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Building the Fokker D.VII Top Wing Center Section
page two


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As mentioned earlier, a conflict exists between the tip ribs of the center section and the landing wire tangs. My solution was to add a large gusset at each tang so the lower rib tube could be cut to allow the tang to be aligned properly.





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Another question arose as to how to access the attach bolts for the lift struts after the center section is covered. I decided to leave the area between the two large gussets on the tip ribs uncovered so I could reach inside the section to the bolts. That is the reason for the cutout in the nose gusset.

The remaining leading edge is now ready to be installed.



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Another concern was the taut fabric distorting the end ribs. To reduce distortion I added inter-tube stations and diagonals to the compression struts to stiffen the ribs. (Also visible in the previous photo)






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It also occurred to me that when the lift struts and gear legs are removed from the fuse, it could be a hassle getting the two sleeves on each longeron aligned corrected so the bolts can be inserted. I ran a stainless sheet metal screw through each set of sleeves to lock them into position so I won't have to finagle the bolts into the sleeves.




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Work continues on the handholds, still more to come.




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The distinctive Fokker trailing edge is formed with 1/4" copper tubing. I used the 14" diameter forming fixture to bend the tubing.

Leading edge is now complete.




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Here is the finished handhold, it turned out to be quite stiff. It is basically a box that lends rigidity and seals the interior of the wing from the handhold.





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Bottom of the handhold assembly.






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Top wing center section is finished. I redid the copper trailing edge because I refined the process during the course of finishing the other wing panels.





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Detail of cabane surround at the rear of the wing.....






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....and at the front.

All wing panels are ready for fabric.





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