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On Saturday, April 30th, Michael Cowger '74 of Buckhannon wrote; " Some of you may remember my days at WBUC, announcing at basketball games, running a projector in your class, or playing music during lunch time between 1970 & 1974. After graduating from B-UHS, I worked part time at WBOY & WDTV, was an intern at Bell Labs, then served as Upshur County's Civil Defense Director (the beginning of today's Office of Emergency Management) while attending Wesleyan and starting Buckhannon's Christian Based Cable TV Station which is now on Channel 3, but was known then as Channel 11, "The Ones To Watch". During that time I also enjoyed Civil Air Patrol activities which helped me acquire my pilot's license and encouraged me to pursue a career that involves communications, computers, & various types of electronics devices which I've always enjoyed. After graduating from Wesleyan in 1981, I became Director of Computer Services at D&E College, then Project Manager for a contract with NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) in Morgantown before moving in 1988 to Huntsville, Alabama to support Department of Defense (DoD) related efforts as a contractor. In the Spring of 2004, I started this website & by 2009, moved back to Buckhannon where I continue to support DoD related efforts world-wide and enjoy being back home, where I am involved in several community organizations and activities as an Upshur County Ambassador since 2010, started EagleView Consulting & Support Services, and currently, I am a candidate for Mayor of Buckhannon in the May 10th, 2016 Buckhannon City Election! "

On Wednesday, April 27th, Jim Knorr 'ac of Buckhannon wrote; " Judy and I will celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary on August 10, 2013. If you're in town and want to stop by the Riverbend Golf Club at EvUnBreth Acres that Saturday from 2-4pm, I'd love to see you! Or, you could send us a note with any memories you'd like to share, to our home at 16 Gum Street, Buckhannon, WV 26201. Actually, our anniversary is August 3, my birthday. I always say we got married on my birthday, so I wouldn't forget our anniversary!!! haha I enjoy participating in the Read Aloud program, and last year read for two 4th grade classes at Buckhannon Academy Elementary. "

On Wednesday, April 27th, JoAnne (DeRico) Morrison '67 of Buckhannon wrote; " Since graduating in 1967, I have always lived in Buckhannon, have been divorced for 16 years, have one son, Mark, who is currently stationed at Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma. I have worked in the law profession, secretary, since 1968. My son has not gotten married yet and I have no grandchildren. I like to read and work jigsaw puzzles (kind of boring). There are a few members of our class of 67 who get together at least once a month, either for lunch or supper. Hope to hear from additional class members and I am really looking forward to our reunion in 2007. "

On Sunday, April 24th, Crystal (Burnside) Shaw '76 of Buckhannon wrote; " I have been married to Terry Shaw (1976) since Oct. 1977 and we have 2 sons, Michael (97) and Mitchell (03). Michael works for the government and is married to Tiffany Hyre (99). They live in Selbyville and have a daughter, Danielle. Mitchell graduated from WVU and is a Captain in the WV Army National Guard. He lives in Kingwood and works at Camp Dawson. He is married Darissa Linger (01) and they have a little girl, Adeline. I am working for Upshur County Schools as the Secretary at Washington District Elem. and I continue to volunteer for the Relay For Life. Terry works in construction for his brother Tom at TKS Contracting. We still live in the house we built in 1983 out off the Hickory Flat Rd. We enjoy taking our camper out in the summer and doing some relaxing with friends and family. We have remained friends with Mike Moore and his wife Lib and they host us several times per year at their home in Lake James, NC. Terry and I have served on the reunion committee every 5 years and enjoy seeing old friends. As we all grow older, we think of old friends and old times more and more and appreciate catching up with each one of you!! "

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Wednesday, May 12th
The Class of 1952 will meet at the Legends Family Grill for lunch at 1 pm.

Thursday, April 14th
The Class of 1959 met at the Steer Steakhouse at Weston's Market Place and the Class of 1965 met at Audrey's Restaurant for lunch.

Thursday, April 21st
The Class of 1954 met for lunch at Audreys and the Class of 1961 met for lunch at the 88 Restaurant.

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   The Class of 1961 will have their 55th Reunion on September 9th & 10th, 2016 and details will be posted later.

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Mark Stansbury '69

Bob Hardman '67

Libby Waybright '76

Karen Linger '80

Dave Ward '81

Jeremy McGowan '89

Crystal Cox '94

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