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Yehudasleeping (93k image)
It is the dry season in Timor Island at the moment . It is the time when many babies are suffering and some times passed away. Between the months of September through November it is quite common for the hospital to be having a lot of baby patients. Most of them are suffering from flu like symptoms and common sore throat. Feverish beginning and coughing are what mostly happening. One of our orphan " Yehuda " is currently in the hospital and the doctors said that they are having difficulties on feeding him. The drips has been so slow and his body fluid is not in a good shape. I hope that the doctors will be able to cure his illness. It is the best hospital in Kupang city but the facilities are not that good to our standard. Please pray for Yehuda's healing. He was born blind and when we found him he was so small . At the age of 16 months he was less than 5 KG. We brought him from Papua to Jakarta for him to have the best treatments then after the doctors said that he was in a good shape we brought him to our orphanage in Timor. please pray for him. He is 19 months old now.