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Sunday, February 18th


ourlibrary (107k image)
Our library building has been built 2 months ago. There are rooms being made for it ( room A and room B). We are hoping that we wil be able to fill up the library with reasonably complete books for every one but especially for the primary schools students up to the high school students. Some books has been bought from a publisher in Jogjakarta City . we are planning to open thislibrary on april at teh latest ( during my annual leave and when I am there for 3 weeks). Some friends will be coming with me to the orphanage. Most of the books will be ion Indonesian language but we wil also provide some simple books with lots of pictures in english as well. we want to help the children with their English , at least we help them with vocabulary building program. It was sad for knowing that the abiliy of some English teacher are so badly existing . For instant one teacher was telling the students to write one , two , three as wan , tu and tri. The may pronouced it correctly but the way they wrote it was wrong all together. That is why from now on we are starting to teach the little orphans a little earlier
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Friday, February 2nd


happysonny01 (74k image)
No one will think that this healthy baby ( Sonny ) was from a family where daily meal has been an uncertain thing and the house that his family live in is doorless and windowless. HIs older brother died during the famine ( July last year). Sonny joined the orphanage when he was 40 days old , almost no clothing and so tiny. But now we are seeing him as a healthy and happy child ( Praise The Lord). Those children who came to us as babies too are now happilly in school and doing well. It is great if we can make their schooling into some thing that is fun to do and eye opening for them to see and to learn more from the school daily. Almost every day they are telling different things to us. In the past they were only telling that they are learning ABC only daily, even though they were actaully learning A to Z. We are telling them that reading and writing is the key to success and to be a knowlegeable person. After sending them to school for since August, we are asking them to start walking to school and going back from the school. We love them but we want to let them know some survival matters as early as possible. The school is about 2 km from the orphanage's location. The first time they went to school on foot they told us that they were seeing so many things a long the street like butterflies, catepillars, lady bugs, grasshopper,different kind of trees etc. They are enjoying and forgeting that the school is actually quite a distance away for primary 1 students.
schooling01 (50k image)
One day when they were walking home, Christopher was so exited when they were about to walk across of a pool of muddy water. All were able to circumnavigate it but chris was slipped down and seating on the pool of muddy water. It was funny and great seeing all other kids were telling Chris to be more careful when walking on that part of the street and to focus on the surfaces when they are walking. It is a good team effort among them without us being involve in it.

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