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Togetherness is Our Strength

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Saturday, January 27th


fenceforthefuturefarm03 (123k image)
During our recent trip we did our best to start making the fence of our future farm. It is situated some 40 km from the orphanage location and it was full with thorny trees. Some 40 KM from Fatuleu mountain. After the clearing we started with making some "live" fence . We are planting "Gamal" trees by sticking the trees to the soil around the farm. If things grow well, we are not only having a good fence but the leaves can be used to feed the cows too during the dry season. We were using 2 pickup cars and we were doing it day and night regardless the weather condition. It can be soaking wet too some times. We were quite frequently having our meals on the farm ( take away food ) and if we were running out of time , we were barbequeing fresh corn for our dinner. With our togetherness, barbequed corns were able to give us joy and energy to continue working in a good mood and staying in a happy environment. I am hoping that in 10 years time ( when I am retired), the farm will be able to finance the orphanage from its production. It can be done if we are putting our best effort for it. We will be planting some teak wood for the outer part, some bananas and cashew nuts for most of the farm area. Teak wood can be harvested in 15 to 20 years but cashew nut it can starts generating some harvest in 5 years time. Banana can be a daily production if we are able to manage it properly ( about 1 year after we start planting the bananas).Basically we want to change the unproductive thorny bush into a produtive farm.
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Wednesday, January 24th


helpustoharvestintwomonthstime (108k image)
It is the time for us to plant trees and loking after them the best we could. While doing so , we are also hoping that there will be enough rain for the trees to grow well. At the moment all of the trees afre happy and healthy, great green colour of it's leafs and progresing well. We are hoping that the rain will not be stopping like 3 years ago when the trees can not sustain it's growth and in fact dried ( dead). If things go well, you may help us to do the harvest in two months time. At our orphanage's garden we are having a lot of corn, bilimbi ( good for making fish soup), jack fruit, tapioca, bread fruit,sandelwood trees, banana etc. Basically we want to maximimized the land with plants being planted on it.
bananainbetweencorn (139k image)
banana in between corn.
Beside the fruit trees , Peggy also making sure that we are having enough beautiful trees(plants) to decorate our orphanage. From our Jakarta's home , we brought one suitcase load of trees and replanted at our orphanage. It is great to have the orphanage's garden so green and full of healthy trees. It was a great joy to do the gardening and especially we were doing it together with the older orphans ( the best time to talk to them about life and an attitude for living in a good way). We didn't brief them only about the trees but also brief them about the developement in the world which we thought related to their eductaional needs. It was really a quality time that we had with the older orphans.
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Saturday, January 20th


minimumfacilitybuteagertolearn (104k image)
My wife and I went to the orphanage on January 6th. God's blessings were so great so that our flights from Singapore - Jakarta - Timor and back were so smooth and on time ( even though in the middle of the rainy season). Two days ago even in Singapore was having a flashed flood and Johor Baru area ( Malaysia side) is currently still under water ( especially Kota tinggi area). The rain in Timor was so intense while we were there, so driving a car can be quite difficult at a time. My trips from the orphanage to the farm or to many places were some times halted because of the bad visibility and the slippery road condition. Praise The Lord that my flights has been so smooth for going there and on the way back as well. Just got back to Singapore last night with SQ 163. Once I stepped on the SIA's plane , I can tell the difference is too much. From the jungle environments into a luxury kind of environment. From eating barbequed corn on the farm and eating a fine dinning on board the plane was just too much different kind of live. When my wife and I arrived at the orphanage, we were so happy to see that every thing are so green and healthy. The rain is really making the place so alive and plenty to eat for the animals and human beings. So many progresses has been made especially about the little ones. The preschool children were eager to learn new things and willing to take new challenges. It is a hard work but I am sure that it can be done. With the intention to educate them well , we tried and tried to use our "limited" knowledge on educating them while playing. It has been proven that the children can learn more if their minds are happy. Every day during the morning hours after their breakfast, we teach them some English phrases. After 6 weeks their English has been much better than those who went to a high school. Our goal for their English is to make them able to handle some visitors in 3 years time ( with simple english conversation). It was said to be impossible by many of our friends ,but after seeing our 6 week progresses people are having different opinion about it. Only with a regular morning and afternoon biscuits the children are always enjoying the extra lessons. Regular a glass of milk will also enhance the children's minds. It has been a constant different if we compare our orphans with the local children in terms of their well beings. Our Thanks to All who has been helping us to run this orphanage in many ways. Without your help we may never have an orphanage like what we are having now.
A sad case was happening at the orphanage which happened on Jan 1st. Some thiefs broke the orphanage's wall and stole our two cows. Cows that we have been having them since they were small. I got the news when I people were just celebrating their new year's eve ( while I was in New York) . Those cows were stolen during a heavy rain and no one could heard the noise when the wall was broken. To make the story short , the case was ended with such a miracle. When I was ariving at the orphanage on Jan 6th evening, we were still sad because of the stolen cows and on the 7th morning I was so sad when I was seeing the empty spots where we tied our cows. I even made some photos about that empty spot. By 11 AM , the village's leader came to the orphanage and asked us to come and identify two cows which they found some 3 kms away tied in new ropes. In a valley without food and can not go any where. Meksi , Gerson and Tanel ( our orphanage members) went to see those two cows and found out that those cows are ours. Praise The Lord that we got our cows back ( even though they were so skinny when we found them). We had rebuilt the wall and installed better lightings for the cow's place. To us the cows are not just an animal which great to bee seen and have but they are our natural fertiliser factory for the plants ( organic fertiliser is the way to go).happyandhealthy (114k image)
happy and healthy

It was great to be among the orphans, seeing them happy and healthy was just so rewarding making our days feels easier. The very first day Peggy and I were seating with little ones ( age 2 to 6 years old) and we did cut their nails ,cleaning their ears and sharing stories with them . So many reports from the orphans about so many things which making us so happy for being listening some funny reports from them about how they started their schooling days and their new abilities. For Peggy and I , beside the happiness for being with our own children we are also having extra joy for being together with the orphans which are getting bigger and growing. It is a privillege to see them growing from their infant's stage.
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mobilelibrary002 (131k image)
Our second mobile library is still stuck at Jakarta. The reason has been the same during this period of time. The ferry serving the Surabaya route to Kupang ( Timor ) has been suspended because of the high waves and the strong south easterly wind which blows during this time till end of February. The ferry was suspended for every year over the same period of time. I am really hoping that we can get the second mobile library across by end of February , so that we can do more with the books. Again this car was the result of a Matching Grant program by The Rotary Foundation and few Rotary clubs wich supporting this literacy project. Just to remind us that last year when my wife ( Peggy ) brought our first mobile library , she was so scared when she was on her way from Larantuka ( Flores Island ) to Timor ( Tenau port of Kupang) . She was saying to our helper Dave that if the ship sank , please let her stay inside the bus , because there is no way for us to be able to swim if the ship being abandoned ( too big waves). Dave reply to her that he would rather stay with her in the bus because he can not swim. When her ferry reached Tenau port, she must waited for at least 3 hours just to be able to get out from the ferry , because the ship was unable to stay still and let the cars out . The bridge was moving ups and downs violently and making an exit from the ship( ferry) was too difficult. Two days after she arrived at Timor, two passager ferries were sank on the area where she was travelling. That is why at the moment the goverment is not allowing the same class of ferries to operate within that area for the safety reasons. So if any one is wanting to have a long driving experience with us , you may come with us on our way from Jakarta to Surabaya when we are bringing this second mobile library to the orphanage. it will be some 24 hours driving experience.
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Wednesday, January 17th

Sad news from Yogyakarta

Yesterday I got a sad news from Yogyakarta thru Bolelebo network, but the information was sketchy. Early this morning I got a call from Captain B. His nephew, Mr. Sony Setyawijaya passed away at 1AM local time, January 17, 2007, at a young age of 31 .

Mr. Setyawijaya has promissed his uncle that once he completed his college work, he would go to manage the Roslin Orphanage. Unfortunately, the good Lord has another plan for him and he has left his family in Yogyakarta, Kupang and Singapore ahead of all of us to be in union with Him.

I just got off the phone with Captain B, who is still in Yogyakarta. You may either leave a note here or email him. He has extended his stay in Indonesia for few more days.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Setyawijaya.

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Wednesday, January 3rd


christmasandyearendgathering01 (48k image)
As usual we are having a Christmas gathering at the orphanage once a year and delivering Christmas gifts to the villagers as well. On this gathering we are having the privilege of some help by The Gerebzoft family ( from Montreal , Canada). They were helping us on preparing the gifts for the villagers and distributing the meals during the gathering . It was great that the turn out was at least some 300 plus children were attending . Some games was played ( like throwing 3 items for four person , so that the one who didn't get the item can be asked to sing or some thing else ). Some children were performing great dances and singing. At the end most of the audience were dancing after the special meals that were provided. All food were made and cooked by our selves .christmasgifts (100k image)
christmas gifts. Year after year we were having great Christmas and year end celebration with so many children. It is a privilege to be able to do it and making some difference to the village children.
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