The Crystal Ridge 66 travels up to the beautiful quiet roads east of Fayetteville. There are several hills this route, no long climbs but a few 200+ foot ascents. Directions to start: at the New Market elementary school, just off Winchester Road at old downtown New Market. Arriving from the south on Winchester Road turn Right at New Market Road, the first right after Hurricane Road. There's a flashing yellow light and an old red building with a green roof at the turn. The school parking lot is directly ahead 0.1 miles after the turn.
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
S 0.1  West on New Market Road x
S 2.2  across Winchester Road to stay on
 New Market Road
R 2.3  on Mint Springs Road x
SR 0.6  to stay on Mint Springs Road x
0.2  on Buddy Williamson Road x
R 1.0  on St Clair Road x
1.0  on Phillips Road x
R 1.0  on B H Reeves Road x
1.6  onto Myers Road x
0.7  on TN-275 / Vanntown Rd at "T" x
0.1  on S Lincoln Road x
3.1  on Corders Crossroads Road x
1.0  on Raby Road x
0.9  on Smith Mill Road x
0.5  on Old Lincoln Road x
Rest Stop -  at Howell Hill Grocery on left
 next rest stop in 30 miles
0.3  North on Old Lincoln Road x
2.5  on Howell Hill Road x
2.0  on Lees Creek Road x
2.0  on Cowley Hollow Road x
1.2  on N Howard Fitch Road x
1.0  on Ben Thompson Road x
0.5  on Howell Hill Road x
2.9  on Teal Hollow Road
 (store, often closed, on right)
0.5  to stay on Teal Hollow Road x
0.2  to stay on Teal Hollow Road x
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.2  across divided US-64
 onto Kelso-Smithland Road
1.4  on Champ Road x
3.6  on Massey Hollow Road x
1.0  on Buntley Hill Road x
1.4  on Crystal Ridge Road
 (rough descent)
6.4  on Tucker Creek Road at "T"
 (becomes Champ / Fish Hatchery)
1.3  on Bear Wallow Road x
0.3  on Gum Springs Road at "T" x
1.1  on US-64 shoulder (wide) x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on left
 finish in 20 miles
0.5  South on TN-275 / Flintville Rd x
1.9  on Howell Hill Road x
0.9  on Crystal Springs Camp Road x
1.6  on Crystal Springs Road at "T" x
1.3  on L Mitchell Rd at "T" x
0.5  on Oliver Smith Road at "T" x
3.7  on Stewarts Chapel Road x
1.1  on C Ogle Road x
2.6  on Mason / School House Road x
0.6  on Buddy Williamson Road at "T" x
0.4  onto Old Winchester Road x
R 3.1  on Davis Road x
R 0.9  on Old Mountain Fork Rd at "T" x
L 0.3  on Winchester Road x
L 0.3  on College Street
 New Market BBQ at right
L -  at New Market Elementary x

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