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Building the Cowl
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Building a paper airplane.....






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The cowl top and sides are 90% done. The poster board patterns were carefully fitted and then the shape transferred to 6061.

This arrangement is working out very nicely.





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The cowl is nearing completion with only minor fitting remaining. I'm pleased with how rigid the structure has become but stiffeners for the side panels need to be fabricated to prevent them from oil-canning.

The bottom skin was quite a project but has finally taken shape. The exhaust stacks complicate removing the belly skin but I have that figured out now.




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Providing a way for the cowl to evacuate air is still a matter of guesstimation, only flight tests will reveal if further design work is necessary. The bottom skin has gotten sorta complex and required a couple of days of fit-n-trim.






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The Fokker is getting to be a big ol' plane, the cowl stands over six and half feet high.






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