The Cotaco Backroads 40 ride is 40 miles. The first half is rolling with several long grades, nothing steep. The second half is relatively flat. It travels on mostly good pavement thru beautiful quiet farmland, with rest stops at 17 and 27 miles. A 31 mile option shortcuts back from the second rest stop. Directions to start: This ride begins at the Cotaco School parking lot, on Cotaco School Road off of AL-36, south of the Tennessee River. Travel South from Huntsville on US-231 (Memorial Parkway) across the Tennessee River. Three miles after the bridge turn Right on AL-36 at the flashing yellow light. Travel 8.3 miles to the intersection with Cotaco School Road and Cotaco-Florette Road, at the Cotaco Grocery store. Turn Right and go 0.2 miles to the parking lot in front of the school.
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.9  South on Cotaco-Florette Road 0.0
0.9  on Red Oak Road x
0.2  on AL-36 at "T" x
1.6  on Herman Bailey Road x
4.2  on Antioch Road (no sign) x
2.2  across Upper River Road onto
 Sharp Ford Road
2.8  on Charest Road at "T" (no sign) x
0.2  across Upper River Road onto
 J Henderson Road
4.1  on Center Springs Road (no sign) x
0.2  on Main Street / Bluff City Road x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store in Somerville,
 next rest stop in 9.4 miles
0.6  continue South across AL-67 onto
 Cut Off Road
1.4  on Old 6 Mile Road x
0.1  on AL-36 at "T" (no sign) x
1.7  on S Old 6 Mile Road x
0.8  on 6 Mile Road at "T" (no sign) x
Note -  The Cotaco 40 diverges from the
 metric route here...
1.0  to stay on 6 Mile Road x
3.5  on Peck Hollow Road (sign hidden) x
0.5  on All Jersey Road (sign hidden) x
0.1  across AL-67 onto Jenkins Road x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store in Florette
 (from behind) 13 miles to the finish
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.3  continue East on Jenkins Road
 (behind store)
0.2  on Florette Road x
1.5  onto Blue Springs Road x
0.3  on AL-67 at "T" x
0.2  on Rock Creek Road x
0.7  on JT Gurley Road x
0.4  on AL-67 at "T" x
0.3  on Entrekin Road x
2.4  on Crawford Bottoms at "T" x
0.4  on Pines Road at "T" x
1.3  on Beavers Road x
0.1  on Pines Road x
1.0  on Fowler Road x
2.2  on Fowler Cove Road x
0.4  onto Dotson Road x
0.1  on Guyer Cove Rd at "T" (no sign) x
1.3  on Cotaco-Florette Road at "T" x
S 0.2  onto Cotaco School Road x

31 mile option

 From the rest stop in Florette, at mile 27:
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
4.0  North on Cotaco-Florette Road 27.0
S 0.2  onto Cotaco School Road 31.0

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