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Rudder Pedal Service Bulletin SB 99-6-1









There have been some isolated cases of failure of a weld in the overhead pedal assemblies used in the RV-6/6A aircraft. A service bulletin was issued by Vans on June 30, 1999, and the complete bulletin can be seen at this link on Vans' web site:



pedal-gusset-3.jpg (30759 bytes)


Compliance with the bulletin consists of welding reinforcing gussets to the pedals to strengthen the welds. Pedals shipped following the bulletin have the gussets already installed. The gussets are available from Vans at no charge to RV-6/6A builders/pilots who have the unmodified overhead pedals.






pedal-gusset-2.jpg (22820 bytes)


RV-9A builder Randall Eckstein graciously agreed to weld the gussets to my pedals. Removing the pedals from an assembled aircraft can be an exercise in patience due to the confining space under the panel.

Splitting the bearing blocks can make the re-installation a little easier.





pedal-gusset-1.jpg (30784 bytes)


Here are the pedals with the gussets welded, painted, and ready to reinstall. Expect to spend at least four to six hours on the job.

A body massage will be in order after spending a few hours writhing under the panel....





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