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HI! Welcome to my page. Its in a very larval form but its damn efficient.

About Me

I currently live in Huntsville Alabama and work as a contractor for the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command's Missile Research Development and Engineering Center. I help create infrared target simulations for testing missiles. (aka. virtual realities for smart weapons) I have a BSEE, MS, and a PhD in electrical engineering from Memphis State University which is now known as the University of Memphis. I'm into mountain biking, ultimate frisbee, large scale entertaining, and I collect, restore, and repair classic arcade games as a hobby.

Arcade Photos!

Below are a few pictures of my upstairs arcade. When I bought the house the room was basically an unfinished second story. I finished it off rather nicely (yeah...I overdid it) and now have 800 sq ft of upstairs fun! As of November 1997 I have in the room: 36 arcade video games, a pool table, two antique church pews, and a Star Wars pinball machine.

Currently I have the following games IN THE ROOM (upright cabinet unless otherwise specified):

Atari Raster Games:
two Missile Commands, Centipede caberet, TRON upright and a cocktail, Xevious, Dig Dug upright and cocktail, Gauntlet, Crystal Castles, TANK

Atari Vector Games:
Tempest, two Tempest caberets (one with Duncan Brown's alternate shapes ROM), Tempest cocktail, Asteroids, MAJOR HAVOC! (Tempest conversion), Star Wars, Battlezone, Black Widow, Space Duel, Red Baron

Defender cocktail, Joust, Robotron, Stargate, Moon Patrol, Make Trax cocktail

Pac Man, Gorf Caberet, Galaga caberet, Ms. Pac Man cocktail, Omega Race


Donkey Kong

Q-Bert cocktail

As of this date EVERYTHING IS WORKING!!!!

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When I originally designed and built the room I had three 20 amp circuits going to it. One for lighting and two for wall sockets. I started adding more and more games and had to add another 20 amps. That lasted for about a year and I had to add another 20 amps. When I have the room completely fired up I guess I'm drawing about 50-60 amps but due to the layout of the room I need the 100 amps worth of circuits just to be sure I'm not blowing any breakers in the middle of parties.

Rick "the great one" Schieve recently checked out an earlier version of my page and sent me this response

"Lots of people are into collecting but not many are into creating a decent environment for what they have. Somehow a really nice machine just doesn't look as nice in the garage."

This comment got me to thinking.....and I came to the realization that "I have a gameroom, therefore I collect". There's lots of collectors out there that have most of their games in storage due to lack of space and they would kill to have a gameroom. I took the backwards approach. I built a gameroom and then a buddy of mine prints out a "games for sale" RGVAC posting and the rest is history.....

Pictures of the room just after completion.

Picture of the house.
Picture of the room looking south.
Picture of the room looking north.
Picture of the room looking west.

More recent (but still not up to date) pictures.

My most valuable game and favorite game!
The first thing you see when you come upstairs.
Picture of the room looking across the pool table.
Stargate upright.
Omega Race upright.
Tempest cocktail.
A rare TRON cocktail.
A very rare Make Trax cocktail.
My second (and VERY NICE) missile command sitting in the foyer before being lifted upstairs.

Pictures taken around Christmas 1997.
The first games you see.
Looking north down the length of the room .
Looking back at the south wing.
Current state of the main marquee wall.
A Q-Bert cocktail.
The "line o'Atari vectors" (Major Havoc to the left and Red Baron to the right of the photo).
The north side of the north wing.
The south side of the north wing.
The "ancient one" with a small friend.
The pool table.

A Knoxville auction from a while back.
The junk line from the same auction.
Looking at the warehouse of games I bought in October 1996 (and my buddy Matt) from the back of a 24 ft U-Haul (it took two trips to snag 45 games).

My garage at Christmas 1997
Looking right from the kitchen door.
The work bench, etc...
Looking left from the kitchen door (everything against the wall works).

I had a happy divorce party on August 9th, 1997. Over 50 people showed up and I had 30-40 people in the gameroom playing just about every game I had at the same time. I was quite the happy arcade owner! I'm leaving the party flyer on the web page so people can easily get directions if needed in the future.

Party flyer is here!.

An operator friend of mine (Steve Larmon) told me a story about burning up a Star Trek game about 10 years ago. He had tried to repair it, it gave him fits, so he scrapped it and torched it!!! He had some pictures of the event so I told him I'd put them on the net for collectors to lament over. We've all heard stories of what operators do to old games but this is the first instance I know of that a game was given a fiery death.

A picture of the Star Trek being scrapped.
Steve (dark hair) and a buddy saying a prayer for the soul of a fine game.
The results of gasoline and a match.
The flames get high.
Last updated on 12/30/97