Auburn Handbags by Alan Stuart

Thuys is me
Hello this is my Auburn home page and not my brother Billy bob one, cus he sux at html. I live in a trailer park in Auburn Alabamer in atralier with my mom and my family. My mom doesn't work and I go to school with my brother billy bob (who sux at html).

Thosis my family, we connet to the innernet with AOL
My name is Bobby Lee

This is my girfrund, shes my little hotties, and shes got the same grandma as me

This is my grandma, she lives int he trailer with my family. she smells funny, but i can say that here as she cant read good.This is my brother billy bob he has been to the big city opelika once and is a home boy, I dont git it, he says heaps of YO and CRIB.. and he calles me a pig sucker.. but I wail into him and he stops.
This is my cusin Andrew, hes in jail for shootin up a phone booth.. hes just plum crazy, I got a gun too.This my house, its really good, when it has tyres me and billy bob mov it around the park when mom is passed out drunk, it really musses her up and is worth a laugh, but she beats the jesus out of us some times.
I think this is my pop, he dont live with us anymore cus he cant be around animals or kids and electric kitchen stuf.THis is my pops truck, he left it here, I have not met him but I am keeping his truck, just incase he comes back and need to drive some place like opelika.This is my best friend, I dont know his name yet, but we always go skinny dippin and he gives me candy and really long hugs. he said he take me to see auburn play footsball and he would do some tail getten with me.
This is my teacher at auburn elemantray school, she was a man once but a sickness made her change. She is cool and does modeling for magazines, they are so good that the auburn paper shop has to hide them under the counter to stop people buyin all of them.
This is my cousin bobby sue, she lost all her teeth cus she sucked on a beater after she made a cake and that crazy Andrew turned it on. Its funny to watch her eat candy like barley sugar, we have to put plastic wrap on her to stop the spit getting on her clothes.

I dun't know who this man is, but we allways find him nekkid int he  ouse some times. When billy bob (who sux at html) and I get bored be play find the nekkid man. Oh yeah, This si my mom, she was feedin a thirsty man cus, she had her 15th kid, we sold the kid.she only keeps the ones with all 13 fingers. 

NEKKID MEN- I keep finding some neekid men, this aremy photos of them.. they are usually sleeping on my mom, cus shes real comfortable like, well.. thats waht billy bob says.
Some of them want me to sit on there lap and prettend we are driving along a bumpy road. they says they learned it at the auburn university!
This man wouldn't stop screaming, he drove me nuts.
This is Michael, he used to be my friend, but got killed when he tried to rassle a interstate bus after he sniffed some petrol.
This is a nother nekkid man I found in my moms room. I have started collecting photos of them. I like the internet.
This is my neighbour frank.. the cat is one he found in a bucket He is practicing a to be a auburn vet and he can get this whole fist in the cats bottom.. The cat makes funny noises heheheheh
. This is franks cousins brother in laws best frriends, he has a motorbike. he is the coolest man inthe trailer park and you can always here him riding up to the tv trailer to watch jerry springer and auburn foolsball.
These are the 2 kids we throw stuff at. there used to be 3, and now mom says we cannot though heavy stuf.This is there mom, she runs the trailer park aubie fan club... she helps raise money to pay the players that play aubarn foolsball. and she got real mad at me one day when we ran out off poo paper so I had to use her son socks to wipe my behine.
This is Gavin, hes parents own the trailer park. I found him wacking off in some bushes but he lets me know html on the internet

I gotta go now.. my pee pee is brusting to wee. if you are ever in auburn alabamer look us up,
we lives in the trailer right behind the shot up phone booth. bye

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