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Welcome t'Th' RV Journal hosted by Zephaniah Buchanan, th' unofficial web site fo' all thin's RV! Fry mah hide! This hyar is th' place t'find all so'ts of info an' stuff about th' superb RV series of kit aircraf' prodooced by Van's Aircraf' of No'th Plains, Oregon, as enny fool kin plainly see. This hyar site is a great example of whut happens when a small an' seemin'ly innercent indeavo' gits mighty outta han'. In November of 1997, ah launched a web site chroniclin' mah adventures an' misdeeds assosheeated wif th' construckshun of RV6 N399SB. It warn't long befo'e it became evident thet th' RV6 web site was turnin' into nearly as trimenjus a projeck as th' plane itse'f! Fry mah hide!

Update 8/30/00

Installin' th' Team Rocket Gear Fairin' Set
(N399SB picks up SPEED! Fry mah hide!)

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Also, repitchin' th' Sensenich metal prop

Update 5/27/00

N399SB Unnergoes an Engine Rebuild

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Notes fum Sun-N-Fun 2000



Update 2/19/00

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Three RV's Travel Fum Alabama t'Arizona an' Back



Update 3/3/00; Installin' a Navaid Autopilot in a Completed RV
photo-illestrated article on mountin' th' servo on a win'-tip rib

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Smooth is Good! Fry mah hide!
has th' prop dynamically balanced



Coooold Weather Updates (1/25/00); (Ok, cold fo' Alabama...)


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Th' Tennessee Valley RV Builders Group


"Th' RV Journal" Disclaimer

Yo' inter this hyar site atchar own risk! Fry mah hide! ah's in no way liable fo' th' tremenjus injoyment  an' ejoocayshun yo' will receive by browsin' this hyar site. This hyar web site has absolutely no official cornneckshun wif Van's Aircraf' other than financin' Van's annual vacashun an' payin' fo' development of th' RV12 through an indless stream of checks, wo'n-out bankcards, an' IOUs. Due t'th' afo'emenshuned corntribushuns t'th' grost domestic produck of th' wonnerful state of Oregon, we, builders an' corntributo's t'this site, is mighty busted. Consequently, eff'n yo' doesn't like whut is on this hyar site, then SUE US! Fry mah hide! All yo' will git is a bunch of used-up clecos an' a ha'f-full box of Ban'-Aids.

Ok, so yo' rather haf Official info about RV aircraf'? Jest be thet way, but be fo'ewarned thet eff'n yo' use th' real RV link instead of checkin' out this hyar site fust, a dreaded virus will be downloaded t'yer computer causin' it t'play sevahal hours of Barry Manilow moosic. To git info'mashun straight fum th' home of Van's Aircraf'  in th' backwoods of Oregon (whutta they know?), hit th' graphic below. They haf a neat info pack an' video thet will be good 'nuff t'getcher pulse rate up an' yer net-wo'th down, as enny fool kin plainly see.

                      Van's Aircraft


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Zephaniah Buchanan's RV6 projeck, N399SB
(Photo assembly logs)


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RV Photo Album


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Edito''s Co'ner
Zephaniah rants...


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Construckshun Tips


Check out th' Mighty Right fine interio' by D.J Lauritson! Fry mah hide!


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Gary Rodgers's RV3
Th' RV3 put Van's on th' map. Check out this hyar nice vahshun of th' "Li'l RV thet C'd"


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RV Pilot Survives Bird Strike!


Wawkin' Smart
Zephaniah mooses about how t'git th' maximum bang fum yer shop time


How t' Register Yer RV
Includes links t'Adviso'y Circulars 20-27D an' 90-89A

Kevin Ho'ton's RV Link List

  Flight of  Rediscovery
A pilot discovahs th' charms of a 1940 J3

  Th' Beat Goes On

Sam's account of a most memo'able J3 flight 


Zephaniah flies wif Van's facko'y instrucko' Ichabod Seager
(an' th' RV6 survives!)


RV Accident Statistics
compiled by Mel Jo'don


Evah been axed how high one of them thar RVs will go? Terry Jantzi foun' out! Fry mah hide! Read his account of a reco'd settin' flight.


Need RV Insurance? Check wif Ole Jeb (Sky) Smif


Van's Air Fo'ce
Wo'ld Wide Win'

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