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Saturday, May 20th


newuniformsandschoolutensils (98k image)
This is a visit that our orphanage made to Oe Leu Village , OenLasi. Is another place where people are stagnant with their life. On this visit we managed to give away new school uniforms and school utensils. There are so many potentially beautiful get away place but the road to get there is rather in bad condition. A four wheel drive car is mandatory to get there. We have found some 60 students from different villages which needed help for schooling and progressing with their education. We need some sponsors for this matter. The orphanage can only do its best but our ability is rather small. We have been directly fostering them at the orphanage for the last 5 years. We can give you their school reports and photos besides their letter for those who are willing to sponsor them ( I will translate their letters and send you also the letter that they will write for you in their own language). For those who would like to visit them, we wil also able to arange it. I will be there personally in August for some 26 days during my annual leave. For the last 5 years my annual leave has been there with them. There are progress that we made but it may be small. two of the orphans are at the university level while others are still in primary, secondary and high schools. For those who came to us since days old ( there are 14 of them), three of them will be starting their kindergarten in August this year. They areMichael, Prettyand Markus
CaptainB on 05.20.06 @ 11:18 AM CST [link]

Sunday, May 7th



There isnít any school or program which can teach us and guarantee us to be a good parent to the children. The moment the children were borned, we are automatically became a parent. It is your responsibility for everything to do with the infantís life and its progress. (It is not easy to be one),
For us who are having the excess of books, internet and schools, we are having the ability to learn more from others by reading. For villagers who do not have all the above excess, things can be different. They can also learn from their parents or neighbors but the quality of the information will be limited and tends towards what usually being practiced for that under develop or less educated community. It was sad to find out during our visits to the orphanage neighbors and during our visits to the other villages for knowing that there are so many things are rather sad to know. For example when one of having some wounds , a person who considered as the knowledgeable person will chew such leaves and put the chewed leaves on the wounds ( infections will definitely happen instead of cure ). Some people would do funny things by our standard because of their limited knowledge. Knowing the problems at the neighborhood we are hoping that both our library and the mobile library will give a contribution to the villagers upon enriching their knowledge. We have been trying to do our best on passing some useful information about sanitation and preventing mosquito breeding ground etc...
At the orphanage we trying to learn from the childrenís background and to teach them how to go about and dealing with illnesses which can be prevented by our self. Simple thing like washing their hands before meals is mandatory. Diarrhea is a common thing to happen if dirt coming into the stomach, wounds should be covered from the flies, a proper sewage and drainage must be kept clean and no standing water. There are so many basic things that we have to tell them children continuously. Leaving them to the hands of the locals, our orphans will never depart from poverty and to progress. (So, full time commitment is required)

CaptainB on 05.07.06 @ 06:19 AM CST [link]

Saturday, May 6th

New Video

This is the latest video (503k file) from CaptainB (via Yongky), showing the helping hands of Mona and the gang (Andrian, Marinah, Shuxiang, CY,....) from Singapore. I have just converted this file to small screen version to ease the access for those who only have a dial-up connection. The first video (1128K file, for DSL users) has also been converted. Please click here (119K file for dial-up users) to watch this small screen version.

I also wish a Happy Anniversary to CaptainB and Mrs. Peggyand a Happy Birthday for Christian. This is not only a double but a triple happines occasion.

big grin

drt on 05.06.06 @ 04:56 PM CST [link]