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On Wednesday, September 23rd, Sandra (Hamner) Wright '64 of Buckhannon wrote; " After graduation in 1964 I worked at Fort Pitt Shoes, Miller' Pharmacy and then to Krogers for 36 1/2 yrs and retired May of 2006. Hooray no more alarm clocks or time clocks. I married Jim Marson class of 1966. We have a lovely daughter Beth who is a RN but has stopped working to be a full time mother to two beautiful twin girls that are 6 years old and in kindergarden. Jim an I divorced and I married Perry Wright who had three children Sharon,P.J. and Carmela.We were blessed with 13 wonderful years together.Perry passed away following his second openheart surgery in 1992. Now enjoying my retirement with my granddaughters PEYTON and Kayla,family and friends. I have been blessed with another beautiful grandaughter Reagan Elizabeth Lattimer, born Aug 24 2010, she will soon be 10 mo. and brings much joy to my already existing family. "

On Thursday, September 17th, Kim (O'Brien) Quiggle '71 of Myrtle Beach, SC wrote; " I am married to Jay Quiggle (from Pittsburgh) and have lived in Myrtle Beach SC since 1988. My son, Michael Perdue (43) is married to Leanna Harrison and lives in Irvine, CA. My daughter, Melanie Daniels (37) lives in Conway, SC, with the love of her life, Dwayne Cotney. Her son, my 17 year old grandson, Storm Daniels, lives with his Dad in Myrtle Beach, SC and goes to the PALM Motorsports Highschool here in Myrtle Beach where he has built his own race car with his class and is now dirt track racing in Lake View, SC. I work for Smith Sapp accountants in Myrtle Beach. You can find me on Facebook as Kimberly O'Brien Quiggle. I am the editor of 2 e-mail newsletters, Cup O'Cheer and Cup O'Recipes, reaching over 1,000 people in several countries. I also sing in the choir at church and do sign language to the music. My husband is now retired and I hope to retire in another three years! My brothers Dan O'Brien (BUHS 1968) and Joe O'Brien (BUHS 1970) are now retired and my sister Connie Christy (Union Local HS Ohio Class of 1979) teaches music at Aynor Elementary School in Aynor, SC. "

On Thursday, September 17th, Teresa (Wilson) Vanalsburg '96 of Bridgeport, WV wrote; " After high school I went to WV Wesleyan where I graduated with a degree in Sociology. Currently I am the Director of Career Services and Academic Advisor at Alderson Broaddus University. I have 3 beautiful children that keep me and my wonderful husband, Chip very busy - Lily is 14, Ethan is 8 and Brady is 7. I would love to hear from everyone! "

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Kathy Albaugh '60

Jean McDaniels '91

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