I intend my home page(s) to reflect my interests and best links.
Hobbies are Flying, Ham Radio, Radio Control Airplanes & Boats, Ceramics & Pottery, Painting, Photography, Rifle & Pistol shooting & Reloading, Music CD's & Oldies, Fishing & Hunting, Woodworking, Stereo equipment & accessories, Shareware Software and SCUBA diving.

ShareWare Section

The Diet Disk is a collection of programs for Windows with automatic Setup. It helps you with your body AND mind to lose weight. There are calorie & fat calculators, shopping list guide, heart rate monitor, conversion of weights and measures for the kitchen, and self-evaluation questionnaires. A number of motivational sections are included. As a Weight Watcher's (c) counselor for several years, I learned much about mind as well as body in weight control. (Self-extracting files)
Managing People
This is a full powered Managing and Leadership package of software. It covers every area of human relations, managing your own time and skills, selecting the right people and motivating them. You will find a very extensive 100 question self evaluator, but you could run it as a Leadership Test for prospective applicants. Learn skills that will make your relations with spouse and kids a lot easier, too. After 30 years in Management and 18 years as a management instructor, I have gained quite a few valuable tips. (Self-extracting files)
Mortgage Calculator
This is a very good calculator, I wrote it for a financial institution and it will print out a complete amortization schedule if you want it. Play what if, changing interest rates, number of years, payments or any of the variables, and the program will calculate the other unknowns. It can be used for a number of purposes. (Self-extracting files)

History of Smith Broadcasting and other Smith Businesses from 1925 in Birmingham to present time in Huntsville. [updated 2005] This will take you to www.31alumni.com/31histor.htm, but please back arrow to come back here.

MDS Page #2 Second page with Quotes, Aviation, TV Business, more Shareware, etc.

Indian Springs School Lots of things from '55-'59 era plus current people, articles, facts and more.

Photo pages Growing photo collection page of family members and events.

Hobby Section

My Pottery and Ceramics Wheel & Slab work of M.D. Smith

Special Interest and Sports Section

National Rifle Association NRA Home Page

MY RELOADING Pistol and Rifle AMMO pages (www.reloadammo.com). Extensive Calibers, equipment, commercial dealers and companies, black powder, Cowboy Shooting, bullet making, "how-to" on everything, FAQ pages, and TONS more !

  • Cowboy Action Shooting - - North Alabama Regulators and my personal CAS pages, cowboy links, music & more.

    SCUBA Diving - Rick's Delphi Scuba Sig Pages
    SCUBA Central - Rick's New Scuba Pages
    Three Routes - Worldwide SCUBA Diving Directory
    Diving the Tennessee River ManualDon't take this one too seriously.

    Audio, Music and CD's Yahoo's everything about music page.

    Click for Huntsville, Alabama Forecast Click for Destin, Florida Forecast
    Pop Photo Popular PHOTOGRAPHY home page and links.
    Digital Photography Digital Photo Magazine

    Woodworking.com & WorkShop Ideas
    Wood Craft.com Helping you make Wood Work

    Marson Embroidery
    Our Sewing and Monogramming Site
    (Judy and M.D.)

    MY Joke collection. Have a few more laughs!

    Family photo
    Large, with identification of people and other photos page.
    M.D. Smith (mdsmith@HiWAAY.net)
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