Doctor Mark Ponder

Mark Ponder

>>When did you work for us?
I started sometime around late winter 1989 (give or take 6 months, my memory is not that great). I worked lunch shift primarily, with occasional nights and a rare morning or two. I started on the front-line (cash registers) and later expanded to the grill when Lee Curtis needed an extra hand. After graduating from high school, I continued to work occassionally on weekends through my freshman year of college.

>>What did you do after working at Jack's?
My employment at Jack's overlapped my college days, as noted above. I spent four years at Birmingham-Southern College, which is a small Methodist college in, surpisingly enough, Birmingham. After finishing
at BSC, I went straight into the University of Alabama School of Medicine, which is also a four year stretch. Upon graduation, I got married and started residency with the Medical Center East Family Practice Program. That was another three years, at which point I was rather exhausted with being a student. Finally, in June of 2003 I graduated from the residency program and opened up a clinic in Lincoln with my wife.

>>Any favorite memories of working with us?
I have a lot of good memories of working at Jack's. I remember almost nailing a perfect 100 from the Secret Shopper (gotta give out those receipts!); that was pretty cool. Another enjoyable moment was when I was sent out to try and recruit local businesses to display our coupon books for patrons; I came out better that I anticipated. It was fun trying to convince them that I wasn't "soliciting"; just providing a community service. Most of the time they would end up agreeing to display a few; though they probably threw them away as soon as I left the premises. I met some great people at Jack's in Pell City, and even dated one of them for a while. I can honestly say I was blessed with my experience.
One other memory that gets me to this day is when Brian Reaves's car got stolen. He certainly didn't consider it funny, but in retrospect it was a classic moment. The back-line employee walked up, looked out the drive-through window, and asked Brian who had borrowed his car. After a stunned silence, Brian replied that no one had. He then had a _very_ brief episode of "losing it". He quickly recovered and followed the logical steps (calling police, wife, and insurance company) and even made a few jokes about it. Which, in hindsight, was good for us; we
were all making jokes as well.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us again, Mark!

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