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Today, Maundy Thursday is observed during the Holy Week, as an occasion to remember Jesus Christ's Last Supper on the Thursday before Easter.

The members of Chapel Hill United Methodist Church would like to invite you and your family to join them at 7 pm this evening for "Preparation, Prayer, and Passion", a drama that follows Jesus and his disciples through the events following Palm Sunday and leading up to the arrest of Jesus.

On Saturday, Members of the New Community Church would like to invite you to bring your family out to see a helicopter dropping eggs at the B-U High School Football Stadium from 2 to 6 pm!  Lots of prizes, activities for all ages, and admission is free, but please bring a canned food item to donate to the Parish House.

You are also invited to the Brooks Hill Community Spring Social on Friday and Saturday, May 2nd & 3rd for great food, old fashion cake walks, lots of family fun, and great Bluegrass and Gospel music on their new stage by "The Soldiers of the Cross"!.  Visit www.UpshurPortal.com for details about this and several other upcoming events in and around Upshur County, like the Ramp Benefit Dinner from 5 to 8 pm at the Upshur County Library.  I hope that you'll join me there for dinner and then go with me to Brooks Hill for a cake walk!

Whether you live far or near, the Buckhannon-Upshur Camera Club, which meets next Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Senior Center, would like to invite you to become a "Friend of the Club", which is free and puts you on their email list to receive the club's monthly newsletter that is packed with pictures from our area that will surely bring back some fond memories.  About 400 people from 24 states and seven countries have already become "Friends of the Club" and you can too by just sending an email to Al Tucker at alanandliva@aol.com.

Several committees are preparing to send out details for their class reunions this year and need your current mailing address!  Please take time to check the contact information in your profile, and update if needed.

Please help spread the word that Members of the Class of 1954 will be meeting for lunch this Thursday, April 17th beginning at 12:30 pm at the 88 Restaurant!  The Class of 1954 will also have their 60 Year Reunion at the 88 on October 4th and your can contact Jimmie Osburn '54 for more details about the luncheon and reunion by using the contact information in his profile.

Email Addresses Basil Queen '66 of Prospect, Kentucky has changed his email address recently which I've included in his profile.

Chuck Herron '74 of Morgantown has let me know that he has a new email address which I've included in his his profile.

Charles & Ruth Tenney, both from the Class of 1952 who live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, have a new email address which has been added to their profiles.

Elect Michael Cowger Forecast for Upshur County is calling for sunny skies today with a high near 65 and a low of around 36 tonight.  Partly sunny skies on Friday with a high near 66 and a slight chance of showers after 10 pm on Friday night along with a low around 43.  Mostly sunny skies over the weekend with a high near 66 on Saturday and a high near 72 on Sunday.  Visit www.UpshurPortal.com for current conditions, latest forecast, and details about upcoming community events in and around Upshur County!

The Class of 1966 will have their next monthly dinner on Friday, May 2nd at 6 pm at Giovannis in Weston and friends from other class years are always welcome to attend!  Contact Terry (Morgan) Morrison '66 for details.

The B-UHS Class of 1999 will have a 15 year reunion on Saturday, July 12th at the BiCentennial Inn in Buckhannon. Watch for additional details to be added soon.

According to an email received from Patty (DeRico) Sayre '79, the Class of 1979 will hold their 35 year Reunion on August 16th, 2014 and we'll post additional details when available.

On Wednesday, March 26th, Randy Wamsley '73, who loved music and playing in the B-UHS Band, passed away at his home.  He is survived by two Sisters, Kathy McVicker of Buckhannon and Patricia Bennett of Olney, Maryland.
   Obituary & Condolences

Above is a picture from the 1967 yearbook along with a senior and recent picture of Cynthia 'Jayne' (Beer) Whitlow '67 from Vienna, West Virginia.  If you would like to update your profile's picture, send picture to our Webmaster and look below on the right for other pictures that we've recently added.

For Alumni that live in Upshur County, lets vote for someone that we can talk to about our concerns and that will not only work for us, but who has proven leadership experience and truly has been involved in our Community as an Upshur County Ambassador trying to make it a better place to work and live for all of us.  On May 13th, let's elect Michael Cowger from the Class of 1974 as our next Upshur County Commissioner who started this website 10 years ago and who also started the Upshur Portal project in 2012 to help local organizations and businesses for free at www.UpshurPortal.com.

If you remember or know Kelly (Guthrie) Pugh '97, please use the contact information in her new profile to welcome her as the latest Alumnus to have joined our website, which gives us information about 67 Members of the Class of 1997!

On the right is a picture of the 1962 yearbook cover and senior picture of Barb (Pappas) Replogle, who join our website recently, giving us information about 28 Members of the Class of 1962.  If you know or remember Barb, please use the contact information in her profile to welcome her.

Also, Jessica 'Jess' (Belgrade) Crowell '12 of Buckhannon also joined recently which gives us information now about 2 Members of the Class of 2012 and you can use the contact information in her profile to welcome her too.  We hope to scan a 2012 yearbook soon so that we can add her picture.

   Check out the list on our "Library" page of Alumni who have recently updated their profiles like the few posted below and remember that we would enjoy reading about you too, so please take time to tell us or update what you've been doing in your profile since graduation!

On Tuesday, April 15th, Dick Smith '64 of Point Pleasant, WV wrote; " I went to Glenville State College for one year.Then in January 1969 I came to Point Pleasant WV to help build the Silver Memorial Bridge across the Ohio River.I liked this area so I got a job in a chemical plant where I worked for 35 years. In 2004 I took retirement and attended Marshall University graduating with a business degree. I work with the Mason County Action Group.I have a son,a daughter, two step-sons and six grandchildren.My wife passed away in her sleep August 2009. "

On Tuesday, April 15th, Aleece (McKnight) Williams '74 of Buckhannon wrote; " I've been married for 34 years and we have 1 son, who has graduated from WVU. JUSTIN PASSED HIS BAR EXAM AM VERY PROUD OF HIM. I've worked for the state of WV for 35 years. I love to go boating, water skiing, and tubeing. I'm still involved with the high school as president of a group called Friend of BUHS. WE are kind of like a pto but you do not have to have a student at BUHS.I'm secrerary of BUHS Alumni choir for 27 year.I was a assistant Boy Scout leader for 14 years with Troop 128.Am back working with Cub Scouts. "

On Saturday, April 12th, Buford Chidester '61 of Mount Wolf, PA wrote; " Since graduating in 1961 I served 4 years in the U.S. Air Force primarily in Civil Engineering. I retired in March 05 after working for RCA for five years and 32 years as an electrical engineer. My wife and I are now enjoying our hobby in antique radio and are authors of Classic Cones book for radio collectors. website www.angelfire.com/pa/conespeaker. My family, Ersel, John and Lois live around Buckhannon, My younger brother Roger lives in Fredrick Md. The microphones that are shown in the picture are the original microphones that were used the first day that radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh Pa started operation in 1921. I was lucky enough to get to hold them but they are not mine. "

On Wednesday, April 9th, Terry (Morgan) Morrison '66 of Ellamore, WV wrote; " Since graduating in 1966, I've been married to my great husband Roger for 46 years. We have 3 sons and 4 grandchildren. I was a stay at home mom for years but decided to go to college and got a degree in Social Services. I have worked for Head Start for 15 years as a Family Service Worker (Social Service Component), 5 years in Stark Co. Ohio and 10 in Upshur Co. This May will be the beginning on my retirement. I just don't have a clue what I will do now. But I get bored very easily so I had better think of something quick-like. I have now been retired for 16 months and have loved every second of it! Who knew? People ask me what I am doing and I answer anything, anywhere and anytime I want. Have been able to pursue some new interests and am looking for something else to get into. I now have been married 47 1/2 years and our oldest grandchild is now a freshman at WVU. People always told me that the older you get the faster time goes. I truly understand that now. It seems like the day is over before I get turned around. The USA has changed so much since we of the 60s grew up that I just don't like it much and am looking forward more everyday to a place better. "

   Remember that we have a list on our "Library" page of updated profiles over the past sixteen days!


Over the past 9 years, information about 4,499 Alumni has been added to our website, including 1 in February and 7 for March.  Listed below are those whom have joined recently and our library page has a list of Alumni that have joined over the past few months.
  • Barb (Pappas) Replogle '62
  • Diana Linger '02
  • Jessica (Belgrade) Crowell '12
  • Kelly (Guthrie) Pugh '97
  • Margaret (Day) Posey '64
  • Melissa (Linger) Talbott '07
  • Roger Chidester '66
  • Steve Beer '67

   The list below includes those who have recently or are about to celebrate a birthday!  Be sure to include your birthday in your profile to get on the list.

   Visit the Homerooms of those class years listed below for details & send any details that you would like posted about your upcoming event to our Webmaster.

      12th, 1999's 15 Yr Reunion
      19th, 1994's 20 Yr Reunion
      19th, 1989's 25 Yr Reunion
      25-26th, 1984's 30 Yr Reunion
      26th, 1974's 40 Yr Reunion
      2nd, 1969's 45 Yr Reunion
      8-9th, 1959's 55 Yr Reunion
      9th, 2004's 10 Yr Reunion
      16th, 1979's 35 Yr Reunion
      26-27th, 1964's 50 Yr Reunion
      4th, 1954's 60 Yr Reunion

   Below are a few pictures that we've received recently and you can send any pictures to our Webmaster that you would like included in your profile.

Roger Chidester '66

David Shingleton '67

Ron Curkendall '68

Linda Bailey '79

Crystal Cox '94

Michael Ellis '08

Below is a list of Alumni or family members who have recently passed away.  If you know of any recent deaths that we should share, please send an email to our Webmaster.

Services for Stephen Queen '95 were held on March 15th.
   Obituary & Condolences

Services were held on March 13th for Loretta (Lawson) Thompson '52.  She is survived by two sons, Haven of Bellaire, OH and Paul of Buckhannon.
   Obituary & Condolences

Services for Alma S Miller, Wife of Robert (Bob) Miller '61 was held on March 7th.   Obituary & Condolences

Service for Brian David Caynor '95 was held on March 2nd.  He is survived by his parents, David and Bonnie, and Sister Kelley '92, all of Buckhannon.
   Obituary & Condolences

Services for Dr. James D. Gandee, 67 of Buckhannon, Father of Dee Dee Gandee '91 &Jenny Gandee, were held on Feb 22nd.    Obituary & Condolences

Services for John Marple '75 were held on Feb 21st.
   Obituary & Condolences

Funeral service was held on Feb 20th for Lucille (Brockleman) Rastle, who was the Mother of Dave Rastle '73.
   Obituary & Condolences

Thanks to an email from Tom Zirkle '57, we've learned that Paul Marsh '59 from Butler, Ohio lost his wife of 51 years, Dixie L. (Young) Marsh on Feb 10th and that services were held on Feb 15th at the Bellville Snyder Funeral Home.

Services for Allen Beer '65 where held on Monday, Feb 17th at Bethany Baptist Church in Hall, WV.
   Obituary & Condolences

Services for Edward Summerfield, Father of Amy Summerfield '82, were held on Feb 13th.    Obituary & Condolences

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