INSPECTION REPORT Type of Inspection: Condition Inspection





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1.______ Inspect spinner and back plate

2.______ Inspect blades for nicks and cracks

3.______ Check for grease and oil leaks

4.______ Lubricate propeller per lubrication chart

5.______ Check spinner mounting brackets

6.______ Check propeller mounting bolts and safety

7.______ Inspect hub parts for cracks and corrosion


B. ENGINE GROUP CAUTION: ground mags before working on engine

1.______ Remove engine cowl

2.______ Clean and check cowling for cracks, distortion and loose or missing fasteners

3.______ Drain oil sump

4.______ Clean suction oil strainer at oil change

5.______ Clean pressure oil strainer or change full flow oil filter element

6.______ Check oil temp. sender for leaks and security

7.______ Check oil lines and fittings for leaks, chafing, security, dents and cracks

8.______ Clean and check oil radiator cooling fins

9.______ Fill engine with oil per lubrication chart

10._____ Clean engine

11._____ Check condition of spark plugs, adjust gap to:______ clean, test, rotate

12._____ Check ignition harness and insulators

13._____ Check magneto points for proper clearance maintain at .018 +- .006

14._____ Check magneto for oil seal leaks

15._____ Check breaker felt for proper lubrication

16._____ Check distributor block for cracks, burned areas or corrosion

17._____ Check magnetos to engine timing Left______ Right _______

18._____ Remove air filter and clean

19._____ Drain carburetor and clean inlet line fuel strainer

20._____ Check condition of carburetor heat air door and box

21._____ Check intake seal for leaks and clamps for tightness

22._____ Clean fuel screens

23._____ Clean and check gasolator

24._____ Inspect condition of fuel lines

25._____ Check fuel system for leaks

26._____ Check electric fuel pump for operation

27._____ Check engine controls throttle, carb heat, mixture, and prop

28._____ Inspect exhaust stacks, connections, gaskets

29._____ Inspect heat exchange, baffles and shrouds

30._____ Check breather tube for obstructions and security

31._____ Check crankcase for cracks, leaks, security of bolts

32._____ Check engine mounts for cracks and loose mountings

33._____ Check all engine baffles

34._____ Check firewall seals

36._____ Check condition and tension of alternator and drive belt

36._____ Check condition of starter

37._____ Check fluid in brake reservoir

38._____ Lubricate all controls

39._____ Inspect engine for general condition, loose parts, chafing, proper safties and proper installation

40._____ Check condition of alternator

41._____ Check vacuum pump and lines

42._____ Compression check #1______ #2______ #3 ______ #4 ______

43._____ Grease starter gear with moly

44._____ Reinstall engine cowl


1._____ Inspect canopy and windows

2._____ Check upholstery for tear

3._____ Check seats, seat belts, shoulder straps

4._____ Check trim operation

5._____ Check rudder pedals

6._____ Check control column, systems and connection

7._____ Check landing, nav, cabin, and instrument lights

8._____ Check instrument, lines and attachments

9._____ Check gyro operation, and electric turn and bank

10.____ Check or replace gyro air filter

11.____ Clean or replace vacuum regulator filter

12.____ Check altimeter

13.____ Check operation of fuel selector valve

14.____ Check operation of engine primer

15.____ Check condition of heater controls

16.____ Check condition and operation air vents

17.____ Check flap operation

18.____ Check fuel drains

19.____ Lubricate aileron, flap and elevator controls

20.____ Check general condition uder panel for loose wires, chafing, etc.

21.____ Check brake cylinders for operation and leaks


1._____ Remove inspection plates and panels

2._____ Check battery box, battery and cables

3._____ Check electronic installations

4._____ Check bulkheads and stringers for damage

5._____ Check antenna mounts and wiring

6._____ Check fuel lines and valves

7._____ Check vertical fin and rudder surfaces

8._____ Check rudder horn and attachment

9._____ Check vertical fin attachments

10.____ Check rudder bolts for wear

11.____ Check horizonal stabilizer and elevators

12.____ Check horizonal stabilizer attachment

13.____ Check elevator horn

14.____ Check elevator bolts for wear

15.____ Check elevator bell cranks and controls and trim system

16.____ Lubricate all bearings as needed

17.____ Check general condition of skin

18.____ Check doors, latches and hinges

19.____ Check wiring for damage and security

20.____ Check cables for damage, security and operation

21.____ Check cabin heater and controls

22.____ Service hydraulic brake system

23.____ Check drain holes in rudder bottom and fuselage

23.____ Reinstall inspection plates and panels


1._____ Remove inspection plates and fairings

2._____ Check surfaces and tip for damage and loose rivets and condition of walkways

3._____ Check aileron mounts and attachments

4._____ Check aileron bellcrank and control tubes

5._____ Check flaps and attachment for damages

6._____ Check all wing attachment bolts

7._____ Check fuel tanks and lines for leaks and chafing

8._____ Check fuel tank vents

9._____ Check pitot

10._____ Reinstall inspection plates


1._____ Check nose gear travel and damper tightness

2._____ Check main gear attachments

3._____ Check tires for cuts and wear

4._____ Remove wheel, clean, and repack bearings COTTER PINS IN AXLES?

5._____ Check wheels for cracks, corrosion and broken bolts

6._____ Check tire pressure_____

7._____ Check brake lining and disc

8._____ Check brake lines

9._____ Check tailwheel assembly for integrity and grease tailwheel


1._____ Check fuel pump and fuel tank selector

2._____ Check fuel pressure

3._____ Check oil pressure and temperature

4._____ Check alternator output

5._____ Check manifold pressure

6._____ Check alternate air

7._____ Check vacuum gauge

8._____ Check gyros for noise and roughness

9._____ Check Cabin heat operation

10.____ Check magneto switch operation

11.____ Check magneto RPM variation Left_____ Right_____ Run up rpm_______

12.____ Check throttle and mixture operation

13.____ Check propeller smoothness

14.____ Check electronic equipment operation: fuel gauges, tach, engine instrumensts

15.____ Check ELT for operation and battery date

16.____ Check static rpms

17.____ Check idle rpms


1._____ A.D.s complied with

2._____ Manufacturers service letters complied with

3._____ Registration, Airworthiness Cerfificate, Operating Limitations

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