The Fort Hampton Metric is 61 miles, exploring the backroads west of Elkmont, around the Elk River and into Tennessee. Lots of hills, many around 200' elevation gain. Directions to start: at the Elkmont High School, 25630 Evans Ave, Elkmont, AL 35620.
Take Research Park Blvd North to AL-53, and turn Left / North on AL-53 for 11.6 miles. Turn Left on Ready Section / Bethel Road for 2.6 miles. Turn Left on AL-251 S for 1.0 miles. Turn Right on Thach Road / CR-100 for 9.1 miles (becomes Sandlin Road west of I-65, and Upper Fort Hampton Road in Elkmont). Turn Right onto High School Road for 0.1 miles.
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
S 0.1  West on High School Road x
L 0.1  on Upper Fort Hampton Road x
SR 0.9  to stay on Upper Fort Hampton Rd x
R 7.7  on AL-127 N x
L 2.5  on Edmundson Road x
R 0.5  on Stella Road at "T" x
LR 0.4  across bridge to stay on Stella Rd x
L 4.9  on Tackets Branch Road x
R 0.5  on Salem Road x
R 0.5  on TN-11 N at "T" x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on left
 next rest stop in 21 miles
S 1.9  Return South on TN-11 S x
L 1.7  on Hulsey Branch Road x
L 2.0  on Liberty Hill Road x
R 6.5  on Jackson Clinic Road at "T" x
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
L 0.9  on W Schoolhouse Road x
R 0.4  on W Limestone School Rd at "T" x
L 0.3  on Buck Island Rd / AL-99 S at "T" x
R 4.6  on Cotton Belt Road x
L 2.9  on Cairo Hollow Road at "T" x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store after bridge
 finish in 22 miles
S 6.3  East on Elk River Mills Road x
L 5.4  on Easter Ferry Road / CR-65 x
R 1.3  on Leggtown Road / CR-65 x
R 2.2  to stay on Leggtown Road x
R 1.4  to stay on Leggtown Road
 (no sign, at Upper Bethel Road)
R 3.9  on AL-127 S x
L 0.9  on Upper Fort Hampton Road x
SL 0.1  to stay on Upper Fort Hampton Rd x
R 0.1  at High School Road x
Finish -  at Elkmont High School x

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