Welcome to the Home Page for Isher Weapons, FA Plus an OPFOR LLC Activity in support of the Constitution of the United States of America and specifically the 2nd Amendment to it....

This site is designed to be a repository of select graphics and documents that can be accessed off of the net.  The site is in a directory structure with items of type located in subject named folders. There are nested folders in some.  To navigate use your browser to move up and down the directory stucture or the arrows on top of each file list.

Click on the Isher Weapons Arrow below to link to the entry directory of OPFOR

For information or discussion you can email me "Rob Sickler" at: sickler@HiWAAY.net

Below is an example of some of the graphics available from our site. It is an  IMI Galil ARM in .308 caliber

Below is a Styer AUG with a 24inch barrel, displayed below it are the 16 inch and 20 inch barrels.  The two types of magazines available are the 30 rdr, and the 42 rdr both of which are displayed:

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