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Wednesday, November 22nd


inthemaking (31k image) progress (44k image)
Our second mobile library is being made into its completion. The factory said that we will get it within a week time . All of the structural matters has been done except some painting job and final polishing. We will put some good wording on it and if you have some ideas about it please let us know. It will be great if some ideas are from wiser person rather than just from my limited thoughts only. With two mobile libraries we will be able to reach out for more children and get them to read and have a look at the out side world rather than only their limited knowledge through books and educational movies which we are having it also in the car. I will ask the factory to put wording such" knowledge is power " among other wordings . We need to get this car made at the factory because we need large doors on its sides and at the back. A standard car will not be able to have them. Like our first mobile library, this car is also an Izuzu brand named Elf and it is the same as a 16 to 18 seaters car. We will be having enough space for bringing books, a 29 inch TV at the back and some other equipments too. With its large doors we can display books quite clearly from both sides. Any of you who have some ideas about book titles please let me know. We will start buying books as soon as possible. One of the book's supplier will be Gramedia book store. Another publisher which we have bought some books from is " Andy publisher" at Jogja city. The reason to buy from this Andy book's publisher is because not only a good book's varieties and its quality but this publisher has been giving us some books for free in the past ( the time when we needed books most at the begining ). If any of you can think of a good publisher, please let us know. We want to buy more books in the future too . We want our library and our mobile libraries to be a good source of good reading materials. Later on the books must be up dated and must be maintained properly ( by giving a good book covers etc). We are still a beginner about running a library , any of you are having a good knowlede about it , please advice us how to do it properly. We are open for advices and suggestions.
CaptainB on 11.22.06 @ 04:13 AM CST [link]

Saturday, November 18th


It was a great surprisse for me to received an e mail from Mrs Megan McStea. An e mail which saying that her family was planning to have 1 year birthday party for their twins ( Connor and Rhuari). During the birthday gathering , the MC Stea family was asking the guesses not to bring any birthday gifts in the form of toys or other goods but they were adviced to make donation for our orphanage instead. Praise The Lord for this family's idea and help. Our work at the orphanage is not only getting easier but we are being so happy for knowing that we are not doing it alone and in fact we are so encouraged to do things better and further on reaching out for more.
When I asked Mrs McStea how did The McStea family come to know us, Mrs Megan Mc Stea replied me and saying that she found us through the web site and she is happy with some comments and some write ups by our friends about us so far has been positives. Indeed it is a joy for the orphanage to have so many friends supporting us in many ways. I was invited to come for the birthday party and I came with my son Christian timely and was greeted by Mr Colin McStea when we arrived. It was a great " Beneton colourful " gathering as there were so many friends from different countries and we were having colourful chats and different angles in life to talk about. Many countries from Europe being represented,from Africa, from many parts of Asia, from Australia, from New Zealand and many more. It was rather an unusual gathering where people were looking after their infants while talking and sharing experiennces. A donation box was put in front of the entrance with some photos of the birthday boys on the wall and a printed article about the orphanage on the table. A wonderful and a real blessed gathering indeed. Thank you to the McStea family for giving me new friends.

CaptainB on 11.18.06 @ 10:16 PM CST [link]

Saturday, November 11th


weweresmallbefore (28k image)
We are the lucky ones and we will be some one good in the future. we were so tiny and we are growing bigger and bigger. We were having our own mum dan dad before but we are having the same parents now. We are a big family of 40 now and the family is still growing and growing like us.
onedaywewillbeagreatteamforthehumankind (73k image)
Yes , we are hoping that these children wil be able to grow well and can be a strong person who can compete in this modern world. We are hoping that the bond that they are having will be solid and they can be a strong team for the villagers and for their own siblings in their villages. Indeed they may consider that they are lucky because of the healthy environment that they are living in ( our orphanage) and they are able to study in schools. When they came to us most of them were " days old " baby and they are in schools now. It has been such a tasks to look after them from infants but if you are looking at their progresses , your pain and tiredness will be forgotten. We may have a look at their earlier pictures when they were small . They were so funny and cute but now they can wear the same uniform and going to school together. It is a joy for us to see them to race going to the toilet, taking a bath and putting on their uniform every morning ( before having their breakfast).
Edu( from left to right are Elias, Edu and Victor ) , Lala , Christopher, Markus , Elias, Michael, Prity, Victor etc are having their own personalities . It is always great to see them performing for us singing individually during our relaxing evening or after breakfast. Even though we are quite away for the city , we are having our own entertainments together, A simple hide and seek is someting that is very interesting to do for the children while singing is an individual performance which always giving us pleasure and fun. Seeing the children progressing well some time we are sad that our late Yehuda didn't make it and left us not too long ago. Christopher is quite something, he is very active and always willing to do things that we ask him to do. His attitude to learn new things are great . When we taught them English, Chris has been the laudest on pronouncing and enjoying without being afraid to be wrong.
CaptainB on 11.11.06 @ 10:01 PM CST [link]

Saturday, November 4th


Thank you to All for your support in many ways . It was quite a pleasant surprised for me and my family to received a recognation for our activities as " Rotarian of The Year ". Friends said that we have delivered some result for the activities that we have been doing it for the last 6 years. May be a litle tiny one but the fact is that there are so many things to do for a long time if we want to help out the orphans at our orphanage and the children around us into a better living condition. Anyway I am receivng the award on your behalf with a hope that we will be able to do better in the future.
A good news was given to me that my second proposal to The Rotary Foundation HQ in Chicago about helping to furnish a library ( named Bolelebo library) has been approved. It was a realy happy moment for me as we will be able to buy so many things to fill up our newly built library. The Rotary Foundation has given me one year to execute the plan that I made earlier. With your help I hope that we can do it in 4 months at the most. To buy books for the library is not too difficult but the maintain it , to install book covers for each book , to stamp each book etc is not that simple . It is time consuming and we must be able to choose good books according to the targeted people will be quite hard to do. A good news also received this afternoon which originated from Seatle. The Trickey family ( Ron and Nanik) told me that she will ask their friends to send us some books from Surabaya. Praise The Lord. By having more books we will be able to give more choices to the villagers to read according to what their interests and what they need .For a Matching Grant Usually the approval will be given at least after some 6 week from the time we are requesting a Matching Grant but to our proposal we are getting the aproval in only some 10 days after we submitted the application to The Rotary Foundation.
CaptainB on 11.04.06 @ 12:07 PM CST [link]

Friday, November 3rd


booksandeducationalvideoforthepeople (64k image)
Our thanks to Mr Yudhistira Juwono. Because of him and his lovely wife Mrs Brenda Juwono we are able to bring books and eductional video films to the people not only around the orphanage but also for the people some distance away from the orphanage. Indeed it is a blessing for so many people as they arte able to have an access for books and educational movies. Thank you Mr and Mrs Yudhistira JUwono ( the head of yayasan Tunas Cendekia who is caring for the children education in Indonesia's remote places). Through him we received the a mobile library free of charge for the people in West Timor who are well behind with its education. It has been our focus to our best in this field for the local Timorese people.
We made the books and video shows into a regular services for some schools and villages around our orphanage. One day we were having a special visit by the Province Governor Mr Piet Tallo who was inspecting the our mobile library in action. Indeed it is a blessing for us to do it. I hope that we will be able to better and better upon doing it. In the begining people are not so interested to read but after theu were seeing what the books giving them , they are becoming into a entusiastic readers . Children , young and old can seat down together and read things according to their interests. beside the displayed books we are also bringing books in boxes as the book shelves are not having enough space for all the books. This mobile library is not only able to bring joy to the children who are now having some books to read but it is also became something that the orphanage can be proud of. Everyday before going to school some of the orphanage children wanting their picture to be taken with our mobile library's as the back ground.
anyplace (32k image)
It wasn't easy tasks to bring the car from Jakarta to Timor , especially when the South Easterly waves are in season. Peggy drove the car all the way from Jakarta to Surabaya for 26 hours , 3 days and 3 nights on the ship to Maumere, another 4 hours drive to Larantuka ( remain over night there due to earth quake and high waves for 3 nights) then another 14 hours of ferry ride to Kupang port of " Tenau".
During the last stretch when Peggy was travelling on a ferry from Larantuka to Timor Island , there were 2 ferries were sunk in the same region as Peggy;s route. Praise The Lord that both Peggy and our mobile library are ok.
CaptainB on 11.03.06 @ 06:17 AM CST [link]

Wednesday, November 1st


happytoseethebabydrinking (92k image)
It has been Peggy's duty for every newly arriving baby to look after them her self untill the baby is about 3 months old. It is so delicate and extra carefull must be excercised to make sure that the baby will be developing well till 3 months before Peggy brought the baby to her assistance at the back. So for about 3 months Peggy has been sleeping with the baby and doing the 24 hours a day thing . This include when I am there with her at the orphanage with her during my annual vacations. It has been so interesting and bringing us back to the time when we were having our own children at their early age.
Untill now I am still capable to look after a little baby and sleeping together with them without the possibilty of suffocating the baby for not sleeping on top of the baby ( ha ha ha ).
It is quite strange when we were sleeping with some one else's baby sharing our bed,but this conditions made us more on appreciating life which has been great to us. It is a joy to see a baby sleeping soundly as being satisfied with their needs. It wasn't my childhood when I must sleep hungry for there wasn't enough food for the family to provide 3 meals a day on the table ( even though we were being helped by the varieties of fruit trees that grew in our garden such as banana , papaya, tapioca, yam,mango, avocado, rose aple, jack fruit etc which alternatingly can be harvested).

CaptainB on 11.01.06 @ 11:03 AM CST [link]