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The purpose of the Tennessee Valley Historical Society is:

** to unite those persons interested in the pursuit and study of
   the history of the Muscle Shoals area of northwest Alabama;

** to accumulate material relative to the history of the Muscle
     Shoals area such as books, pamphlets, maps, photographs,
manuscripts, and artifacts;

** to preserve and to encourage others to preserve valuable
historic buildings and monuments;

** to mark significant sites involved in community history;

** to sponsor and promote historical pageants, dramas, and
contests  and the awarding of scholarships and prizes for
significant accomplishments in the field of local history;

** and to share the knowledge gained in these pursuits
through publications, lectures, tours, exhibitions, and


William Smith, President
Tom McKnight, Vice President
Pat M. Mahan, Treasurer
Richard Sheridan, Publications
Kenneth R. Johnson, Counselor


"The Journal of Muscle Shoals History"

History about the northwest corner of Alabama including
the counties of Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale, Lawrence,
and Limestone. Of the 17 volumes published since 1973,
only volumes XIII through XVII are still in print.

A Brief History of the
Tennessee Valley Historical Society

by William Lindsey McDonald
[published in vol. xv]


Each year the Tennessee Valley Historical Society sponsors
three scholarships for graduating high school seniors who will
attend the University of North Alabama.

These scholarships are awarded based upon the students'
knowledge of American history, as measured by a written
examination. The examination is administered by the history
faculty of the University of North Alabama.

For more information about the scholarships, contact
Department Chair Dr. Christopher Maynard
Department of History and Political Science
Box 5019, University of North Alabama
Florence, AL 35632-0001
or Christopher Maynard


Membership is open to anyone interested in the history
of the Muscle Shoals area of the Tennessee Valley.


** Meeting are four times each year. They include a
scholarly program and fellowship.

** The Bulletin (Newsletter/program) is sent
to all members before each meeting.

** The Journal of Muscle Shoals History is
published periodically.  Members receive a
    discount when they purchase Journals.

** Several projects are carried on in the
community. Members are invited
    to participate.


Other local, state or national web sites with
content pertaining to the Muscle Shoals area.

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