The Dam Grant Options Ride is 65 miles and starts at the Cove Park ballfields near Hampton Cove. The route includes one mountain and a few hills but is mostly flat to rolling. There are 3 optional climbs that add around 2 miles each, and an option to visit the Guntersville Dam which adds 6 miles. Directions to start, at the Cove Park ballfields near Hampton Cove:

If traveling over Monte Sano on Highway 431 (east on Governors Drive): go 4.8 miles after passing Monte Sano Boulevard and turn Left at Old 431/Sutton Road. Travel 1.6 miles and turn right onto Old 431. The ballfields are on the right.

If traveling over Cecil Ashburn Drive: continue straight on Sutton Road for 0.7 miles and go straight across Highway 431. From the intersection go 1.6 miles and turn right onto Old 431. The ballfields are on the right.

 Turn Leg  Description Mile
3.1  Southeast on Old Highway 431 x
2.2  across US-431 to stay on
 Old Highway 431
0.4  on Wilson Mann Road x
S 1.2  to stay on Wilson Mann Road x
1.2  on Piney Woods Road at "T" x
1.3  on Lyons Road at "T" x
1.1  on Low Gap Road at "T" x
2.4  on Old Gurley Pike at "T" x
3.2  on Main Drive /
 New Hope Highway
0.7  Option: Simpson Point Road
 to left, 500' in one mile, 10% avg
0.2  on US-431 at "T" x
0.7  on Merrill Mountain Road x
1.7  on Walker Road
 Option: Merrill Mountain Road,
 straight. 480' in 0.9 mile, 10% avg
0.9  on Guntersville Dam Road at "T"
 Option: out-and-back to the Dam.
1.3  on New Hope Highway South
 after crossing US-431
0.5  Option: Bishop Mountain Road
 to right. 350' in 0.7 mile, 9% avg
0.2  on US-431 at "T" x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on left
 next rest stop in 11 miles
1.1  continue East on US-431 x
0.5  on Cottonville Road x
Begin Climb 3.1  340' in one mile, 7% average grade
 Natural bridge at base
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.7  on Whitaker Road x
2.2  on Simpson Point Road at "T" x
0.9  on Segler Road x
2.5  across onto Randles Road x
0.4  on Elkins Road at "T" x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store across road
 next rest stop in 14 miles
1.3  return Southeast on Elkins Road x
0.5  on Old Union Road at "T" x
3.1  on Columbus City Road at "T" x
0.5  on Swearengin Road at "T" x
0.8  at Esslinger Road onto
 Waverly Hills Road
2.7  on Winkles Road at "T" x
1.4  on Babe Wright at "T"
 (begin descent)
2.0  on Cathedral Caverns Road at "T" x
1.7  on Cavern Cove Road x
0.8  on Cathedral Caverns Hwy at "T"
 (optional rest stop 0.2 miles left)
2.0  on Kennamer Cove Circle x
0.2  across onto Jim Tom Hodges Rd x
2.2  on Mill Road (no sign) x
2.5  on Butler Mill Road (rest stop) x
1.1  on New Hope Cedar Point Road
 at "T"
7.5  on Cherry Tree Road x
1.2  on Old Highway 431 at "T" x
-  at Cove Park ballfields x

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