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Says, "Thanks To Bob Murray
We Can Go To Jump School In 1957."

Bob, Sent The Following Pictures Of Jump School
Taken At Fort Campbell, Ky In 1957
Robert (Bob) Murray , as you can see,  was a "RAKKASANS"
He Served With Mortar Battery 2 Abn. Battle Gp, 187 Inf. 101 Abn Div
Ft.  Campbell  Ky 6/57 to 12/58
A sad note: Bob passed away April 1, 1998.

The Old "BALL" Buster

"Suspended Agony" the most aptly named apparatus in jump school. With risers attached to a pivoting ring in the ceiling and two straps from around the buttocks between the legs and connecting to "D" rings at the chest the two testes had no place to go! The more one weighed the more the torment. To practice the art of slipping (maneuvering the ‘chute) they spent countless hours pulling first the front, side or rear risers. No push-ups here, hell you did not need them. After a few hours in these harnesses the "Family Jewels" are really sore. So sore in fact that walking ain't easy."
Taken from "Stories of a 1950's Paratrooper , by Jack Boney " see link page for his Site

        Ready?      ("NOT")                  Hope I didn't put the harness
                                                             over my left "NUT"
Learning To Exit  An Aircraft In Flight.
Well Looks Like They Got Rid Of The "Old Piper Cub" See Below
 Learning How To Get Up In A Strong Wind
(Note Plane Is Sitting On Props).

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