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This page contains Pictures with Service Dates from 1960-1979.
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Dan Guy ,  served with the 82nd Airborne Division's, 2nd Airborne Battle Group, 501st Infantry Ft Bragg 1960-61 and with the 8th Infantry Division's, 1st Airborne Battle Group, 505th Infantry Lee Barracks, Germany 1961-62,
You  can E-mail at:  guydan@greenwood.net
dan guy
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Joseph A. Goody ,  Joe served 1960 - 1962 was with the 82nd Airborne Division's, He also served with the 2nd 503 Mortar Battery combat team and later spent two years in Okinawa. He made jumps in Korea, Formosa, Philippines and of course Okinawa.,
You  can E-mail Joe at: PoopieCat@aol.com
Joe 1960Joe 1999
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Lou Schreiner ,  Lou was in HMB while in jump school, upon graduating was with 3rd Pltn. Co. "C" as a machine gunner 1/503. Was at Bragg Jan. to August 1960. Went to Co. "E" 1/504 A.B.G. 8th Inf. Div Lee Barracks Mainz Germany from Aug 1960 to Aug 1962
You  can E-mail Lou at: Abn504tpr@aol.com
Lou Schreiner
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George Bair, served with Co. "C", 1st. Abn. Btl. Grp., 502nd. Inf., 101st Airborne Division, from January 1960 until August 1962. , Jump School January 1960 at Fort Campbell Kentucky. We jumped from CO-119's, CO-123's, and CO-130's. When I look back, I often wonder why I didn't make a career out of the Airborne.about forty years between pictures.
You  can E-mail George at: gbair1@kscable.com
George Bair
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Gerald P. Campbell aka Jerry, Enlisted Aug 1960, Fort Knox, second 8 weeks at Fort Benning, Ga. Washed out on PT test for Airborne School, Fort Campbell Dec 1960. Assigned to Germany 18th Inf Div.Jan 1961. Jan. 1962, graduated 8th Inf Div Abn School (Trolly Jumper). Assigned to Lee Barrack's. Hqs Co. Assigned to C Co. 1st Abn BG 505 Infantry. I was one of the best of the best rifle shots in Europe, I outshot many on the Airborne Rifle team, thus my invitation to the best rifle team in the world, and my acceptance to participate in Weisbaden Jump School. "Where there is a will there is a way".I joined the Army to be a Paratrooper and I became a Paratrooper! Most of my time spent on Rifle Range for the 505 Rifle team; M-1's, BAR's, M-14's,M-60's and 45's. MOS P112.17. The 505 was reorganized to 2 BN (Abn/M) 509th Infantry and I was assigned to Co C until my rotation back to the states June, 1963. Enlisted Active Reserves, OpDet 2B Co A 2nd SF Gp, 1st SF, 1965, Assigned Det A (8) Co D, 11th Special Forces Gp (ABN), MOS 11B4S, Lt Wpns Ldr.
You  can E-mail Jerry at: ctjester35@nltv.com
Jerry Campbell
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Kenneth Rector; served in D. Co. 327th A.B.G. from 1961 to 1964 101 Airborne Div. Served in Turkey in 1964.He jumped from C119-C123-C124-C130's and a few Helicopters.
"I Loved every minute of service would have stayed in longer except for incident in 1964 at Ft. Campbell. See worst jump stories below:"
I graduated from Ranger School in 1963 and made Sgt.E5 and was walking tall. On October 8, 1963 I was pushing a stick out of C119 At Ft.Campbell, Kentucky. I guess my luck ran out that day.
My chute did not open and as I tried to open my reserve it only got tangled in the main and blocked my view of the ground. It did not take long to get there. I broke my back and that was my last jump. Glad to be alive. Spent the next 3 months in the hospital. I never jumped again.

You  can E-mail Kenneth at: krector@hsnp.com
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George Arnold, Served with the 101ABN, 502 Inf. Mortar Btry. from 1961-64 at Fort. Campbell, Ky.
You  can E-mail George at: GeorgePhotoman@aol.com
George Arnold
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Bob Marshall , Served with the 1/502, first D Co. then HH Co. from '62 to '64.
You  can find out all about Bob, on his web site: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Quarters/6080/
Bob MarshallBM
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Charles T Massie , served with the 101st Airborne , 501st, C Company as a 106 RR gunner from 1962-1964. Then as a radio repairman in Hdq company, 501st Infantry in 1964 and 1965. Basic Training at Ft Knox, AIT at Ft Polk, Jump School at Ft Benning , and Field Radio Repair at Ft Gordon Entered Army Aug 1962 left active duty Aug 1965.
You  can E-mail Charles at: ctmassie2001@yahoo.com
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Jerry Bilodeau , Served with 82nd Airborne's, 2 Battalion 505 Infanty 's C Co.1963 to 1965
Jerry has moved no new info on him
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Gregorio "Greg" Rodriguez, Served with the 501 & 502 and served in Vietnam with the 101st. Greg was also with the 3/325 AIR in the 82nd.
Greg Rodriguez
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Bradley Jimerson, served with the B-2/501st Infantry (101st Airborne Division) in Vietnam Dec 67-Mar 68 Was a machine gunner in nam during Tet--not a good time to be there, nor a good MO to have if you wanted to make it through a whole tour! I only made it 3 mos and I'm still 100% disabled due to my injuries sustained in Nam--was hit in the head w/schrapnel--lost my left eye and have constant seizure activity and severe memory loss due to traumatic brain injury; but I do all right.
(middle picture receiving Purple Heart)
(Editor's note: Sounds like one hell'va Tough Trooper to me! 20 years between pictures.
Started not to put his picture on; he looks to DAMN GOOD!)
Find out all about Bradley, on his web site:  http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/jimerson/Gunner.htm
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Dave Sas, went to jump school at Ft. Benning in 1967. He was then assigned to Ft. Campbell and the 101st Abn. Div. MOS was Medic but became a recondo after going to the 101st Recondo school. Went over to Nam at the end of 1967 with Recon 1/506 Abn. Inf. 101st Abn. Was wounded six months later and then became the medic with the same recon unit. As well as Wings, he was awarded the CIB and the CMB. After the Army he had a real job for 20 years but changed professions and is now a river, mtn. bike and hiking guide in AZ. and N.M.
You  can E-mail Dave at: airborne101st@earthlink.net
Dave Sas
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Al Mount, went to jump school at Ft. Benning in 1967. He was then assigned to 82nd Airborne May -Sept. 67 then Sent to the 101st, along with 10,000 others from the 82nd to Ft. Campbell Oct. 67. Assigned to D Co. 2/501st PIR 2nd & 3rd Brigades of the 101st arrived in RVN Dec. 67
You  can E-mail Al at: butterflydog@earthlink.net
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Vince Ochoa, served with the following units. Jump School August - Sept 1972, 3rd Bn (ABN) 187th INF 101st ABN. Sep 72 to Nov 74. A Co ABN ( Moatengators) 3rd Bn 5th Inf, 193 INF BDE Panama Dec 75 to Jan 79. 2/504 PIR, 313 MI ABN CEWI, 4/325 AIR, with the 82nd ABN Division from Dec 85 to Jun 90. Military Advisor US MILGRP El Salvador Jan 91 to Feb 92. He made the Panama combat Jump with 4th Bn 325 Airborne Infantry Regiment on 20 Dec 1989.
The Gentleman on the left is Mr Perez, a two time distinguish service cross recipient; he earned his medals during WWII.
You  can E-mail Vience at: ROTC450371@aol.com
Vince Ochoa
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Denzil Connick, Served with the British Paratroopers in Northern Ireland (the "THEN" picture was taken in 1978 in Ireland) and in the Falkland Campaign. We regret to say Denzil was wounded in action, by shell fire on 13th June 1982, (a day before the surrender) and lost a leg.
The Indvidual on the Right in the "NOW" picture is Lt Col Malcolm Jowitt the Doctor who saved his life.
Denzil, is presently Sec. SAMA 82 (South Atlantic Medal Association (1982)
You  can find out all about the Falkland Campaign, on this web site: www.sama82.org.uk/
Denzil Connick
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Stephen McConnell served with the British army as a member of the Parachute Regiment from 1975 until 1999. The first picture was taken in Osnabruck West Germany in 1977 at the age of 17. The second picture (Black & white) was taken aboard the SS Canberra on route to the Falkland Islands during the campaign of 1982 with Argentina, he was then 21. The final picture was taken after his retirement in June 1999 at the ripe old age of 40.
You  can E-mail Steven at: smcconn1@tampabay.rr.com
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Alan Cheney went to Jump School in 1981. Served with the 82d airborne division from 1981 tell 1984. Went to the Sinai in 1982 the 1 first Batt. to go there. He went to panama in 1985. He went to jungle school in Panama and Recondo school. He went on the invasion of Grenada. He went to jump master school in Panama in 1985 . Alan has a Senior Parachutist Badge , E.I.B., and C.I.B. .
You  can E-mail Alan at: alancheney@yahoo.com
Alan Cheney
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