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04/16/2006: "Our First Blog Entry"

After few long distance discussions and email exchanges, finally Captain Budi and I decided to add this blog as a mean to update the information on Roslin Orphanage in Matani, a small town near Penfui El Tari Airport in my old hometown, Kupang, Timor, Indonesia.

I became interested in Roslin Orphanage when a member of Bolelebo mailing list, Mrs. Nanik Trickey from Washington State mentioned about Captain Budi's involvement in Mobile Library for the students from the villages around Kupang. We have been talking about the possibility of collecting the books from the United States then sent them to Kupang with the list members....(please click [more] to continue)

Thank you for coming, Mister (43k image)

Thank you for coming, Mister.

I then started to search on the Internet and found all the information about Roslin Orphanage and Captain Budi and his wife, Mrs. Peggy's volunteer works in Kupang. (It was funny that I just found out today the original posting of Nanik on Singapore Rotarians Forum about this mobile library project while searching to add the link on mobile library project to this blog). Based on all the information I got and additional discussions through a private mailing list Bolelebo, particularly after knowing Captain Budi's family involvement with Singapore Airline and Rotary Club activities in helping the children in Kupang, I then decided to give a helping hand by setting up this weblog. We hope that this weblog will help to diseminate any information that needs to be diseminate quickly and widely, and provided a centralized links to all related activities around the globe in conjunction with the work at Roslin Orphanage.

It's fortunate that during this preparation, Captain Budi has flown to NY twice and we have more discussions over the phone on various topics, before we (Captain Budi and I) finally decided to get this blog up and running on this Easter Sunday. Since Captain Budi was unable to use his computer in New York today then I have to fill this entry to make it officially starts before the end of the day. However, from now on both Captain Budi and I will collect all the information to update you all through this blog. If you have any comment or suggestion to help the mission of Roslin Orphanage and all the projects involved, please feel free to let us know by filling out the comment below.

Replies: 6 Comments

on Tuesday, April 18th, Mona said

Hi Nanik and Umbu

You guys are way to kind. We really didnt do much. But we did enjoy ourselves tremendously and the hospitality was impeccable. Well, it's really great to know you guys. Hopefully, in the near future, we can meet up. Keep in touch!

on Tuesday, April 18th, Umbu HM Tarap said

Dear Mona,

I am Umbu from Jakarta. But my place of origin is Sumba, an island in the west of Timor, the island you have just visited recently.

I am very touched reading your report. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank to you and your team for all the contributions have been given while you were there.

Hope that you will have another chance and able to invite more friends to visit Timor and the surrounding islands to motivate the orphans and the people to race for better education and better living

on Tuesday, April 18th, Nanik said

Hi Mona
Thank you for visiting. My name is Nanik I was born and raised in Kupang. I enjoy reading your post about Kupang....Thank you for the good work, It's good to know young people fm S'pore care about Kupang.Please tell your friends that we who live in other part of the world are thankful for what you guys did in Kupang.
We both very thankful also to Capt Budi and Mrs. Peggy for their tender loving care for the children in Kupang.

Greetings fm Seattle

on Monday, April 17th, Mona said

Hey drt..

You're welcome. Have to thank Pak Budi and the rest of the people who welcomed us there. We felt right at home. Couldnt do a lot of things because we were there for only a short while. But, God knows, we'll have another chance again some day.

on Monday, April 17th, drt said

Hi Mona,

Thanks for visiting. Actually we haven't decided to announce it yet, waiting for pak Budi flying back to Singapore and has a chance to fill out his first entry. Pak Budi and I talked over the phone this afternoon and he is leaving NY tonight.

I think you know that I enjoyed reading your reports, and I have added all the links to your reports as well as the links to other team members' blog here. However, since we are managing this long distance and pak Budi didn't have computer access while in NY city, we haven't finalized all the details including asking the permission for the use of the links.

Please convey my thanks to all your team members for the joy you guys brought to the children and their family at Penfui.

Terima kasih, Mona.

on Monday, April 17th, Mona said

Hi, this is Mona. Found this by chance. Just wanna say hi.