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Gerald Wilson , Served from 1950 to 1971. He served with the 187th in Korea , with the 11th ABN 11th Medical Battalion, Clearing co. at Campbell and in Germany. He also served in Vietnam as a field Medic.
You can E-mail Gerald at :
Gerald Wilson
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Zane G. Dick , Served from 1950 to 1955 was a Corporal in the 11th Airborne Division, was attached to the 511 Signal Company and was in the 76th Tank Battalion.
The Army picture was from 1953 and his now picture was taken in 1992.
You can E-mail Zane at :
Zane Dick then and now
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Richard Neybert,  joined "L Co." of the 187th ARCT,  Oct 1950-Dec 1951 . Made combat jump at Munsan-ni. Richard is a member of the 187th Abn. Regt. Combat Team Association
You can E-mail Richard at :    E-mail  His wifes name is Edith.
Richard and Edith
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Robert Busson, , served from 21 June 1950 until 21 June 1953. Completed Jump School in November of 1950, Thanksgiving week. I was assigned to Hq Co., 2nd Bn, 325 Airborne Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. July of 1951 was on exercise Southern Pines where the 325 served as aggressor troops during the maneuver. We were on two more maneuvers after that, exercise Longhorn at Fort Hood in Texas and exercise Snowstorm at then Camp Drum in New York.
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Anthony W. (Tony) Stavish, , Member of Headquarter Company, 2nd Battalion, 187 Airborne Infantry. Served July 1950 to May 1951. Made combat jumps with 187th, discharged May 1952 from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 503rd Airborne Infantry, 11th Airborne Division, Fort Campbell Kentucky.
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David Wilson , Did Basic and leadership school 101st. 1951 -- Jump school Ft. Benning 1951 -- Then served as a cadre in the Airborne School at Ft. Benning from 1951 - 1953. Jumped C46, C47, C119 -- 47 years between pictures.
You can E-mail David at :
David Wilson thenDavid Wilson now
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John Henry Carr , entered the service on July 6, 1951, Finished jump school Ft Benning, on March 5, 1952. He served with Co. E 503rd until He was discharged July 7, 1954.
He re-entered the service and was assigned E Co. 307th Engineers at 82nd ABN Ft. Bragg, NC in February 1956 until April 1957 . He left the service again in Aug. 1969, re-entered in 1970, and retired in 1974 with twenty years services.
You can find out all about John on his web site:
John Carr 1952John Carr 1996
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Larry W. Bettenhausen , entered the service on November 7, 1951, Jump School at Ft. Benning, Georgia, Class # 42, graduation May 23, 1952. Shipped out to Far East , joined up with the 187th ABN RCT on Koje Do Island. Served with Easy company , then HQ CO., 2nd Bn. Earned my required "40 points" and rotated back to the states in March of 1954
PS: I am one of five brothers that served as paratroopers from 1943 through 1963. The names are Howard E., Warren J., myself, Oliver W., and Edgar G. in that order. Perhaps one of you served with one of my brothers? If so, let me know, I can help you locate them.
You can find out all about Larry on his web site:
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Clyde Storie , entered the service in Jan, 1951, He served with the 18th special Forces and 307 Airborne Engineers. He was reassigned to the scout section of recon company. After that he was assigned to the 82nd aviation section. In 1954, he was sent on a special assignment to the East Coast of Florida at Patrick Air Force Base. He was discharged Feb 12, 1955.    The picture on left is Clyde and his son "Terry"
Paratroopers of the 50's is sad to report Clyde passed away on Dec. 1, 2001
Clyde Storie
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William Brushwood, Strong Btry, 89th AFA Bn., 11th Abn Div , young PFC in 1951. C Co, 188th AIR, 11th Abn Div in Germany, SSG Brushwood center picture ready to Jumpmaster plane load in 1956. Retired SGM Brushwood in 1998 after 30 years of Airborne service. 47 years between first and last photo. Served with 508th ARCT, Pathfinder Plt, 11th Abn Div, USAAMU, 1st ABG, 187th Inf, 5th Special Forces Gp, and 46th Special Forces Co also. Instructed in The Airborne School at Ft Campbell, Ky July '54 to Oct '55.
You can E-mail Bill at :
Bill Brushwood
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Rick Scott, Took basic training 82nd Jan. 1951, Jump school at Ft.Benning May 1951, assigned to Svc.Co. 508th ARCT June, 1951 - Jan, 1953.
You can E-mail Rick at :
Rick Scott
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Johnson Boney , served with the  504 Airborne Infantry Regiment, from 1953 to 1956 .
You  can find out all about Jack on his web site:
Johnson Boney
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Gil Leal , Served with 11th Abn. Div. Ft. Campbell, 1953-1955. 2nd Armored Div. Mainz Germany 1955 - 1957. Went to Jump School at Benning got hurt and finished Jump School at Ft Campbell.  ( He went to JS 3 times before finishing!)
You can find out all about Gil on his web site:
Gil thenGil now
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Howard J Kopel, 82nd Airborne , Co M 325th AIR (1953); 325th Regimental Honor Guard (1954-1955). Howard, went to Jump school at Ft Benning Jan 1954, 4 jumps with the T-7 and one with the T-10.
You  can find out all about Howard, on his web site:
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William Kelleher, served from 1953 - 1956. with Company C 76th Tkn Btn, 82nd MP Company and the 187 ARCT MP Platoon. 42 years between pictures. You can E-mail Bill at :
Bill Kelleher
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Charles E. Beck, served from 1953 - 1956. Charlie, did his basic at Ft. Campbell and Jump school:Class 15 H&S Co Ft Benning Ga. All jumps were made from C46 or C47 with T-7 Chutes (Charlie said: "Yes I REMEMBER Phoenix City"). His Permanent Station was:Ft Bragg NC 80th Abn AAA Bn H&S, Btry C Btry D, Special duty.    You can E-mail Charlie at
Charles Beck
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Mel Strong. Echelberger, served from 1953 - 1956. Mel, did his basic at Ft. Campbell, 11th ABN, CO. 188th . Assigned to Med CO. 188 after Basic then of Ft. Benning Jump School March, '54, Class 25 . Back to Ft. Campbell until 508th ARCT came up to Ft. Campbell. He transferred to Medical CO 508th, About Feb or March of '55. In July they did "Operation Gyroscope" with the 187th "Rakasans" ARCT to Camp Chickamauga, Beppu, Japan on the Island of Kyushu. He was discharge, June 26th, '56.
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Ned J. Foster - Basic Training, Company F 188 A.I.R., 11th Airborne, at Fort Campbell, KY, July 1953. Jump School - Fort Benning, GA, January 1954. 11th Airborne M.P. Company 1954-55. Jump School Instructor, Fort Bragg, NC., 1955-56. The "before" picture was made as an instructor in jump school, Ft. Bragg, NC, June 1956. Discharged July 1956. "After" picture is wife Anita, Ned, and grandson Clay taken June 2002.
No more jumping, but a lot of fishing and yardkeeping.
You can E-mail Ned at:
Ned Foster
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Harry Paris, served with Co "Strong" 503rd AIR 11th ABN Div at FT. Campbell from August,1953 thru deactivation of the 11th in Warner Kasern in Munich, Germany. Nov., 1954 thru Feb.,1955 was with the Adv. Detachment 503 AIR at Fort Greeley, Alaska also know as Big Delta back then. Was in Munich, Germany from Jan., 1956 thru Oct.,1958. Rotated back to Ft. Campbell to the Hvy. Mortar Battery 327 Inf 101 ABN Div. Also served with the 5th Trans BN 9th Log. Comd and Hq Detach 9th Log. Comd on Okinawa in 1961 & 62.
You can E-mail Harry at
Harry Paris
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Robert P Johnson, served with The following Units - 1953 Basic Training Ft Leonard Wood MO - Infantry OCS, Ft Benning GA 1954 - Basic Airborne - 11th Abn Div 1955 - Jumpmaster - 11th Abn Div 1955 - 1956 - Co F, 508th ARCT, Japan 1960 - Ranger School, USA Inf School, Ft Benning 1960-62 - 1st ABG, 504th Inf, Mainz, Germany 1962-64 - 10th Spectial Forces Group, Bad Tolz, Germany 1964-65 - CO Hq & Main Spt Co, 101st Abn Div, Ft Campell 1965-66 - S3 Spr Bn, 1st BDE, 101st Abn Div, Vietnam 1966-67 - Infantry Officers Adv Course, Ft Benning 1967-70 - PMS&T University of Illinois, Chicago 1970-71 - MACV, Deputy Regional Cbt Adv Tm CO,53 ARVN Regt 1971-72 - US Army CGSC, Ft Leavenworth, KS 1973-77 - Author, Instr, & Tm Ldr USA CGSC - Retd as LTC Present - Retired and enjoying it.
Awards & Decorations, Master Parachutist Badge, CIB, ARCOM w/OLC, BSM w/OLC, AM, MSM, Vietnam Cross of Galantry w/silver star, Vietnam Honor Medal, 1st Class
You can E-mail Bob at
Bob Johnson
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Robert Wright, Returned from Korea in late 1953. Spent all of 1954 in the 82nd Airborne, 307th Airborne Engineers. 55 abd 56 in the 508th ARCT, 598th Airborne Engineer Co. (Beppu, Kyushu, Japan) and 56 to 61 in the 101st Airborne Division, 326th Airborne Engineer Bn. Ft. Campbell, Ky. -- Picture 1, 1955. Age 19, -- 508th ARCT, Picture 2, 1995. Age 60, -- Retired from Law Enforcement, Nashville, Tennessee.
You can E-mail Bob at
Bob wright
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James (Jimmy) Lefante, served with the 82 airborne from 1953 to 1954 .Then was shipped over seas to 187th.ARCT in Japan at Camp Chickamauga from 1954 to 1955, was part of "Operation Gyroscope" return to Fort campbell ky. " I was seventeen when I arrived in Japan, The second best time of my life. I'm now 69 years and been married to my wife Paula for 47 years."
You can E-mail Jim at
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Charles (Chuck) M. Lindlau, served with the 11th airborne and 82 airborne from 1953 to 1956. Then with the CT army national guard 1980-1995. "I was an Instructor on the Pistol team and participated in the All Army Championships -- We won quite a few times"
You can E-mail Charles at
Charles Lindlau
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