Recently, I received a note, along with the picture on the left, from Paul Marsh '59 mentioning that he would be in town this past weekend for his Class of 1959's Reunion and that he lost his wife of 48 years on Feb. 10th of this year.  I've added the picture to Paul's profile and hope that he and his fellow classmates had a great reunion this past weekend!

I've received word that Robert Ours from the Class of 1954 passed away on Tuesday, July 29th.  I'll post additional details when available.

Funeral services were held on Tuesday, July 29th, for Delores Lucille (McNemar) Henline, who was the Mother of Debra Henline '74 and Steven Henline.   View Obituary & Condolences

If you have pictures that you would like added to your profile or class' Homeroom page, just send them via email as an attachment to

On July 12th, the Class of 1999 had their 15 Year Reunion and on the July 19th, the Class of 1994 had their 20 Year Reunion and the Class of 1989 had their 25 Year Reunion.  If you have any pictures from your class' past reunion, please send them to our Webmaster so that he can post them on your class' homeroom page for all to enjoy.

Click the image on the left to view a picture that Chris Waybright from the Class of 1972 sent to me of the B-UHS Band trip to Washington, D.C. back in 1971.  In his email, Chris said that it was the "best year of my life!!".  If you are in the picture and/or know some that are, please use our "Blog" page to leave your comments about the trip and/or fellow classmates.

   Check out the list on our "Library" page of Alumni who have recently updated their profiles like the few posted below and remember that we would enjoy reading about you too, so please take time to tell us or update what you've been doing in your profile since graduation!

On Tuesday, August 26th, Bob Adams '73 of Centreville, VA wrote; " Still in Centreville, stepson recently graduated from VCU - yippee! No more tuition bills! Been married 18 years, and now retired from Verizon after 31 years. Spending my days working on the "honey-do" list. "

On Saturday, August 23rd, Tom Hinchman '74 of Buckhannon wrote; " I have three son TJ, who works for Chesapeake, Michael he works for Select Energy and Joshua works for WV state parks. I have a farm here in Upshur county and raise goats. Two beautiful granddaughter Trayka 12 Torie 6 and a grandson Leeland 5,expecting another grandchild March 13 2012. Enjoying life and hope to see everyone at the next reunion. "

On Tuesday, August 19th, Clint Davidson '87 wrote; " After graduating in 1987, I went to WVWC for a year and half, and in 1989 I decided to go to Hollywood and attend Musicians Institute, and been here ever since. Since then, I have been playing bass, doing studio work, and sometimes touring with local bands. I am currently playing with Bellylove, Hail the Size, and Ping. If you get a chance, check out It has some music, links to bands, and what I've been up to latley. Talk to you later, Clint "

On Friday, August 15th, Madonna (Jordon) Jordon '79 of Buckhannon wrote; " Since graduating in 1979, I've...... become the proud mom of a wonderful son, Theo Chidester, now 22 years old, engaged to Ceara Bender (2010 also). I have a new start on my life, once again, with a divorce, moved to my old neighborhood, and a new job. I am working at Jenkins Ford Body Shop in Buckhannon. Yes, back into the body shop line of work again. Life is good and there is always still better things to come in life, keep smiling and be happy. "

On Friday, August 15th, Larry Marsh '70 of Myrtle Beach, SC wrote; " Since graduating in 1970,I started working for Poling St. Clair Funeral Home,was there four years. When I turned 21yrs old I began my career in Law-Enforcement. I served 25 yrs holding positions of City Patrolman, Deputy Sheriff, Chief of Police for City of Buckhannon and Sheriff of Upshur Co. In 2002 I moved to Myrtle Beach, SC. I spend a lot of time gardening around my house in my free time. I am a member of SC Lodge 12 Fraternal Order of Police and a member of Coastal Carolina Shields, Lodge of retired police officers from all over the US now living in MB. There are 600 plus members. COME TO MYRTLE BEACH, GREAT PLACE TO VISIT AND TO LIVE. "

On Thursday, August 14th, Craig Davidson '81 of Sodus, NY wrote; " I'm married with two children Cara (27) She completed her business administration degree in January 2012. She and her husband blessed us with a first grandchild, Avery Mae on 5/5/2014. I have a son Jarrett (23) who started school at Finger Lakes Community College, JAN 2013. He made the Dean's List in June 2014. My wife graduated in 2008 with a nursing degree and is the Elementary school nurse for the Sodus Central School District. I retired from the US Army/Reserve after 20 years of service and am a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. I am currently a security professional at R.E. Ginna nuclear power plant in New York. "

On Sunday, August 10th, Lisa DeBarr '89 of South Charleston, WV wrote; " Since graduating BUHS in 1989, I have survived up to present and doing fine. I graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan in '93 with Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Studio/Fine Art. In Fall of 2010, I earned my Master Degrees in Psychology as well as in Adult Education. For now, my life is still pretty much up in the air. I'll post more later after I see where I land. It's my hope you and yours are well. Please feel free to contact me--I'd be tickled if you did! p.s.--You can also catch me on Facebook if you're so inclined. "

   Remember that we have a list on our "Library" page of updated profiles over the past sixteen days!


Over the past 9 years, information about 4,513 Alumni has been added to our website, including 5 in June and 3 so far for July, which includes;

Shag Godfrey '74

Listed below are those whom have joined recently and our library page has a list of Alumni that have joined over the past few months.
  • George Lockhart '71
  • Jason Vorderberg '06
  • Jennifer (Sands) Gillespie '07
  • Kelly (Exline) Bender '04
  • Lorie (Dix) Rifenburg '04
  • Mike Bennett '74
  • Shag Godfrey '74
  • Shaun Peggs '04
  • Tammy (Murray) Seders '79
  • Tina Dix '09

   The list below includes those who have recently or are about to celebrate a birthday!  Be sure to include your birthday in your profile to get on the list.

   Visit the Homerooms of those class years listed below for details & send any details that you would like posted about your upcoming event to our Webmaster.

      26-27th, 1964's 50 Yr Reunion
      4th, 1954's 60 Yr Reunion

   Below are a few pictures that we've received recently and you can send any pictures to our Webmaster that you would like included in your profile.

Kathy Albaugh '60

Jean McDaniels '91

Nick Cutright '11

Below is a list of Alumni or family members who have recently passed away.  If you know of any recent deaths that we should share, please send an email to our Webmaster.

Larry Cutright '61 has passed away.
   View Obituary & Condolences

Freda (Lofton) Branson '67 of Moorefield, WV lost her husband, John David Branson on May 23rd.
   View Obituary & Condolences

Services where held on May 18th for Bettie (Tenney) Bailey of Tallmansville.
   View Obituary & Condolences

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