpson Point Road at "T" x
R -  Finish at Hardee's store x

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