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helpustoharvestintwomonthstime (108k image)
It is the time for us to plant trees and loking after them the best we could. While doing so , we are also hoping that there will be enough rain for the trees to grow well. At the moment all of the trees afre happy and healthy, great green colour of it's leafs and progresing well. We are hoping that the rain will not be stopping like 3 years ago when the trees can not sustain it's growth and in fact dried ( dead). If things go well, you may help us to do the harvest in two months time. At our orphanage's garden we are having a lot of corn, bilimbi ( good for making fish soup), jack fruit, tapioca, bread fruit,sandelwood trees, banana etc. Basically we want to maximimized the land with plants being planted on it.
bananainbetweencorn (139k image)
banana in between corn.
Beside the fruit trees , Peggy also making sure that we are having enough beautiful trees(plants) to decorate our orphanage. From our Jakarta's home , we brought one suitcase load of trees and replanted at our orphanage. It is great to have the orphanage's garden so green and full of healthy trees. It was a great joy to do the gardening and especially we were doing it together with the older orphans ( the best time to talk to them about life and an attitude for living in a good way). We didn't brief them only about the trees but also brief them about the developement in the world which we thought related to their eductaional needs. It was really a quality time that we had with the older orphans.