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J. D. Malott (1938-1968), JD fought with the 899th TD Battalion in the N. Africa Campaign, Italy, Normandy, and into Germany, Joined the 11th Airborne in 1948 went to Korea with 187th and made both Combat Jumps. Helped reactivate the 101st at Ft. Campbell. He also served with the 173rd in Vietnam.
Editors note: "WOW !!!! "
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Col. Cornell Pope, (1941-1971), He served in three wars, wounded twice in WWII and once in Korea.
He has Over 300 Military Airborne Jumps, 1 Combat Jump (Operation Varsity, which was the largest airborne combat jump in airborne history). On jump status for more than 20 years. He has been a private, corporal, engineer, platoon leader, company commander, gliderist, , master parachutist, jumpmaster, battalion executive officer, battalion commander, project engineer officer, post engineer, intelligence staff officer, assistant division engineer, advisory engineer, project officer, corps assistant transportation officer, war planner (top secret), transportation staff officer, and base commander.
He has served with:
17th Airborne Division, 139th Combat Airborne Engineer Battalion
(Battle of the Bulge, Rhine Campaign, Operation Varsity)
13th Airborne Division, 129th Combat Engineer Battalion, Fort Bragg.
82nd Airborne Division, 307th Combat Airborne Engineer Battalion, Fort Bragg.
11th Airborne Division, 127th Combat Airborne Engineer Battalion, Fort Campbell
187th Combat Engineer Battalion, Korea,
KMAG (Korea Military Advisory Group), Korea
18th Airborne Corps, Board 5 (later known as the Airborne and Electronics Board and is currently known as Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate), Fort Bragg.
18th Airborne Corps, Assistant Transportation Officer, Fort Bragg.
Joint Plans Development Group, Air Movement, Fort Bragg.
General Staff, J4, US European Command, Paris, France
Defense Logistics Service Center, Battle Creek, Michigan
Commander, Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam (Army Command), during the Tet Offensive Defense Logistics Service Center, Battle Creek, Michigan
Editors note: "Another WOW !!!! "
You can E-mail Col. Pope at :
Col. Pope
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M/Sgt Christopher Keen (aka The Moose), joined the Army in 1942; He fought in the Battle of the Bulge, with the 101st. He also served in Korea. During the 50's he served with the 11th Airborne Div with the 11th medical battalion and was the 1st SGT in both Clearing and Ambulance Co. He also served in Vietnam. He retired in 1967 (25years).
Sad news Sgt Keen Passed away in June 26, 2005
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Howard Huebner, served (1943-1946), with the 507th Parachute Infantry.
Howard Jumped on "D" day with the 82nd Airborne div.... After Normandy the 507th was placed in the 17th Airborne Div.. After the War ended in Germany Howard was placed in the 505th Para Inf... with the 82nd and sent to Berlin on Occupation duty.
He has one Combat Jump, 4 battle stars , and was awarded the Bronze Star -- 56 years between pictures.
You can E-mail Howard at :
Howard Huebner
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Willie Mack Cournty (1943-1965), Willie serve 1943 - 1946 in the US Navy as a Parachute Rigger 3/c, 1947 - 1948 served in the 82nd Abn as a Parachute Rigger , 1948 to 1953 Air Force Para rescueman.
1953 to 1965 all 3 Airborne divisions 11th , 82nd and 101st as a Parachute Rigger.
You can E-mail Willie Cournty at :
courtneycomb.jpg 449x146
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James Simms, (1944-1946), 101st ABN Div.., Anti-tank Platoon, Hq. Co. 1st Bat. 506th Parachute Infantry.
James fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was severely wounded in the Battle for Bastogne.
Paratrooper  picture taken 1944 - 55 years between pictures.
(Editor's note: James, wrote a book "A Soldier's Armageddon" which can be purchased from Barnes & Noble and .   I have a copy of his book and it makes you feel like you are in the trenches with them.

Sad news James Passed away in July 3, 2004
James Simms
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Roy T. Maloney, (1944-1946), 11th ABN Div.., 188th P.I.R, 2nd Btn., Co. I.  ** Roy  was  First man to jump class 1, Yamoto, Japan.
Have been told tallest  (6'6")  paratrooper,    He Bent over for exam .  Paratrooper  picture taken 1946.
(Editor's note: Roy, I don't see how you ever got out the door of a C 46/47)
Roy is the creator of the outstanding web site:
Roy Malony
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John W Donaldson , Served with The British Parachute Regiment from 1944 to 1947. John also served in Palestine. John, Finally wound up a Captain and Instructor at the 6th Airborne Division Training School. He was an "expert" in Crating and Lashing which is English Lingo for loading airplanes and dropping heavy equipment by parachute mainly Jeeps and 75mm Gun Howitzers. **  54 years between pictures. You can find out all about John on his web site:
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Leo F. Kocher, had six weeks of Jump-school training at Ft. Benning, GA during the Summer of 1946. He also qualified in Glider training. Served with the 511th PIR in Camp Haugen, Japan until 1949. He was recalled to active duty in Sept. 1950 and was assigned to company C in the 187th RCT in Korea. He was wounded following the Mansun-ni jump.
In 1994 he became the Taps editor for the 11th Airborne Association and in 1995 he took over as the Sec/Tres for the 511th PIR Association. Currently he holds both positions and is the Webmaster for his family Web site and for his 11th Airborne friends.    52 years between pictures.
You can find out all about Leo on his web site:

Leo Kocher
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R.A. Lucas , Served with 11th Airborne's, 511th Abn Signal Co, from November 1946 to 53. Qualified in Parachutes (Senior) and Gliders. Over 100 jumps from C-46, C-47, C-82 and C-119.  **  49 years between pictures.
You can find out all about Rudy on his web site:
Rudy Lucas and Grand daughter

Sad news Rudy Passed away  RuddyLucas  on Jan. 30, 2004
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Jim. Gahring , Served 1946 to 48 22nd Inf., Fort Ord, Ca., served 18 months on Guam, Okinawa, Sypan and Iwo-Jima. 1949 to 53 active reserve, Arizona, 1955 to 58 11th Abn. Med. Bn. clearing company. June 1956, Jump Master school, Augesburg, Germany.
You can E-mail Jim at :
or contact him at
-- 3333 Land Harbor, Newland, N. C., 28657 -- Phone (828-733-0683)
Jim Gahring
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John McGregor , Served with 11th Abn. 511 Signal Co. from August 1947 to September 1949. He Served with the company through Japan, China, back to Japan and then back to the US, ** Qualified in both Parachutes and Gliders.
You can E-mail John at : **  47 years between pictures
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Brian M. Riordan , served with the British Regular Army as a Parachute Jump Instructor and Permanent Staff Instructor with the 11th (TA) Bn Parachute Regiment and was a Platoon Sergeant with 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment. He served from 1948 - 1953 and again from 1963-1965. As you can see from the 1948 picture, the British did not start using reserves until 1955! The chute the british used before they went to a reserve was an X-Type 28ft diameter. when they went to dual chutes it was a PX-TYpe 32ft diameter.
The center picture was taken in 1963. Brian has parachuted from static balloons, Lancasters -C47's - C119's and Hastings. *** 50 years between pictures
You can find out all about Brian on his web site:
Brian Riordan
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William L Koch,    William,  served 1947 - 1952,  served with the 11th ABN Div 188th E Co. 2nd platoon, Sendi Japan,  Went to Camp Schim, for Jumpschool and air transportability school.   In 1949 sent to Ft. Campbell Ky. to establish a new Airborne base in 1950 he was ordered back to Japan then to Korea to join the 187th ABN Reg. In 1952 he was sent to the 325th ABN Reg. at Ft. Bragg for discharge 9-24-52.
You can E-mail William at :
Bill Koch
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Robert B. Watz,    Bob,  served 1947 - 1951,  served with the 11th ABN Div 127th Eng Batt., Sendai Japan,  Went to Yamoto, for Jumpschool in 1948. Served with the 187th A co. 127th Abn. Engr.   Bob, made both combat jumps, WIA on 11-18-50 returned to duty 12-28-50. Was discharged in 1951. Bob is pictured with his wife Joan.
You can E-mail Bob at :
Bob Watz
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Abner Byron Courtney,    Abner,  served 1947-1967. He served with the 11th Abn from 1950-1958.

You can E-mail Courtney's son at :

Abner Courtney
Sad news Abner passed away on July 1, 2006
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Walter Rease,    Walt,  served 1948 - 1951,  served with the Hqtrs. Co. 2nd BN. 187th ARCT made both Korean Combat Jumps. Was wounded in action after the Munsan-Ni jump and discharged May, 1951.
You can E-mail Walt at :
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William Waters Jr.   Bill, served with the 82nd from 1948 to 1950 and as a jump school instructor at Ft. Benning from 1950 to 1953.
You can E-mail Bill at :
Bill then Bill now
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Don Watson.   Don, served 1948 to 1968 his 1st 5 years took him to Germany w/1st Inf Div.1949 to 1952; then 2nd Inf Div Korea 1952-1953, After 5 years as a straight leg, he went Airborne 1954 (Jump School) then 1/325 82nd from 1954 to 1959; then XVIII Abn Corps G-3 1959 to 1961; then Special Warfare Center G-3 Air 1961 to 1963; then 10th SFG Germany from 1963 to 1966; then 6th SFG Fort Bragg from 1966 to 1968. Retired 1 Dec 1968.
You can E-mail Don at :
Don Watson
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Hoover Curtis King - nickname "SKY".   Hoover, served in the US Navy during WWII, then entered the army 1948. He went to jump school and glider training Ft. Benning. Served in Hq Co. 3rd Bat, 504 82nd Abn., also served in service co. 508th at Campbell and went to Japan with them, back to Campbell with the 801st Maintenance Co.& 502nd. In 1958 went to Ranger traning class #10, went to Vietnam in 1966 and retired 1971
You can E-mail "SKY" at :
Hoover Curtis King
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Gerald Krueger , enlisted in the regular Army at the age of 17 in August ,1948. Took basic training at Fort Lawton Wa. and was stationed there as part of the transportation core 5th Army. Transferred to jump school in Aug 1949, Graduated jump School in Sept 1949 and transferred to 11th AB Fort Campbell Ky. 127th engineering Battalion. Sent to Korea in Sept. 1950 as part of the 187th ARCT. Served 11 months 14 days in Korea and made both combat jumps, Oct 1950 at Suckchon and March 1951 at Musan-ni. Was rotated back to the states in July 1951 and separated from the service in August 1951.
The Picture of Jerry and wife was taken about 52 years after the picture taken at jump school in 1949.
You can E-mail Jerry at :
Jerry Krueger
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John David Correll , enlisted in the 82nd Airborne at the age of 17 in 1948 and served until 1952, he graduated jump School at Ft Benning. He wrote an Outstanding poem about Jumpschool which we have on our poem page .
You can E-mail John at :
John Corell
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Dewey Fambry 1SGT, Entered the Army in Oct 1949 took basic at Ft Knox Ky. and then to Ft Bragg and on to Jump training at Ft Benning Ga. assigned to the 319th Abn Fa Bn untill Feb 1953 when I was discharged. I reenlisted in July 53 and was assigned to Austria, Germany, and Vietnam retired in 1970 with 20 years service. Boomerangs 66-67 Vietnam --- Blackknights 67-68 Vietnam
You can E-mail Dewey at :
Dewey comb
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