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Rangers of the 50's
Thanks to, TOM REGAN
who served with some of the first Rangers to become
Paratroopers in the early 50's 

We are able to provide our viewers with some very interesting facts , patches, and a 1951 group picture of the 14th Ranger Infantry Co..... A Unit Tom, served with .

Tom, also served with the Special Forces in various Groups for over 10 years. He is still active in the RICA (Ranger Infantry Companies Airborne) and the Special Forces Assn. Chapter XVI Ft. Lewis, WA

Tom, is Special Forces qualified and added a Special Forces tab to go with his Ranger tab. 

He  attended many schools during his duty with the Special Forces , i. e. Pathfinder, HALO,  Jumpmaster 
(Master wings)  and Combat Diver. (SCUBA) 

Tom  also has a Purple Heart, Combat Infantry badge, Glider wings and Canadian Wings

Graduation Picture 14th Ranger Infantry Company, Ft. Benning, GA 1951:  Part 1

Graduation Picture 14th Ranger Infantry Company, Ft. Benning, GA 1951:  Part 2
The picture on the right was painted in 1983 by Mike Stankich for the Association of the Airborne Infantry Companies of the Korean War, RICA. It is one of three paintings. Two paintings, "Winter in Korea" and the "Munsan-Ni Combat Jump" are located at The Ranger Regiment and/or The National Infantry Museum in Fort Benning, Georgia. A third painting is located at the War College, now the US Army Military History Institute in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Mike served from 1948 to 1952 with the 82nd.ABN, 8th ABN Ranger Co. the 5th ABN Ranger Co, the 187th RCT ABN, and the 7th Cavalry Regiment

One thing that Tom brought to my attention was the fact, there were still segregated units in Korea and that the 2nd Ranger Company was all Black and the 4th Ranger Company was all White.
The Following was taken from Tom's E-mail

The 2nd Ranger Infantry (Abn.) was an all black unit. These men, mostly were volunteers from existing Airborne units at that time in 1950, with a number of them from the triple nickel (555). They were one of the Companies that made a combat jump with the 187th RCT in Korea.
( Combat Jump at Munsan-Ni (CS0591) The other unit was the all white, 4th Ranger Infantry Company. (Abn.)
Prior to this jump, the 2nd Ranger Company was assigned to the 7th ID. They had a very good reputation and combat record operating with the 7th ID.
The mission of the 2nd Ranger Company at Munsan-Ni, was to seize and hold Hill 151, (CS065943), and pass control to 2nd BN, 187th RCT on link up.

The mission of the 4th Ranger Co. was to seize and hold Hill 205, (CS092942), and pass to control 3rd BN, 187th RCT upon link-up. Both units were listed as attachments on the 187th RCT's Operation Order #1. The 2nd Rangers and 4th Rangers jumped at 0905 hrs on 23 March 1951. (Note: This is the month and year that I started my Airborne/Ranger training.)

As I recall it was some time in late 1951 or early '52 before all black units in Korea were either integrated or disbanded.

Tom , wanted me to be sure and point out  he did not serve in Combat with the Airborne Ranger Companies.

He served with the A Co. 27th Infantry Regiment, 25th ID., in Korea 1951 to 1952. 

His Ranger Company (14th) was disbanded at Camp  Carson, CO. in 1951.

He chose the 25th ID because he wanted to be in combat and at that time the 187th was still stationed in Japan and he had previously served with the 25th ID on occupation duty in Japan. (48 49)

"Thanks to Richard Rutherford"
We have a First Hand account of the Munsan-ni Jump
Dick, joined the 11th Airborne in 1948, went to Japan, and then to Ft Campbell. When the 187th RCT was formed in 1950, he went to Korea, and made both Combat Jumps.

Sorry I can't recall that much of either jump, the Sukchon or the Munsan-ni jump but will try and tell you about them to the best of my memory.

The Sukchon jump was about 20 miles north west of Seoul, We were told that we were to try to cut off the retreating North Koreans, and try to get back some of our POWs. 

As I recall we didn't , but found some of them in a Railroad tunnel, shot to Death.
We jumped with two companies of Rangers supporting us.
Within 9 hrs. of landing we suffered 782 casualties (I got that out of a book).

I recall the jump was on Good Friday , and on Easter Sunday we were up to our necks in mud. We had a good laugh on landing our first Sgt got hung up in some telephone lines. 

ON the Sukchon jump the 1st Bn., Regt. Hqs, and the 3rd Bn all jumped on the same DZ. The 2nd Bn dropped near Sunchon. As I recall after the operation was over, "K" Company spent about 40 days in the Russian Embassy, and when the Chinese came in we had to head South, Burning everything we couldn't carry. 

When I joined the Airborne I figured that we would jump in some place and then have transport to get us out, but we were worse off than the regular Infantry, We walked even more than they did !! 

When we were waiting for the Sukchon jump at Kimpo, I visited a cousin, who was a P51 pilot, and told myself if I ever got out of this mess I would go in the Airforce, where we would have hot chow, clean sheets, and never have to dig a fox hole again. 

On the Sukchon jump we were to go in about 9AM, but didn't jump until about 2 PM. as the Airforce strafed and bombed the DZ. I jumped from a C46 on one jump and a C47 on another, I didn't jump from a C119 or C82 until I got back to Ft. Campbell.

I came back to the States in July, 1951. I got out of the 11th in 1952, 

Best Wishes to all: Dick.

Ballard of the Green Beret

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