The Bunker Hill 57 is a hilly ride up to some quiet backroads in Tennessee, circling around Ardmore. Rest stops at 22 and 37 miles. Directions to start: at the Harmony Baptist Church in Toney: From Huntsville and I-565: take Research Park Blvd north 6 miles, then Left/North on AL-53 / Jordan Lane for 8.4 miles. Turn Right at Toney Road at the flashing yellow light and travel 0.25 miles, the church will be on the left.
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.4  West on Tony Road (cross AL-53) 0.0
0.2  on Wall Triana Hwy at "T" x
2.5  on Toney School Road x
0.3  on McKee Road at "T" x
1.7  on Love Branch (no sign) x
4.4  on Harvest Road (no sign) x
0.1  on AL-251 at "T" (no sign) x
4.1  on Van Dyke / Black Road x
0.7  on Elkton Road at "T" x
0.5  on Cagle Road x
0.5  on Rochelle Road x
0.5  on Carey Road at "T" x
1.8  to stay on Carey Road at "T" x
3.0  on CR-55 / Hays Mill Road at "T" x
1.5  on CR-100 / Sandlin Road x
100'  on CR-49 x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on left in
 Elkmont, next rest stop in 14 miles
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
100'  return East on CR-49 x
7.6  North on CR-49 / Veto Road x
6.6  on TN-273 / Prospect Elkton Road x
0.1  on US-31 x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on left in
 Elkton, finish in 21 miles
0.1  Northeast on Main Street
 (road next to store)
0.2  on Market Street x
8.9  on Baugh / Kelly Creek Road x
0.9  on TN-110 at "T" x
2.0  on You Take It Road x
0.1  on County Line Road at "T" x
3.0  on Macedonia Road x
1.5  on Dozier Road x
3.8  on Wall Triana Hwy at "T" x
0.4  on Toney Road x
-  at Harmony Baptist Church x

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