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This handy little attachment makes dimpling skins a lot easier. It allows you to use both hands to reposition the skin and gives you a handy place to put your hammer.

When you set the hammer down it automatically raises the shaft. When you pick the hammer up it lowers the shaft into position ready to be smacked. I originally used the spring return and didn't like it so I devised this thing and it works great.

I made mine out of .063 aluminum. You can make it out of what ever material you have around but I wouldn't go any thinner than .063. Use any old piece of scrap at the handle end with a couple of pop rivets to hold it.


(1) Cut it out.
(2) Bend it up.
(3) Drill 1/4" hole in C Frame arm.
(4) Bolt it on.

About 30 minutes to an hour.

cframe1.jpg (21237 bytes)


(Editor's note: Actually.......I think it is the yellow paint that makes this thing look sooooo slick...) 




cframe2.jpg (17590 bytes)







Riser.JPG (24981 bytes)

Make bends on dotted lines.


Riser1.JPG (15719 bytes)

Bend angles are approximate. Just bend it till it works.


Bud Newhall


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