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Welcome to Sam Buchanan's Fokker D.VII project web log. This site includes construction details of the fabrication of my 1918 Fokker D.VII replica aircraft (N1918Q). This replica was designed by Robert Baslee to be easily constructed with conventional light aircraft techniques and fabric covering. Kits for this aircraft and many other WWI replicas are manufactured by Airdrome Aeroplanes in Holden, Missouri.



2/9/2015; The Journey Begins
Update 6/17/2015; Basic airframe is assembled.
Reflections on the first four months of the project.
Update 8/24/2015; Construction of N1918Q is finished and ready for covering.
Update 9/26/2015; N1918Q is covered and ready for paint.
Update 10/13/2015; Painting is underway
Update 12/5/2015; N1918Q is at the airport

Update 1/16/2016; It's alive!
Update 1/24/2016; Pink Slipped! N1918Q is now a real airplane

First Flight Video!

Test Flights Reveal Major Changes Needed

More Videos

Take a Video Walk-Around of N1918Q

N1918Q Completes Phase One




The Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker D.VII is the latest in a series of shop projects. The past two decades have seen the shop busy with four airplane projects, a StalkerV6 kit car, two VW restorations, a custom truck, and the occasional cedar strip canoe project. The RV Journal is a detailed website that documents the construction of my RV-6 which has been flying since September, 1999.




       stalker-399SB.JPG (31497 bytes)So...if there is an RV-6 available to fly whenever the mood strikes, why the desire to build a WWI replica? The answer probably revolves around an interest in returning to my aviation roots which were R/C and light aircraft. My first full-scale aircraft project was a Fisher Flying Products Super Koala, and that was quickly followed by a TEAM Minimax. Both aircraft were a delight to fly, but two-hundred hours was deemed all the two-stroke engine experience I wanted. These aircraft were the precursor to a restoration of a 1940 J-3 Cub which delivered an enormous amount of flying enjoyment.

But a busy shop is a happy shop. So the allure of building an aircraft with historical significance while retaining the advantages of LSA flight brings us to the current project, an Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker D.VII replica.

I hope you enjoy following the construction of the D.VII. The 100th anniversary of the D.VII will be in 2018!

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This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. This site is not affiliated with Airdrome Aeroplanes in any way. The construction info on this site pertains only to the fabrication of Fokker D.VII N1918Q; if you use this site as a guide for building your replica you are a gullible individual indeed! All aircraft projects should be overseen and inspected by folks who know something about aircraft construction.

Please submit all questions and comments to the editor of this site.
Building Log for Sam's
Fokker D.VII

Kit Arrival and Shop Prep

Building the Fuselage
Page One
Page Two
Page Three

Building the Landing Gear
Page One
Page Two

Building the Tail Group
Horizontal Stabilizer
Vertical Stabilizer

Building the Wings
Top Center Section
Page Two

Top Wings
Page Two

Bottom Wings


Controls, Systems, etc
Page One
Page Two
Page Three

Firewall Forward
Procuring the Engine
Building the Mount

Building the Cowl
Page 1
Page 2

Building the Eyebrows

The Electrical System

Weighing the O-200

Page One

Page Two

Page One

Page Two

Final Assembly

At the Aerodrome
Page Two

Adding the Axle Wing

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"Working Smart"
How to Maximize Shop Time

an article by Sam

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