The Bellefonte Cooling Towers Flyby is a 61 mile route that travels through Scottsboro and loops out past Bellefonte and the small town of Hollywood. Mostly flat to rolling, there's a difficult one mile climb that starts at mile six.

The first rest stop at mile 23 is at the Jackson County Park, on Lake Guntersville, with public restrooms and a restaurant (currently closed). There are restaurants around mile 42 at the square in downtown Scottsboro, a couple of blocks south of E Maple Avenue, closed Sundays.

Directions to start:

This ride starts at the Woodville Municipal Building in Woodville, 30 minutes east of Huntsville.

From I-566 East continue on US-72 20.3 miles, through Gurley and Paint Rock. Turn left at AL-35 / Willow Street and go 1.8 miles to the intersection with the flashing yellow light. The Woodville Municipal Building is on the right, there's overflow parking nearby.

 Turn Leg  Description Mile
1.9  East on CR-8 x
0.8  on CR-6 x
3.3  across US-72 onto
 CR-6 / Cathedral Caverns Road
0.3  on Babe Wright Road x
Begin Climb 2.3  One mile at 11% average grade x
2.7  on Swearengin Road x
Begin Descent 1.6  One mile at 10% average grade
 Watch for sharp switchback
3.3  on AL-79 x
0.4  on Ed Hembree Drive x
0.1  on Shorty Robertson Road x
0.6  on Bob Jones Road at "T" x
0.3  to stay on Bob Jones Road x
2.5  at "T" to stay on Bob Jones Road x
0.5  at "T" to stay on Bob Jones Road x
0.1  on N Broad Street x
0.5  merge lane shoulder onto US-72 x
1.0  on Co Park Road x
0.7  to enter park on Co Park Road x
Rest Stop -  at Jackson County Park
 next rest stop in 20 miles
0.6  loop out on Co Park Road x
0.4  to exit on Co Park Road x
1.0  on Byron Road x
0.1  on Wildwood Avenue x
 Turn Leg  Description Mile
0.6  on Hood Avenue x
0.3  to stay on Hood Avenue x
0.4  on Phillips Drive x
1.6  across AL-35 onto Crawford Road x
0.4  on Snodgrass Road at "T" x
3.5  on CR-33 x
1.4  to stay on CR-33 x
1.7  across US-72 to stay on CR-33 x
3.5  on CR-105 (no road sign, look for
 "Mt Zion M.B. Church" sign)
2.8  on CR-21 / Tupelo Pike at "T" x
0.8  on E Maple Avenue (after this turn,
 town square is left on N Broad St)
0.1  at "T" on N Houston Street
 over RR Tracks
0.3  on W Mary Hunter Avenue x
0.1  on N Cedar Hill Drive x
Rest Stop -  at convenience store on corner
 finish in 18 miles
0.4  on W Willow Street / AL-35 x
4.4  on Old Larkinsville Road x
1.3  to stay on Old Larkinsville Road x
0.2  on Harvey Wilborn Street (watch!) x
10.3  onto Larkinsville Road x
1.4  on CR-8 at "T" x
0.2  across RR Tracks to stay on CR-8 x
-  across AL-35 to finish x
-  at Woodville Municipal Building x

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