I've received an email from Sarah (Bennett) Bennett-Harper '90 with details that I've posted on the Class of 1990's Homeroom page about a meeting on August 2nd for those that would like to help plan their 25th Reunion in 2015.

The Class of 1966 will have their next monthly get together on Friday, August 1st at 6 pm.  Visit their Homeroom page for details.

The Class of 1990 will have a meeting on August 2nd for those that would like to help plan their 25th Reunion in 2015.  See details on their Homeroom page.

The Class of 1979 will have their 35 Year Reunion on August 16th and you can click on the following link to view the details, which includes an open invitation to B-U Alumni from the Classes of 1977, 1978, 1980, & 1981.  So even if you are not a Member of the Class of 1979 or perhaps can't attend this year, we could still use your help to get the word out to B-U Alumni who may not know about our website yet.    View Class of 1979 Reunion Details

Also, perhaps you can help their planning committee by clicking on the link below to view a list of their classmates who's email and/or mailing address is unknown.    View Class of 1979 List of Unknown Addresses

On July 12th, the Class of 1999 had their 15 Year Reunion and on the July 19th, the Class of 1994 had their 20 Year Reunion and the Class of 1989 had their 25 Year Reunion.  If you have any pictures from your class' past reunion, please send them to our Webmaster so that he can post them on your class' homeroom page for all to enjoy.

Mark your calendar to save the date and come join in the fun of a Benefit ATV Poker Run on Saturday August 16th at Selbyville VFD to help a family who lost everything in a house fire early this summer!  You'll find the details about this and other upcoming community events at www.UpshurPortal.com.

Click the image on the left to view a picture that Chris Waybright from the Class of 1972 sent to me of the B-UHS Band trip to Washington, D.C. back in 1971.  In his email, Chris said that it was the "best year of my life!!".  If you are in the picture and/or know some that are, please use our "Blog" page to leave your comments about the trip and/or fellow classmates.

   Check out the list on our "Library" page of Alumni who have recently updated their profiles like the few posted below and remember that we would enjoy reading about you too, so please take time to tell us or update what you've been doing in your profile since graduation!

On Saturday, July 26th, Wayne Reeder '51 of Spokane Valley, WA wrote; " After graduating from BUHS in 1951 I joined theh Air Force and spent the next 24 years serving our country. After retiring from the Air Force in 1975 I went back to school at night while working as a Letter Carrier for the US Postal Service. I graduated with a BS degree from the Seattle City University in 1981. I continued to work for the USPS until retirement in Dec 95. I was married in 1959 to my wife Pauline and we have five children. We now have eight grandchildren and one great-grandson. Since retirement we have traveled to Alaska (1997), Hawaii (1999), and wintered in Yuma, AZ (97,98,99). I am a member of Post 241, American Legion and volunteer with the local Meals on Wheels Program. We just returned from a caribbean cruise where we were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary (Oct 27,2009).Our class of 51 had our 60th reunion during Oct 2011 and 35 students attended. "

On Saturday, July 26th, Elizabeth Vance '88 of Greensboro, NC wrote; " Since graduating in 1988, I've gone to college, graduate school, paralegal school, puppy obedience school, and am now finally DONE DONE DONE with school. I love my job as a paralegal and enjoy volunteering with the Guilford County Paralegal Association and the North Carolina Paralegal Association. My favorite thing in the whole world is to hang out with my two lab mixes, Zorro and Jake. Oh, and I should mention that I like to hang out with my other half, Jeff, also!! My twin sister Christy (also class of '88) and younger sister Amy (class of '89) also call North Carolina home. Our big brother James (class of '86) is in WV holding down the home front. Love to hear from BUHS grads. "

On Saturday, July 26th, Tom Hinchman '74 of Buckhannon wrote; " Debra and I have three son TJ, who works for Chesapeake, Michael he works for Select Energy and Joshua works for WV state parks. I have a farm here in Upshur county and raise goats. Two beautiful granddaughter Trayka 9 Torie 3 and a grandson Leeland 2,expecting another grandchild March 13 2012. Enjoying life and hope to see everyone at the next reunion. "

On Friday, July 25th, Debbie (Reed) Wyne '74 of Buckhannon wrote; " I have 2 children, Jennifer Fletcher age 28, married to David Fletcher age 30, 2 grandchildren-- Hunter Ryan Fletcher age 7 Sydney Elizabeth Fletcher age 3 Billie Hatfield 11, age 25 Fiance, Jenni Himes age 21 My daughter is married to David Fletcher they have 2 children as I said recently Hunter Ryan Fletcher is my grandson and plays Football and Basketball for BUHS he graduates 2015 ...Granddaughter Sydney Fletcher plays Basketball and Softball for BUMS My son Billie Hatfield married Jennifer Himes and she is a Teacher at BUHS ( mrs jennifer Hatfield ) They have 1 child, my granddaughter Helena V. hatfield and she is in 3 rd grade attends school in Tennerton I'm now in a wheelchair with a spinal disorder.. Doing well I might add also love being a grandmother.. You can find me on Facebook 😋🍭 "

On Thursday, July 24th, Andy McDougal '75 of Roseville, CA wrote; " I worked for Goodyear for 20 years.I retired as a regional manager and decided it was time for a change.I attended IADT in Fairmont and got an Special Associates in Business Computer Information Management,then went on to get my Bachelors in Business from AIU. I have two sons and three granddaughters.My passions are still music and motorcycles. I'm now living in Sacramento,CA. I've been spending my time messing around and even doing a little playing in a music studio. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!! "

On Friday, July 18th, Shelia (Dean) Barkley '70 of Little River, SC wrote; " My life is wonderful. I have a great husband "Chuck", the next to the best thing in my life. I have two super stepkids,Mike(86)and Leslie(89). They have blessed Chuck and I with four precious grandchildren, Katie, Nathan, Josh,and Matthew. Life is good. Accepting Jesus in my life was the best thing I ever did. He's with me all the time. "

On Friday, July 18th, Shag Godfrey '74 of Palm Bay, FL wrote; " After graduation, for a few years I worked on highway construction through the week and 'played guitar in a long-haired rock and roll band' on weekends. My wife-to-be saw our band performing and asked me to marry her, which I did in 1985. A couple of years after we got married my wife said she wanted to move to Florida. I said, "I'm the man in this family and no woman is gonna tell me what to do!" So we moved to Florida where we have lived for almost twenty-six years. ___________ I have worked in electronic manufacturing, including airplane guidance and defense systems. We have two children. Our daughter, Amy, recently received her Master's Degree in Psychology and our son, Coby, is a sophomore in high school. Coby is also a fantastic saxophone player in the High School Jazz Band. __________ I am retired and I still love to play the guitar. I'm not in a band, but I occasionally get together with some friends for a LOUD jam session. "

On Friday, July 18th, Amy (Williams) Tenney '74 of Buckhannon wrote; " I can't imagine that anyone really cares what I have been doing the last 40 years, but here goes. I've had a very hard time deciding what I wanted to do when I grew up. I tried being a full time housewife, I failed that worst than my 10th grade Algebra, so I worked at my fathers business for 8 years in the mid 1980's, learning some skills which helped me located all our missing classmates. I've had two businesses, I closed the first when I got a offer to purchase the property it was located in, the second busniess I purchased as it was on it's way out...I'd like to think I brought it back to life. But a big part of it was simply it was a needed service here in Buckhannon, I sold it when I lost interest in it. I sold real estate for a while, my sister and I remodeled a few houses for resale, and I have helped my husband set up and run our gun shop (not politically correct), we have been in business for 20 years. My real passion in life is our local historical society, it's one of those full time NO pay jobs you do strickly for the love. So you see when I decide what I really want to do, I should do well at it. The only thing I have stuck with in the past 40 years is the love of my life, my husband Ed. We have been married 40 years this June (I was married the Saturday after graduation). He supports me in all my hair brain plans and bails me out when I lose interest. We currently have two stray dogs, who are harder to raise than kids ! I think. And so goes the "Days of my Life". "

On Monday, July 14th, Mark Bennett '89 of Jane Lew, WV wrote; " I have a wonderful family. My wonderful wife, Ginger, who I married in Oct. 2006. A great Stepson, Nicholas and a spectacular little boy, Jace, born Dec. 4, 2007. I have a B.S. in Business Mgmt. from Glenville State. My wife and I both work for the Federal Government. I enjoy spending time with my family, hunting and riding motorcycles. Life could not be any better. "

On Saturday, July 12th, Sharon (Coughlin) Hosaflook '74 of French Creek, WV wrote; " I am still working at the sheriff's office and now have 7 grandkids. I wouldn't trade them for the world! I cant't beleive it's been 40 years since we were in school,where did the time go. "

On Friday, July 11th, Kelly (Exline) Bender '04 of Buckhannon wrote; " Since graduating in 2004, I enrolled Briefly in Fairmont State University where I decided I wasn't ready 2 embark on college right then,I got married & have been married 2 my husband Jaime since March 26, 2005, we have 1 son Jordan who is 8 yrs old. In August of 2010 I started @ Fairmont State University studying Sociology & In January 2015 I will have my B.S. in Sociology. If u want 2 know more just ask I look 4ward 2 catching up w/ everyone. "

On Thursday, July 10th, Steve Shaffer '67 of Calimesa, CA wrote; " Since graduating in 1967, I've done the Viet Nam military stuff, graduated from California Baptist University, and am now the retired Assistant Golf Professional at Yucaipa Valley Golf Club in Southern California. Happily married with a grand total of five awesome kids and seven grandchildren. I have just completed my first book! It's entitled " Enjoy Life...Play Golf"! I encourage all golfers as well as you who want to learn, to take a look at my book...I think it will help you!! It is selling well all over this crazy world!! I've been talking to many of you old friends lately on the phone...great chatting with you! I also have a facebook page and have been learning how to communicate that way...sorry I type sooooo slow my friends!! The next phase of my life (retirement) is now here,YEA!! My wife and I are currently looking to retire in Saint George, Utah. Sure hope everyone is having as much fun in life as I am! God bless the class of 1967!!! "

On Thursday, July 10th, Pat (McGowan) Currence '70 of Buckhannon wrote; " Since graduating in 1970, I've taught 37 years for the Upshur County School system. I began my career teaching 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades at Tallmansville Elementary (one of three 2-room schools) and finished at Tennerton Elementary teaching 2nd grade until June 2012. There wasn't a "dull moment" (at least for me, but don't ask my students, they may disagree). During 1993 I earned a Masters degree in Deaf Education and was able to teach Sign Language to many 2nd graders. In 1984 I married Arthur Currence who also graduated from BUHS in 1969. After retiring several times from The National Park Service and teaching, he retired in January of this year to complete several of those "projects" that seem to accumulate while you're working. I'm enjoying helping my parents, visiting with friends, and playing with great nieces and nephews. I always look forward to our class reunions. "

On Thursday, July 10th, Jason Vorderberg '06 of CO wrote; " Since graduating in 2006, I moved out to Colorado for a new direction. I quickly found my passion in emergency response, and am currently serving as a firefighter full-time. I'm currently writing novels on the side, as well going to school in hopes of becoming a historian one day. "

On Thursday, July 10th, Jewell (Manley) Hosaflook '74 of Ocala, FL wrote; " The good Lord has put our retirement plans into motion. Our daughter has relocated to Pittsboro, NC. Our son and his future wife are living in Jacksonville and Danny and I are preparing to return to the great state of WV. Danny will be teaching at Elkins HS and we will reside in Buckhannon. The Lord is good and we are most greatful! "

On Tuesday, July 8th, Frances (Hawkins) Lockhart '63 of Cibolo, TX wrote; " Now living in Cibolo, Tx. I have two daughters, Michelle Class of 88 and Riqui, Class of 90. Riqui has three children Sidney Alexis (12), Nathan Samuel (10) and Luke Ian(7). Any spare time I have goes to my family and my church, reading, walking, and spoiling the Grand kids and animals (1 dog, 2 cats) one cat is mine. "

On Friday, July 4th, Kathy (Albaugh) Hile '60 of Page, AZ wrote; " Hello everyone! I'm lucky enough to live in a stunningly beautiful place - Lake Powell, Arizona - but, because it's so far away, I don't get back "home" very often. Since BUHS and WVWC days, I've made every possible mistake, had every possible adventure, and - all in all - had a wonderful life. Memories of Sunny Buck are great - Pat's and Starlight and the Dixie Drive-In, cruisin' Main St, the senior trip to NYC (where we left 3 of the boys - "fell asleep at the hotel" was their excuse. Who were you guys? Does anybody want to confess?), football and basketball games, the talent show ("We Are The B-U Girls, And We Are Here To Stay...bump, bump, bump..."), the senior play "Come Out Of The Closet" (Bruce Butterfield and I were the elderly counterfitiers), ice skating parties with Janie and Bruce and Sammy and Rita and Bobby, stolen kisses on Teets Hill EvUnBreth Acres, hanging out drinking chocolate cokes at the drugstore with Rita Karen and Paula, dancing to "A Summer Place" at the Senior Prom. Sometimes - maybe just for a day - don't you wish we could push a button on a time machine...? I miss y'all! I can't believe it... can it REALLY be 55 YEARS already? 1960 was only yesterday! How on earth can we be so old on the outside and feel so young on the inside?! (As John Scott used to say, "But when the hell do the Golden Years begin?!) Does anyone know when - or if - there will be a reunion next year? "

On Friday, July 4th, Nick Cutright '11 of Buckhannon wrote; " After graduating, I continued work at my family's funeral home, Heavner & Cutright, in Buckhannon. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2014 from West Virginia Wesleyan with a B.S. degree in Accountancy (Go Bobcats!). I'm also an online student of the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science (PIMS) where I will complete my Degree in Funeral Directing and Embalming in January 2015. I'm a member of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church and Vice President of the Holy Name Society there. I'm also a Fourth Degree Sir Knight of the Knights of Columbus Elkins Council #603 and Our Lady of the Mountains Assembly #3159. In my free time, I enjoy golfing and tennis and playing cards. "

On Friday, July 4th, Keith Rowan '73 of North Chesterfield, VA wrote; " Since graduating in 1973 I spent 3 years in the navy and then joined the Buckhannon Police Department. In 2011 I joined the Belington Police Department. then retired again. Worked a short 6 weeks for the Junior Police Dept. And now finally have moved to Va. "

On Friday, July 4th, Norma (McDaniels) Page '91 of Selbyville, WV wrote; " I have been employed with Department of Justice in Clarksburg for 23 years. I have one son Daniel and wife Kendra who live in Morgantown. I live in Selbyville with my fiancee Greg Woody who is the Director of the Upshur County Youth Camp. We have three big babies, Jacko, a Jack Russell Terrier, and two Yorkies, Wesley and Sharkie. We love living here and are both the happiest we have ever been. We have our own little peace of heaven here, come visit and help us promote the youth of Upshur and surrounding counties. "

On Thursday, July 3rd, Sandra (Phillips) Miller '74 of Buckhannon wrote; " Retired now from my real job and am working a little in a mobile teaching laboratory for the WV State Farm Bureau. 4 grandchildren and they are grand indeed. "

On Wednesday, July 2nd, Marilyn (Linger) Correll '80 of Frederick, MD wrote; " I've been living in Frederick, MD. In 1984 join the Navy meet my husband Mike on the basketball court. We have been married now of 29yrs. Have two sons Jason 28yrs old and is in the Navy, station at San Diego, CA working on F-18%252592s. He worked on the aircraft for the Top Gun pilots. Christopher 24yrs old and is working for Fed-X in Wilmington, NC. I%252592ve been working for the Government for 7 yrs now. "

On Tuesday, July 1st, Jewel Fisher '78 of Buckhannon wrote; " Since graduating in 1978, I've been working. I am currently working at The Record Delta as an Advertising Sales Representative. I am also curently trying to organize and help plan the 35th class reunion for the Class of 1978. "

On Tuesday, July 1st, Ann (Trainer) Bush '85 of Buckhannon wrote; " Since graduating in 1985, I married Doug Bush '78 and we have two daughters Katie '06 and Karoline '09. I have worked at the Sharon Sabo Insurance Agency since 1988 as an insurance agent and securities representative. Doug and I are "hay" farmers six weeks a year, but mostly enjoy our farm and the recreation it provides. Doug is still teaching, but retired from coaching in June 2011. Katie graduated from WVU in May 2014 with her Masters of Education, plans to teach in the Watsontown area of PA, and will be marrying Dr Joshua Henzler in September 2014. Karoline graduated from Glenville State College in 2013 with a degree in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Science, and is currently a courier for FedEx in the Randolph/Upshur County area. We are very blessed for our good health and wonderful family. "

On Tuesday, July 1st, Peggy (Norman) Alexander '87 of Philippi, WV wrote; " After graduation, I lived in northern Virginia up until Nov 2013 when we were finally able to move back to our property along the Tygarts Valley River in Philippi. Right now I'm enjoying being home spending time with family and friends! "

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  • George Lockhart '71
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      2nd, 1969's 45 Yr Reunion
      8-9th, 1959's 55 Yr Reunion
      9th, 2004's 10 Yr Reunion
      16th, 1979's 35 Yr Reunion
      26-27th, 1964's 50 Yr Reunion
      4th, 1954's 60 Yr Reunion

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Kathy Albaugh '60

George Lockhart '71

Betsy Austin '90

Jean McDaniels '91

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Lorie Dix '04

Nick Cutright '11

Below is a list of Alumni or family members who have recently passed away.  If you know of any recent deaths that we should share, please send an email to our Webmaster.

Larry Cutright '61 has passed away.
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Freda (Lofton) Branson '67 of Moorefield, WV lost her husband, John David Branson on May 23rd.
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Services where held on May 18th for Bettie (Tenney) Bailey of Tallmansville.
   View Obituary & Condolences

Services were held on April 24th for Jill (Wilfong) Burr-Brown '63.
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On April 17th, Karen Kay Hull '73 of Buckhannon died at her home and services were held on April 19th before burial at the Sand Run Baptist Church Cemetary.
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Services for Stephen Queen '95 were held on March 15th.
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Services were held on March 13th for Loretta (Lawson) Thompson '52.  She is survived by two sons, Haven of Bellaire, OH and Paul of Buckhannon.
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Services for Alma S Miller, Wife of Robert (Bob) Miller '61 was held on March 7th.
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Service for Brian David Caynor '95 was held on March 2nd.  He is survived by his parents, David and Bonnie, and Sister Kelley '92, all of Buckhannon.
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