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04/20/2006: "Greetings from Singapore"

Thank you for visiting our blog.

Here is some back ground of how and when we were starting our orphanage activities and many more activities related to our Roslin orphanage.

It was in the middle of no where and was nothing on it when we built it. The surroundings were also empty and so dry where nothing can grow on its soil.

These are the picture that may be able to show you when we started the orphanage building.

Foto1 (11k image)

The heat and the dryness was making things so hard to do. Even for mixing the cement we have to buy water which coming in trucks. Up to now we are still buying water for our daily needs. Actually water is available but it is too deep to bring it up from the depth of 70 to 100 meters from the surface. Things was rather slow but we beat the planning by a great number. We planned to build it in 5 years but we did it in 11 months .

In the beginning (43k image)

We planned it to make some 3 to 5 rooms house but we made it into 45 X 29 meters building.

It is so much to do as we have committed to do it for life.

From now and then we will make new entries about our progresses and please visit us again and again, make suggestions to us so that we can make a better progress accordingly.

Started with few children but now we are having a lot of children under our care.

our earlier stage (15k image)

no2 (23k image)

Replies: 2 Comments

on Thursday, April 20th, Nanik said

Good job CaptainB and drt. With the blessing from above, I wish all the best for the projects.

from the sunny Seattle
cool eh?
(finally we have sun)

on Thursday, April 20th, drt said

Thank you CaptainB. Seems like we are ready to take off now. big grin