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Togetherness is Our Strength

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Sunday, December 24th


presentsfromkiwanis (124k image)
This afternoon sister Catherine Goh of Kiwanis group came to my place and brought some gifts for the orphanage. They were wrapped nicely and so colourful too . The wrapping were done by the Kiwanis and the "Key Club" girls of CHIJ Toa Payoh girl school. Our thanks for the gifts and they will surely make some extra happiness to the children. These gifts are the same with the gifts that we have given away on Dec 15th for few orphanages in Singapore and the down syndrome chil too. During that time The Kiwanis group sponsoring : Key Club" or the Kiwanis's youth and made a Christmas party for those few orphanage's children and the down syndrome children . We made some games , dancing, balley dancing and a band played by " The Rock Kids". It was a great quality time for many of us , the children were enjoying the show , the food and the fellowship( especially fellowsping with santa ) .The activities was written on the Straight Times News paper on Dec 16th page 10 and 11 of Home section.
I am going to bring these gifts on Jan 4th to Jakarta first and will reached the orphanage on Jan 6th evening . I will be at the orphanage for 10 days . Any one want to come are welcome. Thank you Kiwanis , you really make this world a better place .

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Thursday, December 21st


fantasticperformancebyaldred (44k image)
fantastic performance by alfred
As what the title of this entry , I can really share with you All what friends can do , what others can do for others and you will never know what others are thinking about , things to be done and what can be done. This evening I was starting the activity by attending Rotary EClub3310 of Singapore ( my cblub) as today is our monthly physical meeting. It was so great to meet up with my club friends . Our club is different from the classic Rotary Club world wide which they are having their physical meeting every week instead of every month like what we are having. My club is called EClub because we are only having once month physical meeting while the rest of the club's programs are being communicated through the internet ( website or emails).The speaker last night was Dr Ho Loon Shin and he was sharing his knowledge about wine appreciation. He is a medical practitioner and he came all the way from Johor Bharu for this monthly physical meeting.
From this Rotary Club meeting my friend Edy Sung and I went to the " Q" pub at Sembawang. Our dear friend Bob Dacosta and Chris ( who brought the whole families) and his fishing buddhy Alfred invited me to come to this "Q"pub for a charity drive for the orphanage that we run in Timor island. The place was full with friends and the atmosphere was fantastic. bob (12k image)
Bob "elvis" Dacosta
Bob and Alfred ( shown on the picture) was an "super" duo who managed to made the atmosphere full of joy, fun and really alive place. So much fun and joy were performed profesionally ( Bob is a flight crew of Singapore Airlines while Alfred is a policeman) . Alfred was giving away his guitar and it was auctioned to the audience . The person who won the auction re auctioned the guitar and we were able to collect more funding. During the performance , a donation box was passed around and we made collected a great amount this evening. When we were done with the collection Mr Narinder Singh and his buddhy Ricky matched up what has been collected .Some pilot friends ( Garry Lee, Desmon and Jonathan wee) came to the pub and passed their donation for the orphanage to me . Tomorrow morning I will send the whole donation to the orphanage, just in time for the orphanage to celebrate Christmas. A lesson to learn for me that as what the majority will think about a pub has been a place where we can unwind and to enjoy our self , tonight I found it a little different. This "Q" pub was able to make such a joyous atmosphere, a lot of laugh, very peaceful and very friendly place. More importantly , this "Q" pub has been able to show us that this place was a place where people are loving their fellow human being. The amount of "Love" being shown was so real and so warm. Praise The Lord for being able to meet up with great friends and great new friends and able to help others through our togetherness upon doing good things for others. All of them never seen the orphanage but their kind hearts made them able to help out others without hesitation. Our thanks to Bob, Alfred and Peter Diaz for their fantastic performance and the help that they initiated and did it for helping the orphanage . To add up the great time , Bob's mum ( Mrs Dacosta) made a "yummy chicken curry" for every one. The Dacostas family members are the biggest suporter for this performance and effort for helping the orphanage.
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Tuesday, December 19th


ready to serve (59k image)
This is our second mobile library which is ready to serve books to the villages and many remote places in Timor. It was handed over by the car factory to us a week ago and now the car is parked at my house in Jakarta . We will do our best to send it to Timor as soon as possible. At this stage we will not be able to send the car to the orphanage ( Timor) because of the load of the ship carrying the merchandise from Surabaya to Timor is so full and in fact over booked for another 4 weeks or so. Many people are getting the suppies from Java( Surabaya) by ships. I am hoping that by next month we will get a slot for us to send this precious mobile library to Timor and into its missions as a mobile library. Like our first mobile library , we have to drive the car to Surabaya ( 24 hours drive) then by ship to Timor ( another 3 days trip). This month one of the ship is in its dry dock for servicing which make things even more difficult to send the car over sooner. NOt like the first car , we are having a lower ceiling and we are installing removable seat. This car will not only bringing books to the villagers but occationaly we wil be bringing some medical persons ( nurses or maybe a doctor) so that we can give some medical treatment while we are bringing books to them. This car was donated by The Rotary Foundation through a Matching Grant program. Together with the Rotary Foundation few parties are involved such as Rotary Club District 3310 ( Singapore ),Rotary Club District 3400 ( Indonesia ) , Rotary EClub3310 ( my club in Singapore) and Rotary Club Kupang ( the local club at Kupang city/ Timor). Rotary Club or The Rotary Foundation has been helping so many literacy project and many under privillege area or people for the last 102 years. It is so great that we can help this place with the most important gift that is to help this area to develope through education ( literacy matter). Many other project like health related matter or the most significant one being done by Rotary Club is to do its Polio Vacination programs ( world wide activity ). Thanks to Rotary for preventing Polio illnesses to go away from us.
I hope that I will be able to drive this car my self from jakarta to Surabaya and to receive it also at Kupang ( Timor) . It will be great if I can be the first driver to bring some books to the villagers ( and some medical personel too to them). May be I am demanding to much but who knows if my off days are able to make me do it ( keep my fingers crossed) . Any one wants to give books or wanting to come to villages are welcomed.
ourmotto (47k image)
Our thanks to Rotary International , its foundation and Rotary Clubs for being so supportive on combating illeteracy and helping people through education world wide.
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Friday, December 8th


clothesbooksandtoysforChristmas (110k image)
Not only check in for us but we checked in also for clothes, books, soft toys and many educational items as well. It was quite a load that Peggy and my children bring for the orphanage in Timor. I hope that we can do something interesting for this coming Christmas and year end gathering with the childrennnnsssss. Some mothers is Singapore came to us and gave us many baby clothes and milk bottles. Chris Sng and his wife Lay Kean also came with loads of new clothes which were collected from their church. Time flies for knowing that it is already December now. I was able to go there for last christmas for 27 days but not this time. In fact I will be working on the Christmas day it self while for the New Year I will be scheduled to go to New York. Anyway I am sure that the orphange's Christmas will be better by days even though I am not there. The Lord will help my wife ( Peggy) doing all the preparations and hosting the gathering in the great way. Last year was attended by some 500 children because of the heavy rain on that region but the year before was at least 700 children. It was hot and dry until 2 weeks ago but the rivers are starting to fill up and it can even be swollen by this week. We are hoping that this 2006 will be ended in the great way in terms of our effort on educating the children. Hoping that we can plant crops and getting a good harvest too. It is entirely depending on the amount of the rain that we will be getting during the wet season. We are also hoping that by next year we will be able to send one of the orphans to medical school . Gerson has been doing great in school and he told me that he wants to be a doctor during my last visit in August. Imanuel is in his university (second year) doing electro engineering while Erna is doing her 2nd semester on economics. The little ones are doing just fine with their initial steps into the primary school. Alphina and Filton are doing great also on their first semester in secondary school. Alphina was stopped from schooling when she was in primary 4 for 3 years because her father passed away and no financial ability to continue studying. She was coming to us to work ( that was what Alphina said ) but Peggy managed to convinced her that is not too late to continue studying and there is no need to be ashamed off to be older than the other students. Again we were enjoying to see some progresses and the forward movement of the orphanage even though there are so many problems that we have to deal with. Four Canadian friends will be joining the orphanage for this Christmas.
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Friday, December 1st


readingisthewaytogo (72k image)
we can not wait till we are having our second mobile libabry to be in action , going to villages and other remote places and bringing books for the villagers and school students. So far we are having great interest from the people we we are visiting , many of them are eager to read things that they were unable to have an access before. Our mobile librray is the best that they can get at the moment. For those who live near our orphanage, they can read more things at our orphanage's library which we have finished building it. Indeed this enthusiasm by the vilagers has been our happiness as this is our initial goal for bringing books to them, BUT our ultimate goal is to make sure that the people on this region are able to apply or implement what they have learn in their daily living activities. For thosewho are farmers they can read more things about fertiliser, another way of planting trees and how to do things better. For the students we are hoping that some books will be able to push their grades better or at least able to elp them understand their school's subject better. Today we are suppose to receive our second mobile library at Jakarta . I will up date the picture after I am getting them from my wife ( Peggy). Today also a friend who lives in Jakarta ( Umbu ) was at our home to give away some books that he and some other friends had been collecting since some months ago. More books means a better thing for the library. It has been proven facts that through reading we can do more things , understand new things and old things better. It can make you wiser after you learn and read some thing educational matters. You can tell stories about many things better if you know the back grounds better. Indeed reading is the way to go. Many things can really be done better through reading but at our orphanage there many more things which you can do it because of looking things directly and hands on matter. For example we didn't ask the little ones to help us for folding clothes but many of them have been eagerly wanting to help us to do it. Pritty has been our special child as she has been initiating the rest of the little ones to make "folding clothes" as a fun thing to do as an individual or as a group. Now we do not have problem about folding clothes any more . The older one can do more things while the little ones without being asked are doing this clothes folding duty. They said that it is for their own benefits. Praise The Lord . Another thing that the litle ones are doing is sweeping the floor and the garden. It is so nice to see them willing to do things with their own initiative and helping us without being asked. The same thing when we are cooking , the little ones are trying to help us with an understanding that we have to work together and making things easier for every one.
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