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Togetherness is Our Strength

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Thursday, September 28th


ihaveagoodteeth (32k image)
It is very important that we are having a healthy teeth, not only having a good feeling about it but I can eat and enjoy every thing that I eat ( that has been the idea that we want to pass it accros to the children). Every morning we ask every children to show their teeth right after taking a bath. Among the villagers they are not cleaning their teeth with tooth brush and tooth paste as they can not afford it ( both geographically it is difficult to buy them but also for most of them they can not afford to buy them financially).
The villagers are maintaining their teeth by chewing a mixture of "pinang fruit"(Areca catechu ARECACEAE), and " young sirih's fruit" (Piper betle PIPERACEAE) and some sort of processed white clay (calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH2)). Upon doing it they will finally be spitting a red color spits. The mixture aparently kills the germs inside their mounth and their teeth. To be honest scientifically I am not sure about it. These have been done since a long time ago and the same as to those chewing tobacco habits. The only thing that I can get from people who are doing this are for:1. brightens the face 2.quenches hunger 3.strengthens the teeth and 4.gets good feeling, etc.

CaptainB on 09.28.06 @ 06:31 AM CST [link]

Saturday, September 23rd


fromourowntree (132k image)
It is a dry land that we are having but with our togetherness and task distributions we can still produce our own fruits from our dry land. We are conserving water deligently and using the waste water to do watering the plants after we made some small effort of filtering the waste water ( Thank God for the soap nowadays are earth friendly). No water being just thrown away. It is always great to have our own fruit and to eat it together with all of the orphans. We share the fruits and may be not much but the taste of our own fruit can not be compared with as if we are buying it from the market. Tastes better for sure.
jackfruitforall (63k image)

CaptainB on 09.23.06 @ 05:40 PM CST [link]

Thursday, September 21st


anotherproposalhasbeenagreed (162k image)
Another proposal of Matching Grant for our literacy project has been agreed between Rotary Club of Kupang, Timor Island, Nusa Tenggara Province and Rotary EClub3310 of Singapore . Signing together with me Rotary Club Kupang's president Mr Guido Fulbertus at Sasando Hotel. We are hoping that this proposal will be approved too by Rotary International HQ soon. Yet I must get two more signatures from Singapore's Matching Grant Committee. If this proposal is approved we will be able to have a great library at the orphanage location. We will also use the same building to give free lessons to the villagers about the developements of the world in many things. It will be great to be able to give them more knowledge and new reasonings to them. Poverty can only overcomed by more proper and more up dated education. We are hoping that the poverty's gripped in this part of the world will be loosen gradually with our efforts on enhancing their education and knowledge. we will need a lot of partners and friends to do it better.
CaptainB on 09.21.06 @ 11:06 AM CST [link]

Wednesday, September 20th


God knows best . Last night my wife called me at 01:28 AM. Yehuda has gone home for good. He passed away in the hospital ( in Timor), after the drips was unable to penetrated his body for 6 hours. He was on a constant drips for the last 3 days. It was only because of flu like symptoms at first and he did not want to eat for just a day before we brought him to the hospital. A great lost to us and indeed is a sad day for the orphanage members. We wanted him to grow together with us at the orphanage after escaping from the extreem poverty and care.Yesterday I just bought a book at Parkway Parade Mall in Singapore, about how to deal with a disable child and it was so much to learn about how to be more sentitive, how to behave our selves and trying to know what is the best way to teach a disable person. The title of the book is "The everything parent's guide to children with Autism". I hope that one day these books will be useful at least for others ( I bought two books, one for my self and the other one is for my good friend). I am sure that Yehuda is in a good hands now and much much much better than what our orphange can offered for . Good bye Yehuda, we love you always.
CaptainB on 09.20.06 @ 05:42 PM CST [link]


Yehudasleeping (93k image)
It is the dry season in Timor Island at the moment . It is the time when many babies are suffering and some times passed away. Between the months of September through November it is quite common for the hospital to be having a lot of baby patients. Most of them are suffering from flu like symptoms and common sore throat. Feverish beginning and coughing are what mostly happening. One of our orphan " Yehuda " is currently in the hospital and the doctors said that they are having difficulties on feeding him. The drips has been so slow and his body fluid is not in a good shape. I hope that the doctors will be able to cure his illness. It is the best hospital in Kupang city but the facilities are not that good to our standard. Please pray for Yehuda's healing. He was born blind and when we found him he was so small . At the age of 16 months he was less than 5 KG. We brought him from Papua to Jakarta for him to have the best treatments then after the doctors said that he was in a good shape we brought him to our orphanage in Timor. please pray for him. He is 19 months old now.
CaptainB on 09.20.06 @ 08:22 AM CST [link]

Friday, September 15th


Kiwanisdeltaofsingapore (51k image)
Blessings have been flowing not only for the orphange children but also for others. Today "Kiwanis Delta "giving their assistance through us to build some homes at " Klaten " town in Jogjakarta area, Java , Indonesia. Jogjakarta is my home town and we have been building some shelters for some people over there. Together with my friends from Singapore airlines and many others have been giving some assistance to the earth quake effected area on that region. Within 3 weeks some 42 trucks of goods mainly food , clothing , medicines and etc had been given and assisting some of the victims in June and July. It was a terrible earth quake and more than 6000 people were dead and thousands were injured. Your moral supports were really a great boost for the victims beside the gifts that we brought to reduce their burden on facing the very difficult facts.
Until now people are still suffering and it is quite common during the day time that people are resting under the trees as their temporary sheter are just too hot to stay in. Most of them were made from plastic materials. It was great when we were there to see people spontaneously helping others and they were doing it the best they could. It was so sad to see the conditions after the quake. Jogja has been a beautiful place and it is the centre of Javanese culture. The city it self is having a minor damage but the outskirts like Bantul town was really destroyed. At least some 80 % of the building were collapsed and the remaining 20 % mostly can not be used any more. So much sadness but I found the people in Klaten town area were so strong with their attitude on facing the facts. People will be helping among them selves on the rebuilding their homes. Free labors for helping their neighbors to build homes and the sense of togetherness can be felt upon doing the actual work. Usually they will be getting just food and drinks for helping their neighbors.Through the orphanage managements , Kiwanis Delta is not only helping the Jogjakarta earth quake vitims but we will build a kindergarten together very soon in Timor Island. The drawing has been started and we are on the process of calculating the cost of the project. Some ground work will be started tomorrow at the orphanage's location on deciding the exact spots for it. Our Thanks to Kiwanis Delta friends.
CaptainB on 09.15.06 @ 02:49 AM CST [link]

Tuesday, September 12th


samanthacares (39k image) It can be a simple conversation that we were having but it always been a quality time that we were developing. The children need a person which are willing to spend time with them. Not only they can learn a lot from the older person but they can also having the sense of being safe and comfortable for having the older person around them. Our regular visitor and helper Miss Samantha has been doing just that during her annual leaves with us at the orphanage. She said that she has been finding life being more meaningful by doing so. Miss Samantha is a good cook and always on top of any problems which might be happening while taking care of the children. By giving good examples, the children are believing her thus it is quite easy for her to ask them to do many things in timely manner.
CaptainB on 09.12.06 @ 03:18 AM CST [link]

Thursday, September 7th


tidakadapensiun (97k image)
Life has been great and it is always a joy for me to teach the young ones; that was what my 76 years young father in law Cornelis said to me when we were having our breakfast at the orphanage. More he said that he feels good to be able to mingle with the little ones. From a simple thing we can create such a happy environment for us to teach and for the children to be taught. It was great also almost every evening to see my daughters teaching the bigger orphans about English too. It has been a privilege for me and my family for having my father in law coming and to stay with us at the orphanage. With his presence I am sure that our orphans will be much better off on their studies. To teach is not just a mater of having a diploma/certificate about it but we have to know how to implement the teaching theories and to know the student's quality.
CaptainB on 09.07.06 @ 11:41 AM CST [link]