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Record 4367
Monday 07/01/2002 10:16:58pm
Name:   Craig W. Jordan

Location:    Atlanta, Georgia

Units/Dates +Comments:    A 2/508 1984-85
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Record 4366
Monday 07/01/2002 7:28:09pm

Location:    Westerly, RI

Units/Dates +Comments:    Service dates: 9/47 thru 9/51 Jump school: 11th Abn Div Yamoto,Japan CO C 127 Abn Engr Bn 11th Abn Div Camp Shimmelpfennig Sendai Japan
CO A 127 Abn Engr 11th Abn Div FT Campbell, KY
Made both combat jumps with ENGR CO 2nd platoon 2nd Bn 187 ARCT 10/20/50 Sunchon, North Korea --- 3/23/51 Munsan-ni, South Korea. LT Paul Geier was platoon leader both jumps.
Returned to FT Campbell July '51 127 Abn Engr 11th Abn Div Honorably discharged 9/51 Sgt E5
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Record 4365
Sunday 06/30/2002 11:03:59pm
Name:   Clifford Williams

Location:    California

Units/Dates +Comments:    Co A,2/504 P.I.R. Ft.Bragg,N.C. 1985-1988
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Record 4364
Sunday 06/30/2002 5:09:24pm
Name:   Bob Bonner

Location:    Boston Ma

Units/Dates +Comments:    187 B/G B Co. 1st Platoon. Rcvd. Wings in Dec. 1957. Jumped Excercise Eagle Wing. Lt. middle Weight Boxing Champ 101st 1958. Looking to hear from any one that I sered with.What ever happend to Msgt. Roper?
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Record 4363
Sunday 06/30/2002 4:58:34pm
Name:   ALVAREZ, Gabriel

Location:    Los Angeles, CA

Units/Dates +Comments:    "B" Co, 1/504 PIR, 82 ABN (1965-68)Would love to hear from anyone who served with me, or relatives of men who were in this unit during these dates. My brother David also served in 1/8th Cav, 1st Cav Div (VN) AUG 65-66, then with the 307 MED Bn, 82 ABN 1966-68.
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Record 4362
Sunday 06/30/2002 6:48:18am
Name:   James E Cockell

Location:    Australia

Units/Dates +Comments:    REME 1954 16th Independent Workshops Aldershot 1954-55. Attached 1st battallion Parachute Regt. 1955-56. Cyprus
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Record 4361
Saturday 06/29/2002 1:05:04am
Name:   Larry Lancaster

Location:    Mount Shasta, California

Units/Dates +Comments:    1953-1956 11th Airborne 188th & 511th Germany 1956 - Broken leg Nov 1956 Letterman Army Hospital Nov 56 to Feb 57 Transferred to 101st - 327th 1957-1958 Assistant Operations Sgt. 327th ABG
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Record 4360
Friday 06/28/2002 10:02:50pm
Name:    Rodney Franklin Goodman -- No E-mail address given

Location:    Rosepine, Louisiana

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd abn. 1956-58 -- Great site
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Record 4359
Friday 06/28/2002 3:06:27pm
Name:   Kristie Bauer


Units/Dates +Comments:    SETAF INF BDE 1994-1997 == 37th Engr BN 1997-1998 == 1088th CBT Engr Bn 1998-2001
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Record 4358
Thursday 06/27/2002 5:49:56pm
Name:   Robert (BOB) L Reed

Location:    Santa Ana,Ca. 92706

Units/Dates +Comments:    Replacement headquarters section prior to move to Sapporo in 1946?
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Record 4357
Thursday 06/27/2002 9:02:02am
Name:   Oscar Hall

Location:    kokomo, Indiana

Units/Dates +Comments:    11 th, 504 th, 101 st, 82 nd 1945 to 1966. phillipines, korea, Germany, Lebanon
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Record 4356
Wednesday 06/26/2002 12:43:57am
Name:   K. Bryan Evans

Location:    Adairsville Ga.

Units/Dates +Comments:    1stBN 507th PIR. 1984-1987, 101st ABN, C Company 187th ABN
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Record 4355
Wednesday 06/26/2002 8:35:24am
Name:   Beatrix R Jackson Owens

Location:    New Jersey

Units/Dates +Comments:    Hi -Love this site.
My father was with 82nd Then he went to 173rd. The skysolider.
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Record 4354
Wednesday 06/26/2002 4:52:27am
Name:   Christof Hasse

Homepage URL:    http://www.militaryparachuting.de

Location:    Germany

Units/Dates +Comments:    civ. skydiver, member of EMPA (European Military Parachute Association) , collector of US military parachute / airborne equipment. Airborne all the way!
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Record 4353
Wednesday 06/26/2002 2:26:50am

Location:    naples, florida

Units/Dates +Comments:    Leaving area 101 soon. it has been an honor serving the country and a blessing being a small part of of this legendary military unit 5 59-61 GOD BLESS AMERICA
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Record 4352
Tuesday 06/25/2002 11:45:31pm
Name:    Bailey Bruce Mccune 111

Location:    3501 e 42nd ave.#210 Anchorage Alaska

Units/Dates +Comments:    1983and 1984 Bco 3erd Bn. 325th airborne 82nd Airborne Div. Looking for my son Bailey Bruce Mccune 1V
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Record 4351
Tuesday 06/25/2002 7:17:28pm
Name:    Jack Picciolo

Location:    Illinois

Units/Dates +Comments:    Looking to locate Pfc Agapito (Pete) Rodriquez RA 16874627. Was at Bragg in '67. Co. B 2nd Plt 2/505th (ABN) Inf. Originally from Edgewood, TX but living in Chicago prior to enlisting.
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Record 4350
Tuesday 06/25/2002 3:44:13pm
Name:    Stan Lewis

Location:    Missouri

Units/Dates +Comments:    Looking for any information on John F. Eddy who was killed in Korea in April 1951 was an Airborne Ranger.
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Record 4349
Tuesday 06/25/2002 11:04:28am
Name:    PantherDaughter

Location:    Guam USA

Units/Dates +Comments:    A Company 2/505th PIR Vietnam from 68-69 1st plt. sgt. Name (then) SSG JUAN BLAZ:
Anyone who served with the same unit/company and remembers this great man, who I call "dad" please email me at the above address!
a proud "Distinguished Serv.Cross" daughter, Darlene
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Record 4348
Sunday 06/23/2002 11:17:39pm
Name:    dennis hughes

Location:    florida

Units/Dates +Comments:    1st bde.101st.abn.2nd.502 bravo co. viet nam 66-69 grunt
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Record 4347
Sunday 06/23/2002 7:43:54pm
Name:    La Caze, Stephen C.

Location:    Tullahoma, Tn

Units/Dates +Comments:    Co. A 511 PIR, 1948-1950 -Japan & Ft. Campbell, KY. >> Co. B 511 AIR, Co. B 188 AIR, Hq Co.2nd Bn,503 AIR and Co G 503 AIR, Ft. Campbell - 1950-1952.
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Record 4346
Sunday 06/23/2002 11:56:42am
Name:    Arthur Clarence Howell

Location:    St. Cloud, Florida

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd Airborn 505 Parachute Regiment, stationed in England, France, Belgium, and Germany between 1943 and 1950. I would like to locate some of my old Para-buddy's.
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Record 4345
Sunday 06/23/2002 3:46:34am

Homepage URL:    http://tech176.tripod.com

Location:    columbus,ohio

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Record 4344
Saturday 06/22/2002 6:21:13pm


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Record 4343
Saturday 06/22/2002 5:01:00pm
Name:    Dominic M. Persicketti

Location:    New Jersey

Units/Dates +Comments:    Ft. Benning Jump School summer 1944 HQ CO 505 '44-'46 Holland, Bulge, France, Belgium, Berlin. Jeep driver and light machine gunner. Trying to replace lost certificates, medals, ribbons, insignia, classbooks. Would love to hear from anyone in my units.
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Record 4342
Friday 06/21/2002 6:23:52pm


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Record 4341
Friday 06/21/2002 11:15:16am
Name:    Virginia Miller


Units/Dates +Comments:    Looking for info and guys from Jump School Ft. Benning 1944 and in the 505th, esp HQ CO 1944-46
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Record 4340
Thursday 06/20/2002 6:39:25pm

Location:    AUBURN AL

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Record 4339
Wednesday 06/19/2002 7:42:58pm
Name:    HOYT T.WINKLES -- E-Mail: N/A

Location:    MARIETTA,GA

Units/Dates +Comments:   199 LT. INF.BDGE.- VIETNAM 67-68 -- 25 INF. DIV. VIETNAM 69-70 -- SF 5TH GP. VIETNAM 71-71
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Record 4338
Wednesday 06/19/2002 4:47:27pm
Name:    Pederson, Leo

Location:    Germany

Units/Dates +Comments:    82d MP Co 98-02, I'm in the land of legs and I want to go home to Bragg
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Record 4337
Wednesday 06/19/2002 4:06:46pm
Name:    Dave Graf


Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd Airborne Division 2nd 321st FA Ft. Bragg, North Carolina -- Stationed there between March-1975, May-1978
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Record 4336
Tuesday 06/18/2002 10:25:39pm
Name:    Thomas M. Hampton

Location:    Charlotte, N.C.

Units/Dates +Comments:    C/1st/501st , 2nd Plt Ldr. dec 68-feb69 wounded feb 8-69 near Hue retired 1971. Then attended medical school, Now I am a physician in Charlotte, NC. I would love to hear from any of the men from that unit. Best wishes to everyone. Tom
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Record 4335
Tuesday 06/18/2002 2:52:50pm
Name:    Robert Turner

Location:    Jacksonville Beach, FL

Units/Dates +Comments:    E company 2nd ABG 501st infantry Oct. 1955- Oct. 1958
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Record 4334
Tuesday 06/18/2002 12:25:14am
Name:    Bill Feasenmyer

Location:    Glen Allen,VA

Units/Dates +Comments:    I've been on here before, but had to let you know that the pictures thing is great.
As soon as I get back from the Campbell Rigger reunion I'll get some pix off. Havent spotted anyone I know yet though.
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Record 4332
Tuesday 06/18/2002 8:50:24am
Name:    John Spranza

Location:    Dawsonville, Ga.

Units/Dates +Comments:    D/187th,11th Air Assault Div.1965,C/1/12th Cav(abn)65-66,XVIII Abn. Corps, 1967. Reserves till 1970.
Good website, -- AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY.
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Record 4331
Tuesday 06/18/2002 0:33:46am
Name:    Jorge A. Abreu Exia

Location:    Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Units/Dates +Comments:    1983-1984 A CO 1st 504 PIR 82nd ABN DIV 1985-1986 A Co SPWAR -- 1992-1993 HHC DISCOM 82nd ABN DIV
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Record 4330
Monday 06/17/2002 8:48:18pm
Name:    walter pete peterson

Homepage Title:    memories of 187th abn 1952/1954

Location:    folkston,ga

Units/Dates +Comments:    looking for guys that were in 2nd. platoon Fox Co.187th abn.1952/1953 I have found most of the guys that were in 2nd.plt at this time we are going to have a reunion for 2nd plt in september looking for Duane E Armitage,James K Adams,Tony Micelli. == phone:912-496-4424
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Record 4329
Monday 06/17/2002 6:32:11pm
Name:    Noe A. Garcia

Location:    San Juan Texas

Units/Dates +Comments:    I went thru jump school at FT. Benning Ga. in July of 1963. It was tough to say the lease. I was determine to be AIRBORNE. -- My UNIT WAS AIRBORNE TROOP THIRD RECONN SQUADRON EIGTHCAVALRY EIGTH INFANTRY DIVISION-GERMANY-1966-63-Coleman Barracks ''AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY''
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Record 4328
Monday 06/17/2002 6:30:54pm
Name:    rparks@coxnc.rr.com


Units/Dates +Comments:    "A" Troop, 3/8th Cav Coleman Barracks, Mannheim, Germany Nov.1966-April,1968
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Record 4326
Sunday 06/16/2002 11:56:40pm
Name:    PFC Brad A. Dake

Location:    vicenza, italy

Units/Dates +Comments:    173d Airborne Brigade (173d CSC) "Combat Engineer"
All the way
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Record 4325
Sunday 06/16/2002 10:43:50pm


Units/Dates +Comments:    11th AB 187th F Co. March 1943 to Dec. 1946
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Record 4324
Sunday 06/16/2002 9:07:59pm
Name:    Donald Reardon

Location:    ma.

Units/Dates +Comments:    173d 1965-1966 medic
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Record 4323
Sunday 06/16/2002 8:43:14pm
Name:    Robert Schmaltz

Location:    Lake Woth FL.

Units/Dates +Comments:    D co. 188th Reg 11 Ab. 1951-MAr. "52 Spt. co 187 RCT "52 Dec. "53
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Record 4322
Sunday 06/16/2002 4:30:33pm
Name:    James C Sparrow

Location:    Forest City, North Carolina

Units/Dates +Comments:    Serve in 82nd from 1969 til 1971 in the HHC Co. 1st batallion of the 325th infantry as a medic. Any buddies out there? Please note the e-mail address change. Still remember those days with a lot of pride. Airborne All The Way!!
John Christopher Levy contact me buddy!! Been looking for you!
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Record 4321
Sunday 06/16/2002 11:57:27am
Name:    David Jacks


Units/Dates +Comments:    looking for the 1st bn 508th reunion
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Record 4320
Sunday 06/16/2002 10:48:49am
Name:    Eddy Cich

Homepage Title:    crazy eddy's airborne site

Location:    Belgium

Units/Dates +Comments:    great site !!! -- Airborne all the way !! Eddy
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Record 4319
Thursday 06/13/2002 9:16:27pm
Name:    SGT EJ Cahill


Units/Dates +Comments:    You old paratroopers set the traditions and ways for this generation, We all appreciate, respect, and love you all, you are our brothers of the past. AIRBORNE!!!!!
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Record 4318
Wednesday 06/12/2002 9:58:16pm
Name:    James Rivers Adams


Units/Dates +Comments:    C-504 Mainz 60-62
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Record 4317
Wednesday 06/12/2002 9:26:00pm
Name:   Mark Landreth

Location:    Florida

Units/Dates +Comments:    Looking for anyone who served in the 517th PIR with my Dad, Roy Landreth.
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Record 4316
Wednesday 06/12/2002 4:47:21pm
Name:    SFC Gordon Duke Dewey

Location:    Northfield, VT

Units/Dates +Comments:    Oct 54, assigned to 77th SFG; 58,10th SFG; 61, 1st503ABG,63 7th SFC Vietnam; 65 Co C 1/505 Don Rep; 66, HHC 3rd Bde Vietnam; 72 HQ FANK SF Special Projects Vietnam; 73 JCRC SF Special Projects Thailand; 74 HQ 10th SFG Retired;
The most gallant men I ever met, God Bless Paratroopers
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Record 4315
Wednesday 06/12/2002 3:47:23pm

Location:    COMANCHE, TEXAS 76442

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Record 4314
Tuesday 06/11/2002 2:03:35pm
Name:    Louis Puente


Units/Dates +Comments:    Stationed smoke bomb hill 7/53-11/55. Was in 10th sfg, 26th Detachment then in 77th sfg after 10th went to Germany.Was then in FB4 unit. Last year was spent in Riggers of the 77th SFG until discharge. Also spent some time in mailroom of 26th detachment. Welcome any mail from those who remember me from that time. Regards, Puente
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Record 4313
Sunday 06/09/2002 2:20:14pm
Name:    Benjamin J Merighi


Units/Dates +Comments:    RA21697912 Co K 511th,11thABN,E-5,commo chief,jump school oct 54 fort campbell, jumpmaster school Gabllingen Germany - address 2113 Quail St, Vineland, NJ 08361
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Record 4312
Saturday 06/08/2002 7:19:53pm
Name:    Barney Carroll


Units/Dates +Comments:    11th 5llth, 505th, 711th Abn 55-58, Campbell, Augsburg, Sheridan, Flak, Gabligan, Hohenfels, Cafe Annas, Blue Grotto,. Ingolstadt-Augustiner Keller. If you have been to any of these places stay in touch.
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Record 4311
Saturday 06/08/2002 1:50:44pm
Name:    ssg G. D. Mosteller


Units/Dates +Comments:    hhc 82d airborne division 96- to present
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Record 4310
Friday 06/07/2002 7:59:51pm
Name:    Neal Paul

Location:    Texas

Units/Dates +Comments:    A Co 1/505 Abn Inf 82nd 78-81 run the tower
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Record 4309
Friday 06/07/2002 8:55:18am
Name:    Jim Henrickson


Units/Dates +Comments:    Served with Charlie and Echo Companies in the 2/503, 11/58 - 3/60. Served with Delta Company of the 1/503, 3/60 - 5/61. Alaska (Operation Caribou Creek) with Charlie of the 2/503 in January and February of '59. TDY West Point with Echo of the 2/503 May - August of '59. Panama (Rio Hato) with Delta of the 1/503 in April of '61.
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Record 4308
Wednesday 06/05/2002 4:57:46pm
Name:    Ottó Ešvarš

Location:    Iceland

Units/Dates +Comments:    Team leader air-ground-rescue-unit squadron: FBSR " flugbjorgunarsveitin i Reykjavik "
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Record 4307
Tuesday 06/04/2002 7:27:47pm
Name:    Robert P. Walsh


Units/Dates +Comments:    Jump School June 71 C/2/502 Sep 71-Jan 72 F Co. Ranger, 425th Inf. MIARNG 73-75 Pathfinder Course 74
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Record 4306
Tuesday 06/04/2002 11:30:43am
Name:    Kenneth C. Johansen

Location:    Georgia

Units/Dates +Comments:    Father(1LT Donald C. Johansen) KIA 20 Oct 1963 in vietnam,Army(Ft Benning), former Marine and Navy. If you knew him please E-mail. I am a Disable Air Force Vet.
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Record 4305
Monday 06/03/2002 10:11:53pm
Name:    Edison T. Haddock


Units/Dates +Comments:    C battery 89th AFB 1955-1958. stationed in Augsburg.
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Record 4304
Monday 06/03/2002 9:12:53pm
Name:    Ryan McCarthy -- No E-mail address given


Units/Dates +Comments:    Paratrooper 13 Jul 01 Ft. Benning, GA
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Record 4303
Monday 06/03/2002 5:27:49pm
Name:    James O. Brooks

Units/Dates +Comments:    Went to 327th Battle Group in 1956...went to jumpschool at Ft Benning in 57' and went to Little Rock, AK also in 57'...was assigned to Mortor Battery, 327th Battle Group. After Europer...went to XVIII Abn Corps HQ 59' until 65'...went to Vietnam after Bragg..retired in 1976.
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Record 4302
Sunday 06/02/2002 9:05:39pm
Name:    roger laurence

Location:    colorado

Units/Dates +Comments:    2/321 1972-1978
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Record 4301
Sunday 06/02/2002 7:13:02pm
Name:    Edward L Spence

Location:    Ft. Bragg, NC

Units/Dates +Comments:    3rd BDE 2/505abn inf 1983-1986
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Record 4300
Sunday 06/02/2002 5:52:29pm
Name:    Bob Price / webmaster

Homepage Title:    Darby Rangers

Location:    Great State of Texas

Units/Dates +Comments:    Great Site! Keep up the very good work. You have been linked to our site. BP
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Record 4299
Sunday 06/02/2002 2:20:10pm
Name:    Robert W. Garrison

Location:    Omaha, Nebraska

Units/Dates +Comments:    11th Airborne Div- 511th Signal Batallion 55-57. Ft. Campbell Ky & Augsburg Germany Flack Kaserne, TDY w/ 188th Infantry.
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Record 4298
Sunday 06/02/2002 8:03:54am
Name:    Frank McCoin

Location:    Myrtle Beach, SC.

Units/Dates +Comments:    HMB 2/503RD ABN BG Bragg 6/59 to 6/60, The unit was Shipped to Okinawa, 6/60 Discharged 4/62 If there is anyone that served with that same unit, during that time please contact.
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Record 4297
Sunday 06/02/2002 4:07:11am
Name:    Mr W Pope

Location:    Kent,England

Units/Dates +Comments:    serving member of The 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment. Enjoyed page, especially poems, many thanks
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Record 4296
Saturday 06/01/2002 10:45:34pm
Name:    George R. Herman

Location:    From Royal Oak, live in Holly Michigan

Units/Dates +Comments:    1952-1955 Japan 22months 1953-1955 replacement for guys coming back from Korea. Got barracks ready. Fox Company 1st platoon 187th ARCT.
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Record 4295
Saturday 06/01/2002 9:23:05am
Name:    cich eddy

Homepage Title:    crazy eddy's airborne site

Location:    Belgium

Units/Dates +Comments:    great site !!! go for it !!! remember airborne all the way !!! eddy
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Record 4294
Friday 05/31/2002 9:56:39pm
Name:    Tom

Location:    Reisterstown, MD

Units/Dates +Comments:    New e-mail address. Graduated Jump School Friday the 13th of Sept. 1957. Served with the 82nd Sig. Bn. Co B 4th Platoon until disharged Jan 29, 1960. Would like to hear from any of the guys who served with me. My platoon was always assigned to supply communications for the 1st Abn Battle Group 504th Infantry.
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Record 4293
Friday 05/31/2002 1:48:31pm
Name:    paul bushaw

Location:    helena mt

Units/Dates +Comments:    ABU Co. 1st ABG, 327th Inf, 5/58-1/61. B Troop, 1st Recon Sqdn, 2nd Armd Cav.,Bindlach, Bayreuth,Ger.5/64-5/66. USATC Ft Bragg, 5/66-2/67. Jump school at Ft Campbell, MSG Slomanski was IN CHARGE. Gen Westmorland pinned my wings on at Yamoto DZ. WHAT A DAY!!!AIRBORNE
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Record 4292
Friday 05/31/2002 8:35:19am
Name:    Herb Blue

Location:    New Bern,NC

Units/Dates +Comments:    1st Abn.Battle Group 187th Inf.Co.A Honor Guard Platoon 82nd Abn. Div. 1960-1963 - Would love to hear from Jim Nelson, Long Beach,CA. Mike Espinoza,AZ.or any other troopers from this era.
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Record 4291
Thursday 05/30/2002 11:40:35pm
Name:    Gary Crossman

Location:    Deland Fl

Units/Dates +Comments:    Served in the 11th Airborne 511th Signal Company in 1955 looking for a 511 Signal crest to add to my been their done that stuff. retired in 1972 from the 10th SF Fort Devens MA.
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Record 4290
Thursday 05/30/2002 10:45:06pm
Name:    Darryl Sumner

Location:    South Carloina

Units/Dates +Comments:    I did Jump School at Benning in OCT-83. Back then my company was SKYSTRIKE 43rd, seems things have changed since then though. I ETSed from C 3/505 82nd ABN in 87. I can relate to the cartoon about being low and also the heavy drop gotta pee cartoon. I had to laugh at those two.
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Record 4289
Thursday 05/30/2002 9:59:27pm
Name:    George Perry

Units/Dates +Comments:    HHC 307th Engr. Bn. Mar.'79-Sep.'81
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Record 4288
Thursday 05/30/2002 7:49:35am
Name:    William D. Mitchell

Units/Dates +Comments:    101st from 10/85 to 2/89, 2ID 2/89 to 2/90, 101st from 2/90 to 8/91 Task Force 160th Airborne PLT from 8/91 tp 11/97
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Record 4287
Wednesday 05/29/2002 11:26:54pm
Name:    Frank Guerrero

Location:    Austin, TX

Units/Dates +Comments:    C Btry 3/319 Airborne Field Artillery Regiment. 82d Airborne Division. 1983-1988. MOS 13F (Forward Observer)
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Record 4286
Tuesday 05/28/2002 10:08:36pm

Homepage Title:   http://www.paratrooper.net/GenGavin/default.asp

Location:    LYNN,MASS

Units/Dates +Comments:    D/Fco 782MSB 93-98/183rd CS Det. great site - AIRBORNE
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Record 4285
Tuesday 05/28/2002 7:41:25pm
Name:    Christina Hernandez

Units/Dates +Comments:    your page looks great and those cool moving pics of the jumping paratroopers look wonderful in my powerpoint project. thanks again.
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Record 4284
Tuesday 05/28/2002 6:49:26pm

Units/Dates +Comments:   
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Record 4283
Monday 05/27/2002 9:53:08pm
Name:    Efraim Garcia

Location:    Houston, TX

Units/Dates +Comments:    3d Brigade/82d Abn Div, - Vietnam, Nov 1968-Oct 1969
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Record 4282
Monday 05/27/2002 9:06:12pm
Name:    William Kelleher

Units/Dates +Comments:    Just wanted to update my email address for your before and after section. Best regards, Bill
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Record 4281
Monday 05/27/2002 8:19:59pm
Name:    M J Macchiarelli

Location:    Wayne NJ

Units/Dates +Comments:    C.J. HI, Its been a long time. note new E-mail Address. formerly abn blochead @aol.com I'll be coming down your way June 29 contact me at my new address , OK Mike Airborne !!!!!
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Record 4280
Monday 05/27/2002 7:13:51pm
Name:    Glenn Rex Tyler E-Mail: lrtyler@earthlink.net

Units/Dates +Comments:    D/1st503rd, 6-69/2-71
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Record 4279
Monday 05/27/2002 3:56:50pm

Location:    Marietta, Ga.

Units/Dates +Comments:    Dco. 511th 11air div. Oct. 1 1950 thru Oct 1, 1953
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Record 4278
Monday 05/27/2002 10:28:12am
Name:    Paul C. Schaffter

Units/Dates +Comments:    CO.F 503rd ARCT Fort Campbell, Ky.1953-1955 Jump school Fort Benning-Nov. '53 Exercise ski jump-Colorado 1954 operation ski jump 1955 Alaska
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Record 4277
Monday 05/27/2002 7:27:32am
Name:    Wayne E. Cleveland

Location:    Hopewell, Virginia

Units/Dates +Comments:    A Co. 2nd Battalion, 503 Infantry January through June, 1967 Wounded at Dak To, June 22, 1967 and evacuated from Vietnam
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Record 4276
Monday 05/27/2002 1:28:44am
Name:    Pete

Units/Dates +Comments:    Hunters from the sky...AIRBORNE if anyone has any good pictures please e-mail..i'll do the same
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Record 4275
Sunday 05/26/2002 3:17:47pm

Location:    NEWARK, TEXAS

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Record 4274
Sunday 05/26/2002 12:59:42am
Name:    Nathan.J.Brown

Location:    Dorset U.K.

Units/Dates +Comments:    VARIOUS ARMIES 1957-1981
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Record 4273
Sunday 05/26/2002 8:57:35am

Location:    FLORIDA

Units/Dates +Comments:    508 ARCT..320 AFA..319 AFA,,82 ABN DIV,,51-53
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Record 4272
Sunday 05/26/2002 0:22:39am
Name:    Louis C. Michie

Location:    California

Units/Dates +Comments:    1st Bn Abn 508th Infantry 82d Airborne Division January 1982 - July 1985.... Airborne...
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Record 4271
Saturday 05/25/2002 2:45:21pm
Name:    Pete Eglington

Location:    Colchester, England

Units/Dates +Comments:    3 Para, Feb 87 - still in
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Record 4270
Thursday 05/23/2002 11:47:12pm
Name:    Jason Tanksley

Location:    Georgia

Units/Dates +Comments:    Currently serving with 121 Inf.(Airborne) LRS
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Record 4269
Thursday 05/23/2002 3:09:21pm
Name:    thomas p barr

Units/Dates +Comments:    101 basic 82nd jump school 11th Germany sept 54 thru aug 57
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Record 4268
Thursday 05/23/2002 1:58:03pm
Name:    Richard A. Hooks

Location:    Salisbury, MD 2l80l

Units/Dates +Comments:    PM Co. l955 to l957, Fort Campbell and gablingen Kerserne at Augsburg, Duetchland. Airborne First Rigger always. All the Way
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Record 4267
Wednesday 05/22/2002 8:40:33pm
Name:    Karl Samuel Carlysle

Units/Dates +Comments:    My Father, Samuel Carlysle was an MP with the 82d Abn. Div. His ETS wasin 1959 if there is anyone who knew him please E-mail me. Dad was also stationed in Ft. Huachuca Az. the 82d made a mistake when he in-processed and named him "Karl Carlysle". once the mistake was corrected he still went by that name. Any help in learning more about my Dad's time at Bragg would be most appreciated
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Record 4266
Wednesday 05/22/2002 7:59:50pm

Location:    Monticello, NY

Units/Dates +Comments:    Traning at Ft Benning, GA Oct 13, 1950. Went to Ft. Bragg, 82nd Airborne, 307th Medical Company, 1950/52
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Record 4265
Tuesday 05/21/2002 11:41:54pm

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Record 4264
Tuesday 05/21/2002 10:31:53pm
Name:    Steve Kamper

Location:    Gerald,MO

Units/Dates +Comments:    Svc Co. 1st SF GP 84-87 Airborne was the best thing I did when I join the military. Sure do miss jumping
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Record 4263
Tuesday 05/21/2002 8:50:45pm

Location:    PORT ORANGE, FL 32127

Units/Dates +Comments:    B CO 1st BAT 1952&53 Korea & Kumamoto Like to get in touch with Woody Wilson from Boston & George Carutis from PA.
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Record 4262
Monday 05/20/2002 8:33:15pm
Name:    jim devine

Location:    FL.

Units/Dates +Comments:    1959 E co 506 101 st Abn Div jump school NCO school. 1960-62 D co.505 Robt E Lee Barracks Gonsenhiem Ger. 1st Ready Alert Co (E) 101st During Nixon trip.(Puerto Rico) D/05 for Berlin wall and a one year J.F.K. ext. Looking for John Sache John Falkenstein Ron Kubik.
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Record 4261
Monday 05/20/2002 2:43:54pm
Name:    John T. Kelly

Location:    NY NY

Units/Dates +Comments:    Co A 1/325 Inf 82 ABN 62/64, 19 SFGA NYANG 73/74, A Co. 1SF 11 SFGA USAR 74/85
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Record 4260
Monday 05/20/2002 1:43:16pm

Location:    6097 COUNTY RD.37 SPRINGWATER, NY 14560

Units/Dates +Comments:    "D"1STOF THE 502ND 59-63, 5TH SF GROUP VN 63-72
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Record 4259
Monday 05/20/2002 12:46:41am
Name:    Tom Gard

Units/Dates +Comments:    Task Force 160TH Special Operations ABN, From 1990 to 1998
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Record 4258
Monday 05/20/2002 9:46:23am

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Record 4257
Monday 05/20/2002 2:15:06am
Name:    Edward Howard

Units/Dates +Comments:    1-325 PIR 82d Abn Div 1978-1985; 1-507 (Jump School cadre) Instructor 1990-94, 1SG 2000
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Record 4256
Sunday 05/19/2002 7:59:31pm
Name:    Robert Timian

Location:    3245 Salem Cove Way, Conyers, GA, 30013-531

Units/Dates +Comments:    2Lt 1st Bn 505th Inf. Feb 64 to Dec 66.Dom Rep participant. Now a ret LTC.
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Record 4255
Sunday 05/19/2002 0:49:33am
Name:    Juan Vance

Location:    high point,n.c. 27260

Units/Dates +Comments:    served with the 307th med.bn. abn. during the gulf war
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Record 4254
Saturday 05/18/2002 7:30:48am
Name:    Gilbert Ridgeway

Location:    142 snyder rd, Lacona NY 13083

Units/Dates +Comments:    Warner kaserne 1955 hq 2nd bat 503th when change over went to-A Co 2nd abn bat gp 502nd inf same warner kas to oct 57 looking for the guys,good times got 15 jumps got hurt on two winds and trees
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Record 4253
Friday 05/17/2002 8:24:40am
Name:    Willie Mack Courtney

Location:    Mulberry,Fl

Units/Dates +Comments:    Served in all three Divisions in Parachute Maintiance Co,s, Looking for anyone who served in these unites from 1953 to 1 19 61, Harry, You and Mule don't have to contact Me I got your address
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Record 4252
Friday 05/17/2002 0:52:45am
Name:    MSG R. Michael

Location:    Bothell, WA

Units/Dates +Comments:    Feb 55, Graduate Jump School At Ft Benning, GA. Mar 55, Graduate Jumpmaster Crs May 55, Co H Inf Sch Det Jan 56, FB Team 3, 77th Special Forces Group (ABN) Sep 57, Det A, Berlin, 10th Special Forces Group (Abn) Sep 61, C&C Bn, 82nd Airborne Div Oct 63, left jump status
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Record 4251
Thursday 05/16/2002 10:43:51pm
Name:    Roberto Santiago

Location:    Ft. Carson Colorado

Units/Dates +Comments:    10th SFG (A) Dec 01 - Present
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Record 4250
Thursday 05/16/2002 10:43:34pm
Name:    Jim Matthews

Units/Dates +Comments:    61/62--1/503rd 82nd. Class 568--Ranger school, 68/69----Tm 162 VN ABN 70/73----B.Co. 307th. Med 82nd.
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Record 4249
Thursday 05/16/2002 8:36:10pm
Name:    Leon F. Poitra

Location:    St. John, North Dakota

Units/Dates +Comments:    Joined the Army on September 17, 1942, Discharged May 16, 1946 Paratrooper
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Record 4248
Thursday 05/16/2002 4:08:55pm
Name:    SFC Eugene A. Bert, USA Ret.

Units/Dates +Comments:    503rd, 462nd Airborne Field Artillery Battalion, Battery A.
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Record 4247
Thursday 05/16/2002 8:09:46am
Name:    Donald Jackson

Location:    Fort Washington, Maryland

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd ABN Div, 1978-1980, 1982-1985, 1996-1998 (Retired), 1st SFG(A) 1985-1996
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Record 4246
Thursday 05/16/2002 5:17:50am

Location:    Camp Humphrey Korea

Units/Dates +Comments:    Was a part of the 1/509 Inf ABN from November 1996 until January 1999.(My life as a cherry). Served with the 3/504th Pir in Kosovo, and was a part of the Blue devils until July 2001. I'll be a devil at heart forever. Heres to Scalise, Babin, Hanzel, Eldred, schneider, just to name a few. My brothers forever. This is the only life for me. Airborne
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Record 4245
Wednesday 05/15/2002 9:09:12pm
Name:    Paul Kalnins

Location:    Bothell, WA

Units/Dates +Comments:    HQ&CoA 782d Abn Main Bn,SptGp, 82Abn Div Co A, 504 ABG, 8th ID Hq&Hq Co, 504 ABG, 8th ID
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Record 4244
Wednesday 05/15/2002 4:25:42pm
Name:    Ray Templin

Location:    Long Island, NY.

Units/Dates +Comments:    7 May 1954: Jump school at Fort Bragg, NC. using T10 chutes and C-119 planes. Got my picture on the front page of the Post paper (I think it was "The Static Line") because my number in jump school was 82. But they got the wrong name. April 1954 to April 1955: 82 Aborne Div., 325 Regiment, HQ. Bat., HQ. Co. April 1955 to June 1955: Fort Campbell, KY. 11th. Abn. Div. to 508 ARCT. Made one jump in the 11th. Abn. Div. July 1955 Operation Gyroscope: 187 ARCT 508 ARCT. July 1955 to July 1956: 508 ARCT at Camp Chickamauga, Beppu, Japan. Made several jumps (never hit a honey bucket). Participated in Operation Firm Link, making a jump in Bangkok, Thailand. July 1956: Returned to Fort Campbell, KY. and made one jump in the reactivited 101st. Abn. Div. before being discharged. I later got my senior jump wings while serving a stint in the Air Force. I was in a Combat Control Team attached to the 447th. Troop Carrier Wing at Langly AFB, VA.
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Record 4243
Tuesday 05/14/2002 9:24:42pm
Name:    Gary R. Cataldo, LTC (R)

Units/Dates +Comments:    Nov 22, 1963- 1 Jun, 1966 SP5 HHC 782nd Maint Bn, Maint Plt 2/325 Dominican Republic May-Oct 66
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Record 4242
Tuesday 05/14/2002 5:59:55pm
Name:    Teresa Andrews

Location:    NY

Units/Dates +Comments:    My grandfather was a paratrooper, and I am working on finding one of the men he served with. His only retirement wish back in 1990 was to meet up with his old buddy, and i would love to grant my grandfather his wish.
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Record 4241
Tuesday 05/14/2002 9:29:21am
Name:    SGM Paul S. Schroeder

Location:    Fort Bragg, N.C.

Units/Dates +Comments:    50th Signal Battalion (ABN) 1981-1987, 82nd Signal Battalion (ABN) 1990-1994 51st Signal Battalion (ABN) 1997-2001, 1112th Sig Bn (ABN DET) 2001-2003
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Record 4240
Monday 05/13/2002 3:17:29pm

Location:    TOMS RIVER, NJ

Units/Dates +Comments:    Attended Jump School in June 1971 as a ROTC cadet (non-pay status). Reported for Active Duty to attend Quartermaster Officers Basic in January 1972 and completed the Parachute Maintenance/ Air Drop Course. First assignment was to the 11th Quartermaster Company (Air Equipment and Air Drop) 8th Division (Mechnized). Later transferred to the 8th Supply and Transport Battalion staff and earned both German and British jump wings. Went off status in 1973. Now in the USAR Control Group (Retired).
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Record 4239
Monday 05/13/2002 1:57:45pm
Name:    CW03 Ret Doug Houston

Units/Dates +Comments:    82ND Airborne 1984-1988. 3/4 ADA.
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Record 4238
Monday 05/13/2002 11:52:34am
Name:    Terry E. Campbell

Location:    ozark , missouri

Units/Dates +Comments:    thanks so much for this site, i loved it. sure brought back alot of memorys, thats the first time i have thought of a(old flying box car, 119)in many years, and that was the first plane i jumped from.after jump school i was sent to the 3/504 82nd.airborne inf.i spent eight months with them in 1968 and was without a doubt the best time of my life!(a whole lot better than what was on the way) (nam).i'm now 100%disable from nam, but i dont't think i would have made it at all,if it hadn't been for the great training we got from the best instructors the world has to offer. (and the black hats in jump school were the toughest that i ran into. but you sure learned alot in just three weeks.especially how to run, lol) thanks again for this site.
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Record 4237
Monday 05/13/2002 1:06:29am
Name:    Ronald J. Gorczyca

Location:    Lake Park, Georgia

Units/Dates +Comments:    Would like to commo with anyone who completed the 82d abn div jump school class 68 in 1957.
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Record 4236
Monday 05/13/2002 0:37:10am
Name:    Louis Satterfield

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Record 4235
Sunday 05/12/2002 6:50:27pm
Name:    ERIK DIGE

Location:    NEW JERSEY

Units/Dates +Comments:    D.CO/HHC 1/504 P.I.R. JULY 92-NOV.93 CSC/A.CO. 3/325 ABCT VINCENZA,ITALY NOV.93-NOV.95 HHC/D.CO.1/503 KOREA DEC.95-DEC.96 D.CO/A.CO 3/504TH DEC.96-AUG.98
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Record 4234
Sunday 05/12/2002 4:46:32pm
Name:    Tim Barnette

Location:    Decatur, Alabama

Units/Dates +Comments:    I served in the 27th Eng. Bn (cbt)(abn) at Fort Bragg. Graduating from jump school and getting my wings was something that no one in my family had ever done and it sure made a much tougher man out of ya. I love this site and will be back more often. ALL THE WAY!!
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Record 4233
Sunday 05/12/2002 11:43:50am
Name:    Larry Abbott

Location:    Bellevue, Wa

Units/Dates +Comments:    Medic, H&H Co. 1st Airborne Battle Group 506th Inf., 101st Abn Div. 1958-1960
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Record 4232
Sunday 05/12/2002 4:12:59am
Name:    Christopher L. Baxter

Location:    Chalotte, NC

Units/Dates +Comments:    AIRBONRE! I am looking for anyone who served in the 2/504th PIR between 1991-94. I am trying to locate some old buddies.
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Record 4231
Sunday 05/12/2002 4:12:38am
Name:    Christopher L. Baxter

Location:    Chalotte, NC

Units/Dates +Comments:    AIRBONRE! I am looking for anyone who served in the 2/504th PIR between 1991-94. I am trying to locate some old buddies.
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Record 4230
Saturday 05/11/2002 11:52:29pm
Name:    Fred Mannke

Units/Dates +Comments:    Company C 2d ABG 187th Inf 6/60 to 12/61
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Record 4229
Saturday 05/11/2002 5:19:33pm
Name:    Damien Benjamin

Location:    Owosso, Mi 48867

Units/Dates +Comments:    3 years with 2-505th PIR HHC, 2 years with 25th ID (2-35thINF)
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Record 4228
Saturday 05/11/2002 4:30:44pm
Name:    Bob Wade

Units/Dates +Comments:    508th ARCT 1955 - 1956 Member of the unauthorized band
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Record 4227
Saturday 05/11/2002 1:23:29pm
Name:    Lester B Cook

Units/Dates +Comments:    Easy Co 187 RCT during the war M/Sgt
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Record 4226
Saturday 05/11/2002 1:04:45pm
Name:    Bill Haupt

Location:    Jacksonville Beach FL 32250

Units/Dates +Comments:    Admin Co-101st Airborne Division, FC 1964-65, 1st Avn Bde RVN 1966, currently President, Sunshine State Chapter, 101st Airborne Division Association
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Record 4225
Saturday 05/11/2002 12:59:55am
Name:    Bob Hill

Units/Dates +Comments:    5th Psychological Operations Bn, Abn, 1970 -1972.
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Record 4224
Friday 05/10/2002 11:44:01pm
Name:    Greg Blanchard

Location:    Bong Son/LZ English

Units/Dates +Comments:    39th IPSD "Scout Dog" "Hell on Paws" Nov69 Oct70
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Record 4223
Friday 05/10/2002 9:54:45pm
Name:    Heather Ockert

Homepage Title:    Heather Burtons Artwork

Units/Dates +Comments:    I am the grandaughter of a WWII 11th airborne vet. I have gone to a couple of his reunions with him and I must say that I am truly impressed with the commeradery and patriotism these men have. They make me proud to be an American and even prouder to be the grandaughter of an 11th airborne vet. If anyone out there ever served with Thomas Sickenburger, please get in touch with me!!
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Record 4222
Friday 05/10/2002 10:08:14am
Name:    James Weeg

Location:    Charleston, SC

Units/Dates +Comments:    5 years with D Co., 1-505 PIR. Wire Guided Death From Above.
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Record 4221
Friday 05/10/2002 4:32:58am
Name:    Joe Millar

Location:    U.K.

Units/Dates +Comments:    Good site and nice to see some of our old troupers reviewed. However, a slight inaccuracy in detail. The Argosy aircraft('screeming tit'), entered RAF Transport Command service in 1962 and served in UK and overseas stations. The Argosy was retired in 1975. The Hasting served with RAF Transport Command from 1948 and was retired in 1968 from transport duties.
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Record 4220
Thursday 05/09/2002 12:32:12am
Name:    Lynne Glanodn

Location:    Ottawa,Ontario

Units/Dates +Comments:    my father served with the 27th brigade from 1951 to 1954. Still to this day he tells me ammzing stories that I wish I could have been around to witness. If you served with my father or know someone that may have please e-mail me. His buddies ment the world to him that was his family.
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Record 4219
Wednesday 05/08/2002 9:55:18pm
Name:    sgt. Kaminski Stephen R.


Units/Dates +Comments:    207th group/Longe range surveillance Det-4 (LRSD/Airborne)
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Record 4218
Tuesday 05/07/2002 1:48:13pm
Name:    Bob Brewster

Location:    Fort Bragg, N.C.

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd Airborne Administration (Finance Corps) 1971-1972
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Record 4217
Tuesday 05/07/2002 8:40:34am
Name:   Nathan Howitt

Location:    Fayetteville NC

Units/Dates +Comments:    Airborne all the way!
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Record 4216
Monday 05/06/2002 7:46:03pm
Name:    Charles P miller

Location:    Lexington,N.C.

Units/Dates +Comments:    Was in a AAA Btry. I like your website very much! GOOD JOB!!!
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Record 4215
Monday 05/06/2002 6:48:06pm
Name:    alton ( catfish ) fisher

Location:    phx az

Units/Dates +Comments:    10/70 to 7/71 Aco. 3/503 inf 173rd abn bde
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Record 4214
Monday 05/06/2002 11:00:13am
Name:    Paul V. Robinson

Location:    Minoa, N.Y. (Syracuse)

Units/Dates +Comments:    508 from Jan 1951 until Jan 1954 stationed at Ft Bragg and Ft Benning M company
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Record 4213
Sunday 05/05/2002 11:28:52am
Name:    David Lang

Homepage Title:   http://www.medafor.com

Location:    Minneapolis, MN

Units/Dates +Comments:    HQ Company, 8th Infantry Div Airborne, 1968-1970
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Record 4212
Saturday 05/04/2002 10:24:52pm
Name:    GEORGE D. LeBarron

Location:    Buskirk, N. Y.

Units/Dates +Comments:    Fox Co.= April "54. Hq. & Hq.= Dec. "54-Mar."55
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Record 4211
Saturday 05/04/2002 7:54:38pm
Name:    Johnny Allen

Location:    South Carolina

Units/Dates +Comments:    I am looking for anyone who may have known my father, CLINTON LOVE ALLEN. Jump school, Ft. Benning 1956. I think 82nd airborne.
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Record 4210
Saturday 05/04/2002 6:54:47pm
Name:    Ted Jablonski

Location:    Chicago Ill

Units/Dates +Comments:    I served with 7th SFGA 1983-1986
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Record 4209
Saturday 05/04/2002 6:04:37pm
Name:    Marshall Denney

Location:    El Paso, TX

Units/Dates +Comments:    504th Airborne Battle Group, "A" Company, Lee Barracks, Mainz Germany 1958-1960
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Record 4208
Saturday 05/04/2002 2:07:09am
Name:    Mitchel Shane Watson

Location:    Fort Lewis, Washington

Units/Dates +Comments:    101st, 1/187 Jan 95 - Jul 97; 82nd, HHC & Jumpmaster School Sep 97 - Nov 99; 1st Special Forces Group Nov 99 - Present.
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Record 4207
Saturday 05/04/2002 0:20:10am
Name:    Pat Garvin


Units/Dates +Comments:    3/66 to 3/67 FO C/2/503 173d. Went back to the 82d, then came back w/the 3d Brigade for the Tet Offensive in 1968.
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Record 4206
Friday 05/03/2002 5:38:57pm
Name:    Brushwood, Richard E.

Location:    Orlando, Florida

Units/Dates +Comments:    Basic tng Indiantown Gap. Pa. Sep 52--Jump school, Ft Benning. Assignet to 503 ARCT. Transferred to 188 of 11th Abn Div 1954 Instructor 11th Abn Jump School Discharged Sep 55
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Record 4205
Friday 05/03/2002 2:19:44pm
Name:    John C Hoffmeister Jr (Hoffy)

Location:    HuffsChurch Pennsylvania

Units/Dates +Comments:    Served As NBC NCO for HHC 1/504th ABN 80-82 NBC NCO for ECO 504th 82-83, NBC NCO for CSC 2/508th 83-84, 1st plt 3rd Squad Leader for 101st Chemical Co. 84-86. Lost tract of everyone over the years but always think of them and miss them, anyone who knows me know that I got the shaft while I was in the service but I still look at the service and everyone I served with as a family that I will never forget and always miss. Go Airborne, Death From Above, Strike Hold, Devils in Baggy Pants. I will never forget You !!!
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Record 4204
Friday 05/03/2002 12:40:10am
Name:    Sgt Ed Bowers (ets)

Homepage Title:   funnyfarm

Location:    Grand Rapids Mi

Units/Dates +Comments:    C co 1/9 inf 2 I D s korea 84-85 , C co 2/75 Ranger Regt 85-87 A co 1/504 PIR 82nd airborne 87-89, Lrsu Plt F troop 1/17th cav, 82nd 89-91, B co 3/75th Ranger Regt 91-94
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Record 4203
Thursday 05/02/2002 10:43:42pm
Name:    Roger G Davalos


Units/Dates +Comments:    3/325 82Abn Div 1968-1970 ALL THE WAY
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Record 4202
Thursday 05/02/2002 6:11:39pm
Name:    Rafael Canabal

Location:    florida

Units/Dates +Comments:    c 1/325 air- 1st pltn- looking for friends 1992-1995
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Record 4201
Thursday 05/02/2002 4:53:37pm
Name:    Don Sturtevant

Location:    Vadnais Heights, MN.

Units/Dates +Comments:    Jump school - Ft. Campbell Oct. '55 while with H Company recoiless rifle platoon, 511 A.I.R., gyro'd with the division, on the U.S.S. Patch. Recon platoon, Hq. & Hq. Co., 505 Inf., 2nd Abn. Btl. Grp, the last 15 months in Germany, went home on the U.S.S. Butner in June '58, and was discharged at Ft. Sheridan.
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Record 4200
Thursday 05/02/2002 2:11:10pm
Name:    Joseph A. Christ

Location:    Chinle, Arizona

Units/Dates +Comments:    82 Airborne Division 2/505 1983-1986. What a great experience and some of the wildest, craziest, and gutsiest men on earth.
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Record 4199
Thursday 05/02/2002 1:46:45pm
Name:    B. Jacobs

Location:    Waukesha, WI

Units/Dates +Comments:    Served 1980 - 82 CoB 1/29 Ft Benning Ga 1982 - 84 CoA 3/5th (Abn) Panama, 1984 - 90 CoB 1/504PIR StrikeHld Drop me a line if you remember me -- great site!!!!
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Record 4198
Thursday 05/02/2002 7:39:30am
Name:   Johnnie D. Golden USA 1st Sgt. Ret.

Location:    Jacksonville, Fl

Units/Dates +Comments:    This is a good way to find other Paratroopers that you have not been able to fine on other Web sites
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Record 4197
Wednesday 05/01/2002 9:47:14pm
Name:    Austin E. Estes

Units/Dates +Comments:    503rd, 11th, 82nd, 101st, During the period April 1945, December 197l I went from jump status to glider status to flight status as a crew member to jump status. During this period I missed four months hazardous duty pay.
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Record 4196
Wednesday 05/01/2002 9:29:19pm
Name:    SFC E.L. Spurgeon II

Location:    ft bragg, nc

Units/Dates +Comments:    4/11 far - ft. richardson, ak, hhb divarty/1-319th afar - ft bragg, nc/89-94, 4-11 far - ft. richardson, ak/96-98, 1-319th afar/hhb divarty - ft bragg, nc/98-present
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Record 4195
Wednesday 05/01/2002 6:43:24pm
Name:    P Stevens

Location:    Salt Lake City, Utah

Units/Dates +Comments:    Served with Co. L 188th 1954-55. Jumpmaster and Ranger Tab (Benning 3-55). Transferred to 504 PIR 82nd in late 1955, Jumpmast Fr. Bragg. All a great bunch of guys, especially Sgt C.Q. Williams, my room mate. He got the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1965. If you saw Forest Gump, that was C.Q. getting the Medal from Pres. Johnson! Currently a life member of the US Army Ranger Association. All Rangers and LRRPs are wanted to join!
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Record 4194
Tuesday 04/30/2002 11:57:32pm
Name:    Del Hanson

Units/Dates +Comments:    B Battery 457 FA 11th Airborne Div. , Hvy Mortor Battery 503rd Inf 11th Airborne Div. 1955 to 1958 Fort Campbell Ky, Warner Kasarne, Munich, Germany
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Record 4193
Tuesday 04/30/2002 9:58:45pm
Name:    Richard Zowe

Location:    fayetteville nc

Units/Dates +Comments:    1/502 co b 1967-1969
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Record 4192
Tuesday 04/30/2002 7:41:12pm
Name:    Alfred Ridpath

Location:    Dunedin Florida 34698

Units/Dates +Comments:    325th Airborne Infantry regiment. 82nd Airborne. Fort Bragg N.C 1953 & 1954
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Record 4191
Tuesday 04/30/2002 7:27:56am

Location:    Fort Worth Tx. 76118

Units/Dates +Comments:    1/509th July 75-Dec 77
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Record 4190
Monday 04/29/2002 2:59:37pm
Name:    Ray R. Hess

Location:    Bethlehem, Pa

Units/Dates +Comments:    517thPrcht Inf Combat Team 1943-1945 And 1st Batt'l Headquarters Co. 505thPIR 1945 in Berlin Germany
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Record 4189
Sunday 04/28/2002 8:24:50pm
Name:    Andrew Shropshire

Location:    new york

Units/Dates +Comments:    Bco 307th Eng BN 82nd airborne div 96-99
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Record 4188
Sunday 04/28/2002 9:19:42am
Name:    Stan Gross

Location:    Greenville South Caroline

Units/Dates +Comments:    Hi Guys: I feel honored to sign your guestbook , I dont know if I was supposed to or not, but I was a loadmaster with the 61st Troop Carrier Group out of Donaldson AFB, in Greenville Sc I carried many of you guys on jumps in NC,Tenn,Germany and in South Dakota. The Best to all Stan Gross
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Record 4187
Saturday 04/27/2002 10:49:51pm
Name:    Bill Connolly

Location:    Wantagh, New York

Units/Dates +Comments:    Hq/Hq Co-Commo- 2nd ABG 187 Inf-101 ABN 11/59-9/61..Like to hear from anyone from our "era"- (cold war ) (my A--)any way --nice to talk with you all and share a unique experience- few others have...
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Record 4186
Saturday 04/27/2002 9:27:51am
Name:   Fulton Rivers

Homepage Title:   Korean War Project

Location:    Texas

Units/Dates +Comments:    Seeking information on combat action of the 187th on or about 5 Dec 1950. Great site!-- AATW!
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Record 4185
Saturday 04/27/2002 1:35:22am
Name:    Ernest B. Tyler

Location:    Banning, Ca

Units/Dates +Comments:    11th airborne - 187th Regiment- Aug. 48 Jun. 52 Went to Korea with regiment
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Friday 04/26/2002 9:55:17pm
Record 41840

Name:    Bob Schnepp

Location:    Maple Glen, PA

Units/Dates +Comments:    I was never a paratrooper but am an admirer--especially of Father Francis Sampson--I read his book Look Out Below!--What a great man. It's too bad that Steven Spielberg did not credit Father Sampson as the one and only person to "Save Private Ryan"--Geronimo!!
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Record 4183
Friday 04/26/2002 1:11:10pm
Name:    Debra and Roger Stone

Location:    ferndale michigan

Units/Dates +Comments:    looking for Ed Cooney jr 101st 506 div
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Record 4182
Friday 04/26/2002 12:44:28am
Name:    Matt Bowman

Location:    Andalusia, IL

Units/Dates +Comments:    327th Sig. Battalion (ABN) CABLE DOGS 1985-1989
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Record 4181
Friday 04/26/2002 11:29:44am
Name:    Rudolph K. Villasana, Jr.

Location:    Dallas, Texas

Units/Dates +Comments:    Hdq. 3rd Bat. Co. A served 1956 -58 Jump School Ft. Bragg six Months then to Ausburg Germany . Out in April 1958
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Record 4180
Thursday 04/25/2002 11:19:27pm
Name:    dmorgan

Location:    fayetteville nc

Units/Dates +Comments:    sog 68 82nd 69 abn8th70-72 82nd73 legg 74-75 82nd 75 retdec90
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Record 4179
Thursday 04/25/2002 10:10:52pm
Name:    Don Lovell

Location:    Las Vegas, NV

Units/Dates +Comments:    Oct 55 to June 58 11th. Airborne Co.B 188 AIR & 1st ABG 187 Inf. Gablingen Germany
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Record 4178
Thursday 04/25/2002 9:16:46am
Name:    Jim Lutes

Units/Dates +Comments:    11th Airborne 1954 to Mar 55-508 ARCT Mar 55 to July 56-101st airborne july 56 till july 60.
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Record 4177
Thursday 04/25/2002 1:38:38am


Units/Dates +Comments:    1/325;DEC '96-FEB'97 Bco. 261st MED BN; FEB '97-MAY '99 HHC 3/504 PIR; MAY '99- JAN '02
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Record 4176
Wednesday 04/24/2002 11:05:11pm
Name:    Ned Costa

Homepage Title:   Casper Aviation Platoon

Location:    Downey, Caifornia

Units/Dates +Comments:    173d Airborne Brigade, Casper Aviation Platoon. LZ English 7/68 - 7/69. I was a helicopter Crewchief & Door Gunner and I am looking for other Caspers that may not know we have a website now. All of you Sky Soldiers are invited to check out of website.
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Record 4175
Wednesday 04/24/2002 12:53:04am
Name:    Sheldon D. Horsfall

Units/Dates +Comments:    B/3-4 ADAR, 82d Airborne Division, 01 Jan 93-15 Mar 96 Joint Readiness Training Center Operations Group, 01 Oct 01-Present
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Record 4174
Wednesday 04/24/2002 11:03:49am
Name:    Bob Lindorff

Units/Dates +Comments:    9/44-541 Parachute Infantry Regt., 2/45-507 PIR, 7/45-504 PIR,9/45-508 PIR, 4/46-187 GIR, 9/47-501 PIR, 12/47-511 PIR,1/48-187 ARCT,7/51-503 PIR,10/51-Div.Hq., 11th Airborne Div.
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Record 4173
Wednesday 04/24/2002 10:06:25am
Name:    Kenneth W. Daniels

Units/Dates +Comments:    A Co. 511th AIR 1953-1955 Fort Campbell, KY Company Commander "The Pipe"
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Record 4172
Wednesday 04/24/2002 5:54:18am
Name:    SGT Trudell, Charles A.

Location:    Camp Casey, Korea

Units/Dates +Comments:    HHC 4/325 AIR--1995-1996 HHC 3/325 AIR--1996-1998, Airborne "All the Way"Great site, glad I found it.
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Record 4171
Tuesday 04/23/2002 11:55:43pm
Name:    CSM (Ret, USA) Oren C. "Pete" Barclay

Location:    Alabama originally from Pennsylvania

Units/Dates +Comments:    Served A Co, 4/68th Armor, 82nd ABN Div.(1971) and 101st Military Police Co. (3rd Abn Plt), 101st ABN Div. (1973-74).
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Record 4170
Tuesday 04/23/2002 7:28:16pm
Name:    Rafal Soroka

Units/Dates +Comments:    A.co 1/26 Inf Schweinfurt, Germany 12/97- 12/99 Blue Spader's 348th Transportation Company Phoenix, Az 1/2000 to present
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Record 4169
Tuesday 04/23/2002 6:09:17pm
Name:    Jake Jacobs

Location:    fort Campbell and Munich Germany

Units/Dates +Comments:    looking for Warren Conroy and James L Japp both of the 503rd in Germany 1954-1959
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Record 4168
Tuesday 04/23/2002 11:51:42am
Name:    Jose J. Rivera

Units/Dates +Comments:    HHC 1-325 Abn Inf Rgt, 82nd Abn Div 94-97, OSIA, DTRA
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Record 4167
Tuesday 04/23/2002 11:20:51am
Name:    Richard Haywood

Location:    Emporia Kans

Units/Dates +Comments:    1/327th ABN BATTLE GROUP FT Campbell,Ky 62-64.
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Record 4166
Tuesday 04/23/2002 8:33:41am
Name:    Donald E. Elliott

Location:    Noblesville, Indiana

Units/Dates +Comments:    Served with the 504 and the 325, 82nd Abn. Div., Ft. Bragg, N.C. 1957-59. Hopefully, there may be some men that I served with will see this and we can re-connect after all these years.
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Record 4165
Tuesday 04/23/2002 7:44:17am
Name:    Juan Lovin E-Mail: aandjlovin@nxs.net

Homepage Title:   RIGGERS OF THE 50’S

Location:    Knoxville, TN.

Units/Dates +Comments:    11th ABN. PS&M Ft Campbell - Aug 54 to Feb 55, Gablingen,Germany Feb 55 to May 57 (PS&M -Riggers- was located at the DZ)
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Record 4164
Tuesday 04/23/2002 5:52:54am
Name:    Daniel Lawson

Location:    Rensselaer, Indiana

Units/Dates +Comments:    Looking for all of my old paratrooper Brothers. Please contact
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Record 4163
Monday 04/22/2002 10:09:07pm
Name:    Mitchell Taylor

Location:    Houston

Units/Dates +Comments:    D co. 1/505 P.I.R. 99/2001
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Record 4162
Monday 04/22/2002 7:57:28pm
Name:    Art Grenci

Units/Dates +Comments:    Served 80/83 82nd Abn 307th Eng BN, C co 1st Plt.SA to the Army CID Command. Living in CA. retired LAPD
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Record 4161
Monday 04/22/2002 5:33:03pm
Name:    Carole

Units/Dates +Comments:    187th infantry 11th airborne--looking for any one who knew my father Staff Sargent Carmon Thompson of Pasco co Florida-he died and was buried in 1945 in The Philippines--I did not know him--only through some one who knew him can I know him--
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Record 4160
Monday 04/22/2002 3:21:55pm
Name:    Crystal Runner

Units/Dates +Comments:    I have a friend that retired from the Army.He was a paratrooper in 101st. We are trying to find where we can get him a master jump wings pendant. He was a Jump master and has over 500 jumps in his career two of which were combat jumps. If you could help us in our search we would appreciate it. Thanks Crystal Runner
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Record 4159
Sunday 04/21/2002 6:42:12pm

Location:    WILTON,IOWA ZIP 52778 PH. # 563-732-4066

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Record 4158
Sunday 04/21/2002 2:45:18pm
Name:    Mike Prendergast

Units/Dates +Comments:    Co. F 505 Abn Inf Regt 82nd Abn Div 1954-1955
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Record 4157
Sunday 04/21/2002 10:08:03am
Name:    Bill Swain

Location:    NEW ENGLAND

Units/Dates +Comments:    Looking for ex troopers from the 782nd 82 ABN 1957 to 1959.
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Record 4156
Sunday 04/21/2002 8:58:13am
Name:    Wheatley T Christensen

Location:    Annapolis, Md.

Units/Dates +Comments:    Plt Sgt. G Co 505PIR 7/42- 9/45 4# combat jumps: Sicily, Italy, Normandy and Holland
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Record 4155
Saturday 04/20/2002 4:14:30pm
Name:    Buren (Lew) Ledbetter

Units/Dates +Comments:    "L" Co,. 3rd Bn., 187th RCT-Aug 1950 - May 1951. Svc Co.l88th Rgt, 11th Abn Div - Jun 1951 - Sep 1952. Special Forces - Sep 1961 - Oct 1971 AIRBORNE
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Record 4154
Saturday 04/20/2002 0:29:22am
Name:    Sgt. Eddie Banks

Location:    Clinton , Maryland

Units/Dates +Comments:    B Co.2/325th.Inf.Ft. Bragg,NC;6/63-12/64 11th.SFGA.(ABN) Ft. Meade, Md.7/78-6/95 "WHERE HAVE ALL THE YOUNG FOLK GONE?"
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Record 4153
Friday 04/19/2002 1:05:24pm
Name:    CPL. Jack W. Blake

Units/Dates +Comments:    Looking for anyone who knew my Grandfather CPL. Jack W. Blake (#33187396), who served in the 82nd Airborne 376th P.F.A.Bn, from 1942-1945. Have little info on him, just a few pictures, cards, patches, etc. Knew he kept in touch with friend nicknamed "schoolboy" several years after the war. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
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Record 4152
Thursday 04/18/2002 3:46:45pm
Name:    Larry McCormack

Units/Dates +Comments:    B Company, 2nd Bat, 503rd inf, April 7, 1967 to April 7, 1966, M60 gunner, 2nd platoon
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Record 4151
Thursday 04/18/2002 2:26:29pm
Name:    Abert A. Fraelich

Units/Dates +Comments:    3/187 july,1968 to july,1969.i was a forward observer for 10 mos.(way longer than usual)i did see a lot of combat,but two occasions stick out in my mind because of the unusual duration,firebase helen (10 hrs. or so),and dong ap bia (hamberger hill)11 days.both engagements were against large units of n.v.a.
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Record 4150
Thursday 04/18/2002 1:37:23pm
Name:    Alan Carter

Homepage Title:    A POORMANS BBS

Location:    Rochester N.Y.

Units/Dates +Comments:    Viet Nam vet it's good to see so many before and after shots of those who went before me to serve my country thanks for new info on older veterans!
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Record 4149
Thursday 04/18/2002 10:16:17am
Name:    Antoinette Gilmore-Brown

Units/Dates +Comments:    I am trying to find any information on the 320 Glider Field Battlion.My Grandfather served in ww2. If anyone had any info please email me. Thank you
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Record 4148
Thursday 04/18/2002 10:04:41am
Name:    Sgt Maj Don Casciari (Ret)

Units/Dates +Comments:    I am Trying to locate anyone who served with my Uncle During WWII,He inlisted during the beginning of the war and retired in the 60s,One person he mentioned was a Floyd Franks from Millidgeville,Ga they both jumped during the Invasion of Normandy.
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Record 4147
Thursday 04/18/2002 0:36:28am
Name:    Jack D. Jordon

Location:    Kennewick, Washington

Units/Dates +Comments:    I'm posting this to maybe help those who are looking for buddies they served with, its a National phone book at your finger tips. You must have the correct spelling of at least the last name, the more information you have the faster you will find them. In the address bar, type in Superpages.com When the site comes up it will be the business pages,at the very top center "Click on people pages" If your friends have a phone number, and its not unlisted, you can get their complete address and phone number. I found my best friend that I lost contact with 48 years ago. Good luck troopers all the way.
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Record 4146
Wednesday 04/17/2002 10:45:18pm
Name:    Ron Bunch

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd Abn Div, May 1965-Feb 1968. DomRep/ Vietnam All The Way!
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Record 4145
Tuesday 04/16/2002 3:52:46pm

Units/Dates +Comments:    SENIOR AID-MAN, A CO. 3/73RD ARMOR BN., 82ND ABN.DIV. 1991-1994.
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Record 4144
Tuesday 04/16/2002 4:35:55am
Name:    Claude J. Marchal

Homepage Title:    PFC John Francis Webb, 101ABN/502PIR/BCo

Location:    Belgium

Units/Dates +Comments:    Hi, We are looking for pictures (scans or copies) from as well as testimonies about : PFC John Francis Webb, 101st Airborne , 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment 1st Battalion - Company B - 31291779 KIA in Belgiu - WW2 in order to complete our new site at the above URL Contact can be taken with me : claude.marchal@skynet.be Best regards from Belgium Claude J. Marchal
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Record 4143
Monday 04/15/2002 5:38:21pm
Name:    William Wyatt

Location:    uniontown, ohio

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd , 173rd vienam
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Record 4142
Monday 04/15/2002 1:49:00am
Name:    Robin Fairbanks

Location:    hickory nc

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Record 4141
Sunday 04/14/2002 11:45:36am
Name:    Terry L. Cory

Units/Dates +Comments:    21st MP CO (ABN) 1998-2000, HHD 503D MP CO (ABN)2000 - 2001 B CO 27th EN BN (C)(A)(RT)2001 -2002, All The Way, AIRBORNE!!!
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Record 4140
Sunday 04/14/2002 5:04:32am
Name:    Ricardo Sachez Jr.

Units/Dates +Comments:    I served with 506 at Ft Campbell, A co. 1/327 in Viet-nam where I was wouned for the third and last time. I Also did a year with B co. 1/8 abn 1st.Cav. Div. I was airborne all the way, no brain no strain SIR!!!!! My combat name is Sgt.Chino. God Bless all of you and have mercy on us and on the whole world.
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Record 4139
Saturday 04/13/2002 10:38:31am
Name:    Danny Black

Homepage Title:   Bloody Crackdown

Location:    Richmond,Va.

Units/Dates +Comments:    1/503,3/187,4/187 1983-1989 I was jump qualified, but spent most my time with AIR-ASSAULT regiments within the 101st. Great site, by the way!
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Record 4138
Saturday 04/13/2002 10:09:11am
Name:    Tom Bond

Units/Dates +Comments:    HHC 1ABG 501st Inf. Ft Campbell 1959-1961. Jump School at Ft Campbell, Ky. 13 Mar 1959.
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Record 4137
Friday 04/12/2002 5:43:02pm

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Record 4136
Friday 04/12/2002 1:58:22pm
Name:    Charlie R. Smith

Location:    314 Courtney Ln. LocustGrove, Ga. 30248

Units/Dates +Comments:    11th Airborne Div. 511th AIR E Company 2nd Battion.1954-1957. Station at Ft.Campbell KY. Overseas 1955-1957 at Sheridan Kasern Augsburg Germany
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Record 4135
Friday 04/12/2002 1:00:28pm
Name:    John C. Falotico Spc4

Location:    Tifton Ga

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd Airborne 2bn 505th PIR Jan 1997-Oct 1999
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Record 4134
Thursday 04/11/2002 8:28:18pm
Name:    Dennis Conlon

Location:    Long Island, New York

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd Signal Bn. 82nd Abn. May '59 to Feb.62 I was in "A" Co. and then Hq. Co. Hung out with Jr.Baxter. Mann Turner, Joe Esposito, Bill Hartacre.
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Record 4133
Wednesday 04/10/2002 8:46:51pm
Name:    Francis P. Smith Corporal / Medic

Location:    Norwich, Connecticut

Units/Dates +Comments:    Mr. Smith served in the 17th Airborne, 194th Glider Infantry Regiment. This unit invaded the Rhine near the end of WW 2. He is seeking any info on a Sgt. Betlach. Last known to be from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.
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Record 4132
Wednesday 04/10/2002 2:40:01pm
Name:    Joseph Lusardi

Units/Dates +Comments:    SSG 82D Airborne Division
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Record 4131
Wednesday 04/10/2002 8:47:52am
Name Richard E. Maska

Units/Dates +Comments:    612th QM Co AD HD Fort Bragg N.C. 1965-1968
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Record 4130
Tuesday 04/09/2002 4:50:58pm
Name:    Alexander D. Casares

Location:    Colorado Springs, CO

Units/Dates +Comments:    HHC & D CO 3/504th 86-92 75th Ranger Rgt 92-94 Paratroopers Always! Past/Present/Future
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Record 4129
Tuesday 04/09/2002 2:15:57pm
Name:    John C. Rhoades

Location:    Maryville, Missouri

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd Airborne, 504 Infantry - 1957 101st Airborne, Command and Control Battalion, Hq & Hq Company - 1958-59
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Record 4128
Monday 04/08/2002 3:42:40pm
Name:    Tony Baker

Location:    Texas

Units/Dates +Comments:    I88th Regt. 511th Regt. 187th RCT.Later 503rd Regt.Japan, Korea. Fort Campbell.
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Record 4127
Monday 04/08/2002 6:54:02am
Name:    tom stolfi

Units/Dates +Comments:    jumpschool,class 25 feb1965. B Co. 3rd BN 508 panama 3/65to 8/66. ACo 3/187 101 2/67 to 5/67
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Record 4126
Sunday 04/07/2002 11:35:20pm
Name:    Neil C. Reinhardt

Homepage Title:   Natures Miracle, Noni Juice

Location:    Hawthorne, CA. USA

Units/Dates +Comments:    B Battery, 321st FA, 101st Airborne 1959-1962. Wish I was with them now -- Great Site -- Thanks
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Record 4125
Sunday 04/07/2002 5:43:32pm
Name:    Fred Updike

Location:    Columbus, Georgia

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd PM Company 1960-62
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Record 4124
Sunday 04/07/2002 12:44:55am
Name:    Bill Voss

Location:    Columbia Maryland

Units/Dates +Comments:    508 ARCT (Red Devils) Co "B" 54-55 I have been in contact with Leroy Schweitzer & Keith Stevens and spoke once with Ray Slonaker. Would like to hear from the Crawford cousins from So Dakota, J.C Kraus, Jimmy Crawford, Sgt Rivera, Jim Huhey?, Don Marshall. I am sure I am missing some old buddies but it is not intentional. My experience with the 508 Red Devils has been one of my most memorial experiences. thanks guys! Your buddy Bill...
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Record 4123
Sunday 04/07/2002 8:33:29am
Name:    Michael Weaver

Location:    south carolina

Units/Dates +Comments:    2\505 pir 1984-1988 E-5 A company,
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Record 4122
Saturday 04/06/2002 8:47:44pm
Name:    Filimon (Oscar) Rivera

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd airborne, 119th field artillary, company (A) from 1950-1953. I'd love to hear from anyone who served with me during the Korean War.
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Record 4121
Saturday 04/06/2002 10:30:39am
Name:    LEO WEEKS

Units/Dates +Comments:    A BTRY 4/3 ADA GIESSEN GERMANY 1987-1989 , A CO 1/505TH PIR, FT BRAGG 1989-1992 , C CO 1/501ST PIR, FT RICHARDSON 1997-2K , HOUSTON RCTNG BT,PORT ARTHUR 2K-2003
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Record 4120
Friday 04/05/2002 11:48:27pm
Name:    Tommy Kizer

Units/Dates +Comments:    B co 101st AVN Bn 1968. Still a cherry, class #42/67 at Ft. Benning. AIRBORNE!
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Record 4119
Friday 04/05/2002 10:24:38pm
Name:    Johnny M Lewis

Units/Dates +Comments:    I was in the 11th and the 187th and 101st, if you remember me drop me a line. From 1949 to 1972
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Record 4118
Friday 04/05/2002 6:05:14am
Name:    Bruce Buchanan

Units/Dates +Comments:    In memory of my Father who made both the Mansan and Sukchon jumps. He was wounded on the day of the Sukchon jump. He never talked about the war but was sure proud of his Buddies. Remember him, James P. (BUCK) Buchanan
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Record 4117
Friday 04/05/2002 4:49:00am
Name:    Andrew Cook

Location:    England

Units/Dates +Comments:    English Para in the 50's
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Record 4116
Friday 04/05/2002 3:28:23am
Name:    Dennis Piekarski

Units/Dates +Comments:    1970, 2nd bat. 502nd inf. 101st AB Div.
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Record 4115
Thursday 04/04/2002 9:41:28pm
Name:    James S. Shutt

Location:    Carbondale, Illinois

Units/Dates +Comments:    1st Bn (Abn) 505th, 82d from 1983-86; served in Co's A and CSC. 1st Ranger Company and 6th Ranger Training Bn 87-89(Abn), and the Tarantula Team (Abn) NTC Opns Group, 1990-92. Presently still active - serving now as PMS, Army ROTC at Southern Illinois University. H-minus, RLTW!
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Record 4114
Thursday 04/04/2002 9:08:14pm
Name:    Steve Roe

Location:    Denver, Colorado

Units/Dates +Comments:    3rd platoon, C/3/503 1970 & 1971 LZ English, LZ uplift, Camp Radcliff at An Khe I'm looking for old friends.
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Record 4113
Thursday 04/04/2002 8:25:50pm
Name:    Lloyd Daniels Jr

Units/Dates +Comments:    I was trying to find information on my dad's service time. He was in from Aug. 1951-1954. He was at Ft. Benning Ga. for jump school. He serviced with Co. A, Headquarters Battalion, 2128 Air Support Unit, Station Command. This is according to his DD214. I would like to hear from anyone who may have served with him. My father pass away in 1994. I have a few pictures of his time at jump school. His name was -- Lloyd Daniels Jr -- . thank you, NavaJo Austin
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Record 4112
Thursday 04/04/2002 7:27:27pm
Name:    max sprague

Units/Dates +Comments:    1/503 A Co 3rd platoon, 6/66 6/67 Bien Hoa
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Record 4111
Thursday 04/04/2002 4:16:18pm
Name:    Alfred Martinez

Units/Dates +Comments:    5th of the 81st artillery,Airborne 8th Army. Weisbaden, Germany. 1966-1967
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Record 4110
Thursday 04/04/2002 3:22:34pm
Name:    Ronald e. Free

Location:    cinti ohio

Units/Dates +Comments:    1/8 cav viet nam 1964/65 509th. airborne mainz, germany 1965/69
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Record 4109
Thursday 04/04/2002 2:42:25pm
Name:    Ricky sumrall

Location:    new orleans la.

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd-Cco.2/504 abn inf. september 73 - sept.76
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Record 4108
Thursday 04/04/2002 2:19:39pm
Name:    Sgt. Clifford Williams

Location:    San Luis Obispo, Ca

Units/Dates +Comments:    Co.A,2/504 PIR,1985-88,fantastic site,Airborne
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Record 4107
Thursday 04/04/2002 1:49:53pm
Name:    Larry Gene Burnette

Location:    Ocala, Fl

Units/Dates +Comments:    Served 2/503 from 4-14-66 to 4-14-67 made jump 2-22-67 was a short timer at time.Great site brings back memories.
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Record 4106
Thursday 04/04/2002 11:42:34am
Name:    Tim Roop

Homepage Title:   World War 2 PhotoGallery/ D-Day Maps

Location:    Ocean City, Md

Units/Dates +Comments:    "All-American" 73-to 79. You have a wonderful site! All The Way! I'm going back to Ste. Mere Eglise in June. I've released a new "airborne trooper postcard". You can send them anywhere. A ww2 trooper with a 48-star invasion flag. Rough and ready to roll! Backside is in english and french. They will be in Ste. Mere Eglise on June 6th. All The Way -- Tim Roop -- www.ww2dday.com
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Record 4105
Wednesday 04/03/2002 6:14:22pm
Name:    Johnsey L. Cabaniss II

Units/Dates +Comments:    82ND Airborne Division 1971-1974 served with 2/504, Division Headquarters I was a Infantry Lieutenant Son of Claiborne Lee Cabaniss, Sr. who trained and served with the 506th PIR, served with the 541st PIR, served with the 187th PIR in Pacific. He was a Tech 4, Surgical Technician.
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Record 4104
Tuesday 04/02/2002 2:18:10pm
Name:    Rene' Stevens (daughter of deceased)

Units/Dates +Comments:    Sgt 1st Cl. William E. Stevens, (Bill) from Garnett, Kan. 82nd ABN, 320th ABN (FA), 508th RCT. Jump school 1951 Ft Benning, then an instructor until discharged in 1953. Participated in Exercise Longhorn, April 1952. Witnessed Operation Tumbler-Snapper, Shot Fox, 25 May 1952 at Camp Desert Rock, NV. He said he and 6 others jumped into ground zero 10 hours after. He collapsed a lung on this jump. He died from brain cancer at age 64, in 1994. Anyone having any info on this, or who may have known my Dad, please email. Thanks!
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Record 4103
Tuesday 04/02/2002 12:06:04am
Name:    Clifford G Lund

Location:    Minneapolis, Minnesota

Units/Dates +Comments:    101st Airborne Div-Airborne Command 13th Parachute Maintenance Company Europe 8 Feb. 1945 and Departed 13 Aug. 1945-Auxerre, France.
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Record 4102
Tuesday 04/02/2002 10:46:39am

Location:    Fort Bragg, NC

Units/Dates +Comments:    B Co 2Bn 509th Airborne Infantry Mech Mainz, Germany From Sep 1964 to Aug 1967
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Record 4101
Monday 04/01/2002 10:10:09pm
Name:    Ben Perez jr

Location:    Roswell, New Mexico
Comments:Son, signed in for father , i'am trying to find buddy's for my dad.he was in the 11th airborne 187th in the 50's in germany.(rockasan if i spelled that correct those of u know what am saying)if anyone has info please e-mail and i will relay to my dad thanks. robert perez proud son of ex-paratrooper
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Record 4100
Sunday 03/31/2002 6:56:31pm
Name:    Randy F. Black

Homepage Title:    The Last 1st Sergeant

Units/Dates +Comments:    Laytorn black, Jr. served with the 101st Airborne Division, 502 PIR, Company 'C' during WWII. From the predawn jump on June 6, to the daytime jump on September 17 in Holland to the cattle truck ride to Bastogne. Layton wrote his memoirs beginning in 1975 and finishing in 1993. Visit www.lastfirstsergeant.com to get a glimpse on one paratrooper's first-hand account of the day-to-day life of a Screaming Eagle.
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Record 4099
Sunday 03/31/2002 6:40:37pm

Units/Dates +Comments:    B CO.505 1956--1958
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Record 4098
Sunday 03/31/2002 2:23:50am
Name:    Jack Ames

Location:    Valley Springs, Ca

Units/Dates +Comments:    Ft Benning Jump School April 1953
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Record 4097
Saturday 03/30/2002 9:33:17pm
Name:    Jeffrey A. Trujillo

Units/Dates +Comments:    2/75 Rangers 91-92 82nd Airborne 96-99
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Record 4096
Saturday 03/30/2002 7:25:43pm
Name:    George Milchick

Location:    Mahanoy City, PA

Units/Dates +Comments:    H+H CO 77TH SPECIAL FORCES
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Record 4095
Saturday 03/30/2002 5:07:30pm
Name:    will schmutz

Location:    Orland Park, IL.

Units/Dates +Comments:    11th Pathfinder Det. 1st Cav 71-72 RVN 187th Benning 73
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Record 4094
Friday 03/29/2002 10:43:07pm
Name:    LeRoy J. Magneson

Units/Dates +Comments:    511th Airborne Signal Co. 11th Airborne Division Ft. Campbell, Ky. April 1949 to Oct. 1951 Crytographic Section
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Record 4093
Friday 03/29/2002 6:42:38pm
Name:    M/SGT (R) Gil Berg


Location:    Orlando, Fl

Units/Dates +Comments:    HMOR excellent site !!
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Record 4092
Friday 03/29/2002 5:55:00pm
Name:    Albert Gonyea

Location:    phenix city, alabama

Units/Dates +Comments:    Such an awesome website!!!! please visit paratrooper.net -- found your website from them.
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Record 4091
Friday 03/29/2002 3:21:02pm
Name:    larry varner

Units/Dates +Comments:    April 95 - April 99 1st battalion, 321st field artillery battalion (Airborne)
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Record 4090
Friday 03/29/2002 10:22:30am
Name:    Michael A. Vecchi

Location:    Bulington,Ma.

Units/Dates +Comments:    Feb.1955, Co.A,505 P.I.R. 82nd Abn. Div.Advanced Infantry and Light weapons Training,(2nd 8 wks Basic Training)Fort Bragg,N.C. Before we went to Jump School.Attended Jump School while in Co. A. Failed P.T.Test 3 Times,(Pullup Problem) Thanks to SFC Hayes, Platoon Sgt. and Col. Hughes, Regimental Comander, I wasn't shipped out to Germany, I finally passed the P.T.Test and earned my Wings.I was assigned to Service Company 505th Abn.Inf. Regt.82nd Abn. Div.From June 1955 thru Sept.23rg 1957. I forget my MOS No. , But I was one of the Regiments Ordnance Parts Specialist. Two events in my time with the 82nd that I will never forget: A demonstration jump at Fort Jackson S.C. on Armed Forces Day,we jumped on the parade field (postage stamp sized drop zone) Para glide quote. The trainees swarmed around us after we landed,and asked questions and got autographs, it was a great jump and a great day. We jumped from a C119, two 8 man sticks,Small DZ, Most of us landed on the field , a few missed ,but no one was hurt very bad. a few minor injuries, we climbed the risers to get on the field,slipped like hell,and as I said most of us made the field.The second event was Operation Sagebrush in Louisiana, we drove down with a stop over at Elgin AFB Fl. We had Thanksgiving dinner in a cow pasture among the cow flaps and a torrential downpour, but it was great time, only bad thing,we drew straws to see who was going to jump during the exercize I lost and didn't get to jump.Any Trooper who participated in either of these events send me an e-mail,have lots to talk about.
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Record 4089
Thursday 03/28/2002 10:09:45pm
Name:    John Hazlett

Units/Dates +Comments:    1951-1953: Btry B, 675 Abn FA Bn,11th Abn Div-Ft Campbell, Ky. 1953-1955: HQ, 88th AAA Bn, HQ & Btry A, 457th Abn FA Bn,11thAbn Div-Ft Campbell, Ky. 1955-1957: HQ Btry, 457 Abn FA Bn, HMB,1ABG, 503-11th Abn Div-Will and Warner Kaserne, Germany. 1957-1958:HMB. 1ABG. 503. 24th Inf Div, Warner Kaserne, Germany. 1959-1961: HMB 1ABG, 503, 82nd Abn Div, 77th and 7th SFG,Ft Bragg, NC. 1963-1967: UW Dept, SWS, JFKCENSPWAR, Ft Bragg, NC. 1968-1970: SOCEUR, EUCOM, Stuttgart,Germany. 1971-1973: JFKSPECWARCEN.-Ft Bragg, NC 1973-1975: JUWTF-Ft Bragg, NC
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Record 4088
Thursday 03/28/2002 10:04:42am
Name:    Dan McCaskill, Jr

Location:    Fallbrook, CA

Units/Dates +Comments:    1958-Jump School, Fort Bragg, 505th ABN 1959-Gyroed To Mainz, Germany with 505th Aboard USS Butner 1961-Returned to U S Aboard USS Patch, Discharged Ft. Hamiliton, NY
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Record 4087
Thursday 03/28/2002 1:26:52am
Name:    Armando J Torres

Location:    Cp Greaves Korea

Units/Dates +Comments:    B Co 2/187 from Nov 96- Feb 2001
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Record 4086
Wednesday 03/27/2002 5:38:29pm
Name:    PV2 Aaron Sanzone

Location:    Richmond,VA

Units/Dates +Comments:    HSB 3/319th AFAR S-1 Shop 1999-2000
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Record 4085
Wednesday 03/27/2002 5:24:15pm
Name:    LD Agnew

Units/Dates +Comments:    11th ABN 1950 , 187TH 1950, 8086th ,82nd 1953
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Record 4084
Wednesday 03/27/2002 2:54:42pm
Name:    Rick Jennings

Location:    Pompton Plains, NJ

Units/Dates +Comments:    Looking for anyone who may have served with my father, DOUGLAS JENNINGS, in the 10th Grp and 77th Grp in 1953-54. He passed away in 1982.
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Record 4083
Wednesday 03/27/2002 1:07:34pm
Name:    Patrick l. Flournoy - No email given

Location:    2026 so. old central rd. Greenville, AL. 36037

Units/Dates +Comments:    I'm looking for anyone who served with my dad in the 9th CML Depot Co. he went to ft benning inf. sch. in oct. 1950 to nov. 1950. his name was RICHMON E. FLOURNOY (AKA. RED) if you knew him please send word to me. my address is 2026 s. old central rd. greenville AL. 36037. wanting info on unit local, insignia, btry, and anything els you can tell me about my dad when he was in the military.
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Record 4082
Wednesday 03/27/2002 0:09:40am
Name:    Tommy Locastro

Units/Dates +Comments:    hi I was with charlie co 1/505 during the battles of the canal, the lazy-w and the three villas and we had 9 silver stars on april 4 1968, the most deadly nite during the hole war for the duce, like to hear from yall thanks Tommy Locastro
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Record 4081
Tuesday 03/26/2002 8:01:47pm
Name:    Spencer W. Gay

Location:    Fayetteville, N. C.

Units/Dates +Comments:    Enjoyed this web site very much
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Record 4080
Tuesday 03/26/2002 4:31:16pm
Name:    T-4 Cliff W. Cypher

Location:    Cullowhee ,NC 28723

Units/Dates +Comments:    674 PFA 11th airborne,45-46 at Jimmachi, Japan.One of the first at jump school in Sendai,Japan.Looking for any troopers from B battery during that time. I logged in before @ 3412 (new e-mail address)
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Record 4079
Tuesday 03/26/2002 4:13:06pm
Name:    Charles D. Pate

Location:    Brawley, California

Units/Dates +Comments:    10th Special Forces Group May 1953 Fort Bragg NC to Oct 1955 Bad Tolz, Germany
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Record 4078
Tuesday 03/26/2002 2:19:38pm
Name:    Bobby J. Fletcher Jr. CSM Ret

Location:    Fayetteville, NC

Units/Dates +Comments:    1/509 Abn Inf BCT (78-81)Vicenza,Italy. LRRP 3 (80-81) Vicenza,Italy. 2/504 Abn Inf (81-83)Fort Bragg, NC. XVIII Abn Corps NCOA (83-84)Fort Bragg, NC. 1/505 Abn Inf(84-86)Fort Bragg, NC. C/307 Med Bn (86-88)Fort Bragg, NC. 5/502 Inf (88-91) Berlin, Germany. 159 Air Ambulance Co (91-92)Iraq & Kuwait. 5 MASH (92-94)Fort Bragg, NC. Hq, 44th Med Bde (94-96)Fort Bragg, NC. Readiness Group Fort Riley, KS (96-97). USASMA Class 48 (97-98) Fort Bliss, TX. 261st ASMB (98-00) Fort Bragg, NC. Retired from Army with 264 parachute jumps, and 18 of 23 years assigned to parachute units.
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Record 4077
Monday 03/25/2002 10:22:25pm
Name:    Bruce Cunningham

Units/Dates +Comments:    508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team, 1954-1955 Fort Campbell, KY; 11th Airborne, 1955, Fort Campbell, KY and Panama & Canal Zone (JWTC).
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Record 4076
Sunday 03/24/2002 4:48:34pm
Name:    Tom Kuzila -- No email given

Location:    Independence, Mo

Units/Dates +Comments:    E co 505 augsburg 57 58, What ever happened to capt lowery?
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Record 4075
Sunday 03/24/2002 10:36:59am
Name:    Lester B Cook

Units/Dates +Comments:    187 RCT
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Record 4074
Sunday 03/24/2002 9:38:59am
Name:    Bob Manning

Units/Dates +Comments:    2/325 70 to 72, Got to your site in a search for "Scottish Cartoons"! Don't know how, but what the hell...Anyhow, great site! Airborne!
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Record 4073
Saturday 03/23/2002 10:25:05pm

Units/Dates +Comments:    1952-1955 , FT. CAMPBELL KENTUCKY
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Record 4072
Friday 03/22/2002 9:32:35pm
Name:    Dallas H Duncan

Location:    Fayetteville,West Virginia

Units/Dates +Comments:    1/20/67 -1/20/68 2/503rd,173rd airborne
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Record 4071
Friday 03/22/2002 6:53:18pm
Name:    Jim Harris

Location:    Scottsboro, Al. Phone 256-582-6239

Units/Dates +Comments:    Jump school Ft Benning Ga Jan 1950 K Co 504 AIR Ft Bragg 1950 to 1952 Hq & Hq Co 188th AIR Ft Campbell Ky 1952 to 1956 Same unit Augsburg Germany, Gablingen Kaserne 1956 to 1958. Would like to hear from anyone who was in the 188/187 during this period of time. I was in the Communications Plt, Radio sect. I came back to the States when the unit went to Lebanon
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Record 4070
Friday 03/22/2002 2:22:16pm
Name:    robert avolt

Units/Dates +Comments:    I wish I was a paratrooper. your site is great.
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Record 4069
Friday 03/22/2002 1:58:33pm
Name:    Paul Hollingsworth -- no email given

Units/Dates +Comments:    Spt Co 506 AIR, 101st Abn Div 1955 A Co 505 AIR, 82nd Abn Div 1955 E Co 188 AIR, 11th Abn Div 1955-1957 A Co 504, 2nd Abn Battle Grp, 11th Abn Div 1957-1958
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Record 4068
Friday 03/22/2002 7:08:03am
Name:    Lori Stubbs Richter

Units/Dates +Comments:    I am signing in place of my father: Orville Stubbs who was a paratrooper with the 101/82 in WW11. He is still living but does not talk much about the war. Any info you can give me to share with my siblings and children would be appreciated. I know my father has many medals from the war but he does not like to discuss them. Thanks again
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Record 4067
Thursday 03/21/2002 8:20:46pm
Name:    Jack Mangus

Location:    Ocala, Florida

Units/Dates +Comments:    November 1956 to June 1959, . Went to jump school at Campbell with 508th. Then formed the reactivated E-502/101st. Ft. Campbell under Capt. Edward M. Hunt, who had been a private in the same co. in WWII.
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Record 4066
Thursday 03/21/2002 5:53:53pm
Name:    Red Stratton

Location:    West Monroe La

Units/Dates +Comments:    Served in Hqs Det 82nd Abn from 1954-1957. Worked in Finance. Transferred over to the Air Force and Retired in 1976. Would love to hear from any of my friends.
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Record 4065
Thursday 03/21/2002 5:06:27pm
Name:    Gary Fanning

Location:    Fayetteville, NC

Units/Dates +Comments:    11th MP co from gyroscope to deactivation. I was in many abn outfits in 23 years but the 11th holds a special place in my heart. Would love to hear from anyone how might remember me.
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Record 4064
Thursday 03/21/2002 1:11:41pm
Name:    Adrian McDoniel

Location:    Albuquerque,NM 87109

Units/Dates +Comments:    Hq Co 1st Bat, 325 AIR 82nd ABN 1952-1955 Oper Sgt 1st Bat Good old days
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Record 4063
Thursday 03/21/2002 7:26:14am

Location:    WILLARD, OHIO 44890

Units/Dates +Comments:    HDQ.COMPANY 1945-DEC,1946
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Record 4062
Wednesday 03/20/2002 11:11:04pm
Name:    JIM I. Wipf

Units/Dates +Comments:    82d Divarty- '61-64 7th SF........'64-65 5th SF.........'65-66 1/319..........'67 5/81st..........68 10th SF(Bad Toelz) 68-69 2/320-101st.......73/74 Master Blaster...'67
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Record 4061
Wednesday 03/20/2002 7:04:09pm
Name:    Steve Greatsinger

Units/Dates +Comments:    1/ 325 ABG 1959-1960 Ft Bragg NC 1/503 ABG 1960-1963 OKINAWA 18th Abn Corps 1963-1966 Ft Bragg NC
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Record 4060
Wednesday 03/20/2002 6:14:12pm
Name:    Ernest V. Castle

Units/Dates +Comments:    187 RCT 11TH AIRBORNE DIV. Saporo Japan 1948 TO 1949 Camp Campbell Kentucky to 1951 187 RCT Korea to 1952 Nov.
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Record 4059
Wednesday 03/20/2002 2:57:34pm

Units/Dates +Comments:    with the 173 airborne brigade 68-69 vietnam ( wounded) newyears eve (69)
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Record 4058
Wednesday 03/20/2002 12:16:06am
Name:    Don Roof

Location:    Buffalo, NY

Units/Dates +Comments:    A Co., 82nd Combat Aviation Bn., 82nd ABN.DIV. 63-65
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Record 4057
Tuesday 03/19/2002 6:20:50pm
Name:    Donald K. Macer

Units/Dates +Comments:    This is a new email for me.
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Record 4056
Tuesday 03/19/2002 4:44:57pm
Name:    Harry Strub

Units/Dates +Comments:    2/43 462d Prcht FA Bn 3/44 503rd Prcht Regimental Combat Team 3/46 82nd Abn Div 3/50 Abn Grp, QM School 3/52 601st Aerial Delivery Co 6/52 11th Abn Div 9/58 Abn Grp, QM School 9/61 Retirement All above service as a parachute rigger.
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Record 4055
Tuesday 03/19/2002 9:17:59am
Name:    James T. Wolfe Jr

Units/Dates +Comments:    1953: L Co. 503rd Inf. 11th ABN, Ft. Campbell Ky. 101st PM Co. 2nd Bn 503rd Inf. Korea, Viet Nam, Germany, Ft. Bragg N.C. 82nd Spt.Cmd.U.S Army DARCOM Food Advisor. SGM Ret: 1983
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Record 4054
Monday 03/18/2002 2:11:43pm
Name:    Charles M Lindlau

Location:    Gilford , N H .

Units/Dates +Comments:    1953-1954 :11th Airborne Div Ft Campbell,KY /TDY-Ft Benning,Ga Jump School Cadre.11th Abn Div,Ft Campbell,Bravo-Battery 88th Abn AAA Bn/Headquarter 127 Engineer Bn.1954-1956:82nd Airborne Div Ft Bragg,NC.Headquarter & Headquarter Company,Signal Battalion.
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Record 4053
Sunday 03/17/2002 5:36:57pm
Name:    Michael Minjack

Units/Dates +Comments:    101st Abn Div (repl depl) Jan 63-feb 64 173rd Abn Bde Co"A" Spt BN Feb64-Jul 65 A long time ago when I was young A I R B O R N E
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Record 4052
Sunday 03/17/2002 3:07:27pm
Name:    Eugene E. Hannam

Location:    LeRoy,Mn. 55951

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd Airborne 187th RCT 109th Aerial Resupply Unit. 1951-1957
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Record 4051
Sunday 03/17/2002 11:25:56am
Name:    Matthew Hayes

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd Abn Div B Co 2-325 Dec 92 - Oct 96
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Record 4050
Saturday 03/16/2002 8:37:09pm
Name:    George Jurkowski

Units/Dates +Comments:    Co A 325th Inf, 82nd ABN Div, 1965 Co C 1/327th Inf 101st Abn Div, 1966 HHC 1/327th Inf Tiger Force Recon, Co B 1/327th Inf 1967, HHC 1/327th Inf Tiger Force Recon 1967-1969. 1970 Co A 1st SFG (ABN)1st Special Forces, 1970 1St Civil Affairs Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group(ABN)1st Special Forces,./.
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Record 4049
Saturday 03/16/2002 7:59:05pm

Location:    357 SO.19th st.NEWARK,NEW JERSEY 07103

Units/Dates +Comments:    E,COMPANY 1sT 501st,101st 1959 to 1963,44th ranger co,63.3/187th 11th air assault ACO.1/12 abn bridge 63 toaug 66.D CO. 3rd inf the old guard 66 to 69.1/39th b co 69,hhc 1/509th abn 8th div 70 to73,hhc 173rd 73,hhc 3/187 101ST,73 to 75,RETIRED 8-1-75
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Record 4048
Saturday 03/16/2002 5:21:11pm

Location:    VeroBeach FL 7000 20st #774 32966

Units/Dates +Comments:    511SIG.1946-1951 came back with the div.and opend up FortCampbell KY 187reg combat team
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Record 4047
Saturday 03/16/2002 11:46:57am
Name:    Cpl. Jack D. Jordon

Location:    Kennewick, Washington 99336-5728

Units/Dates +Comments:    "A" company 307th Abn Eng, 1st Platoon March,1952----March,1954. A great company to have served with, jumped both the T-7 (#@##$)and the T-10, what a pillow.. 82nd Airborne Div.Ft.Bragg N.C.
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Record 4046
Saturday 03/16/2002 1:11:50am
Name:    Lori Schandorff

Location:    Alaska

Units/Dates +Comments:    I am looking for anyone who knows Dennis J. Bergeron. He served in the Army from 1941-1945. He was in WWII. He was sent to Bastogne. If you know him please contact me.
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Record 4045
Friday 03/15/2002 8:53:40pm
Name:    J R ELLEDGE

Location:    Lexington , South Carolina

Units/Dates +Comments:    Great site, went to jump school in first part of 68, ft. Benning, assigned to Co. D ,3/187th Rakkasans , 68-69. Did time at the animal farm, Co. C 2/509th, 1970, Mainz,Ger. AIRBORNE ALL THA WAY !!!!!
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Record 4044
Thursday 03/14/2002 6:47:01pm
Name:   Frenchy - No email given

Location:    New Hampshire

Units/Dates +Comments:    68 69 at An Khe Pleiku Bong Song
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Record 4043
Thursday 03/14/2002 3:30:01pm
Name:    Sidney Chesnin

Location:    Dallas, Texas

Units/Dates +Comments:    2/509 3/68 to 1/70
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Record 4042
Thursday 03/14/2002 3:00:14pm
Name:    Alfredo G Garcia

Location:    San Diego, CA

Units/Dates +Comments:    ITB 2nd Bn 19th Inf B co 1/507th (PIR) Airborne School 3/75th Ranger Rgt Ft. Benning, GA 1/509th ABN INF (JRTC) Ft. Polk, LA Service dates: 12-98 to 12-01
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Record 4041
Wednesday 03/13/2002 8:03:06pm
Name:    Donald F. Barnes

Units/Dates +Comments:    jump school- 11/66,42nd Company,20th SFG Airborne. Great site, thanks
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Record 4040
Wednesday 03/13/2002 1:00:37pm
Name:    Doug Eilertson

Location:    Kinston, NC

Units/Dates +Comments:    88th AAA of 11th (1953-1955) 325 of 82nd (1955-1956) 11th was the best!
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Record 4039
Wednesday 03/13/2002 8:45:51am
Name:    Major Chandrashekhar Manda

Location:    INDIA

Units/Dates +Comments:    9 Parachute Field Regiment (Indian Army) still serving
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Record 4038
Wednesday 03/13/2002 1:03:30am
Name:    michael Radjenovich

Location:    phoenix,az

Units/Dates +Comments:    stationed at Ft Bragg 10th special forces 1953-1954 looking for buddies who were there from Buffalo, New York AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY
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Record 4037
Tuesday 03/12/2002 6:52:20pm
Name:    Nancy Frazier

Units/Dates +Comments:    Looking for anyone who knew my father, James (Doss) Cronia. He was in WWII, Korea and Vietnam - in Korea, recipient of silver star - 31st Infantry - was also 101st Airborne. I never met him and I'd like to know what he was like. Thanks!
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Record 4036
Tuesday 03/12/2002 12:54:45am
Name:    Douglas Blair

Location:    Houston, Tx.

Units/Dates +Comments:    csc 2/325 Jan 76-Jan 80
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Record 4035
Tuesday 03/12/2002 8:47:25am
Name:    Dwight C DeBoer

Location:    Lyle, MN 55953

Units/Dates +Comments:    Co E (Scout) 60th INF (LRRP) 1982-1983 Looking for anyone who served at Ft Lewis under Capt Richardson during this timeframe. Shinkle, Smith,Glendon Ashley, Shaun Burke, Bruce Avaramis.Please contact me with Info..
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Record 4034
Monday 03/11/2002 1:21:27am
Name:    Mike Riggins

Location:    Litchfield, Il. 62056

Units/Dates +Comments:    My dad, Robert C. Riggins told me that he jumped with the 187th airborne (rct) in Korea but he can't remember the Bn. or what ever you call it and I'm trying to find out for him, to see if I can locate some of his buddies he might have jumped with,he was in service from Oct. 1950 and thinks that he came back to the states in 52-53, I have his service# it is U.S.Army 17-318-716. I have a copy of a newspaper article that states that he has returned to Kumsong, Korea after spending a 5-day R&R leave in Japan, under that it says, in service since May 1951, he has been in Korea since last October, the picture at the top is dated June 22,1952 so I figure my grandparents put it in the newspaper his rank at that time was PFC. Dad can't remember things to well any more and he never talked about Korea, it was like a bad name in our house when I was growing up, and now that his time is running short, he tells me he wishe's he would have talked about his time there. I am a collector of military items and have asked dad to try and remember names and time frames, but after 40 years of drinking to try and forget about it, he now regrets it because his grandkids would like to know. He said he served with several units while he was there, and he can remember the numbers, he said he was with the 2nd DIV.,3rd DIV., 40th, 45th,7th DIV., 11th airborne, 187th airborne (RCT).,he also told me that got the presidential unit citation(U.S.)and also the S.Korean presidential unit citation and a letter from Sigman Ree. He also earned 2 bronze stars, the purple heart, and my aunt told me at one time that his mom&dad had got a letter from the government that he was MIA. he also mentioned something about 2nd BN. H company, when he was injured he said he was in a big hospital in Japan, and that pretty well sums up what I have to go on, I have made several phone calls to different places and got nowhere, and told him last week that I was going to get a computer and see what I could find out on the internet so I am basically new at this also, I have been learning how to use the computer from my daughter, so excuse any errors I am making. I am about to run out of options to try and keep my dads place in history, he doesn't have a whole lot of time left, so any help on this will be appreciated. THANK YOU, the son of a veteran who cares.
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Record 4033
Monday 03/11/2002 0:40:33am
Name:    James Drinkwater

Location:    Michigan

Units/Dates +Comments:    A Co 1/505 Abn Inf 82nd - 1973 1976 Looking for Wachoviak, Doody, Damon, Freeland, Tucker, Pelham, Washington, Christmas
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Record 4032
Sunday 03/10/2002 1:58:46pm
Name:    Edd Voss

Homepage Title:    Voss Photo

Location:    Tacoma Wa

Units/Dates +Comments:    HHD 10th SFDAE Bad Toelz Germany 1977 to 1980. also non Airborne with 1st Sig BDE. Yong San Korea. Loved the photos of the old chutes etc. Most of my jumps were with MC1 steerable canopies but made five with T-10 my hats off to all of those who came before ALL THE WAY. Edd Voss former Army Photgrapher
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Record 4031
Sunday 03/10/2002 10:41:38am
Name:    michael a. sanchez

Location:    chicago,il

Units/Dates +Comments:    8th div 1st brigade 2/509th C Co. 1966-67
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Record 4030
Sunday 03/10/2002 9:55:18am
Name:    Bill Schwartz

Location:    Ft Knox, KY

Units/Dates +Comments:    Was a member of the white devils 2/504th PIR 96 to 99
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Record 4029
Sunday 03/10/2002 4:18:34am
Name:    George( Spud) Taylor

Location:    Hythe Kent

Units/Dates +Comments:    Great site, still looking for old mates Germany,3th Batt A company 1947-1950, Berlin air lift, "Back to balloon jumps?" Hildersheim
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Record 4028
Saturday 03/09/2002 3:03:19pm

Location:    PARIS, TN. 38242

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Record 4027
Saturday 03/09/2002 10:40:42am

Location:    COMANCHE, TEXAS 76442

Units/Dates +Comments:    1953-1956 456 ABN FA BN (COMMO S/ SGT) JMP SCH INST 1955-1956 (82ND ABN JMP SCH) JMP MASTER SCH-1956,
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Record 4026
Saturday 03/09/2002 4:03:23am
Name:    Robert Jones


Units/Dates +Comments:    D co.1/503 173rd.Abn.BDE 67-69 LOOKING FOR ANYONE WHO SERVED WITH ME.
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Record 4025
Saturday 03/09/2002 0:53:16am
Name:    Kenneth McCullough

Location:    Salem, Oregon

Units/Dates +Comments:    Charlie company 4th 503rd 173rd Airborne Brigde. 7/11/67---7/11/67 Out standing site. Thanks and Welcome Home!!!
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Record 4024
Friday 03/08/2002 4:32:36pm
Name:    Kaune


Units/Dates +Comments:    Was looking for the words I heard as a child on "Beautiful Streamer" But the ones you have are not the ones I heard. I don't know how old you are but I'm hoping you can help me. When I was young in the 1940's, a neighbor girl was going with a fellow who was in the 101st Airborne paratroopers. WW11. Nice fellow too. While sitting outside in the warm summer evenings talk would go to wartime. When he had one beer to many he would sometimes talk about thing in the war, not to often but one evening he sang us this song they sang. It was sung to the tune of "Beautiful Dreamer". He called it "Beautiful Streamer" , and all I can remember of it is as follows

"Beautiful streamer open for me here I'm going down with an torn canopy. I hit the ground with a sickening thud and all around me were puddles of blood, there wasn't much left for the medics to see so they just wiped me up with my torn canopy."

I remember tears in his eyes when he finished it. I know it's words sounds awful but I feel it's still part of history. Reason I'm asking is we were talking about it and it came back to mind. My friends asked if I had the complete words for it hence the reason I'm looking for them. Hoping you can help. Thank you for taking the time to read this. olebones@yahoo.com
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Record 4023
Friday 03/08/2002 6:01:50am
Name:    Vic (Nobby) Thorn

Location:    Southampton UK

Units/Dates +Comments:    C Coy 2nd Bn The Parachute regiment.1970-75 went on to other units served with 101 and 82nd in Turkey early 70's any one remember that? any of you guys with me again in Northern Norway in 76?
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Record 4022
Thursday 03/07/2002 4:14:48pm
Name:    Mike A. Chavez

Location:    new mexico

Units/Dates +Comments:    I was with the 82d-abn (1982-1985) CSC 2/508 abn inf. looking for my old squad members, sgt.chavez (paco).
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Record 4021
Thursday 03/07/2002 2:29:11pm

Location:    FORT BRAGG, NC

Units/Dates +Comments:    82ND SIG BN
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Record 4020
Thursday 03/07/2002 1:58:25pm
Name:    Joe West


Units/Dates +Comments:    looking for old friend from 101st during wwII. FRANCIS "BUD" RAINEY.WAS possibly major or lt col. recalled for korea. anybody knowing any info pls contact me.
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Record 4019
Wednesday 03/06/2002 1:57:42pm
Name:    james d. shea


Units/Dates +Comments:    llth Abn, FtCampbell, basic and jump school...82d Ft Bragg, Domican Republic..1st Bde 101st VietNam
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Record 4018
Wednesday 03/06/2002 1:17:00pm
Name:    Ralph Earl


Units/Dates +Comments:    11th airborn 1945-1947
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Record 4017
Tuesday 03/05/2002 8:26:47pm

Location:    WHITESTOWN,IND.

Units/Dates +Comments:    B1/509TH ABN. ITALY 1974-75 C2/503 101ST 1975-1977 SGT.
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Record 4016
Tuesday 03/05/2002 11:37:31am
Name:    Kamaka David F

Location:    Fayetteville N.C.

Units/Dates +Comments:    I have a member who was with the herd in 67-68. Arthur K Kamaka "Joe Pineapple" if you are interested in seeing him call (910)843-3961 my home phone. i'm his son David U.S. Marine He needs help with disability for Vietnam.
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Record 4015
Tuesday 03/05/2002 7:42:43am
Name:    Barnes,Larry E.


Units/Dates +Comments:    I served in HHB 3/319th Arty. I am still trying to locate all my buddies. Thanks for keeping us alive.
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Record 4014
Monday 03/04/2002 9:31:38pm
Name:    Lewis H. Russell

Homepage Title:    Loose Pages

Location:    Douglas, Wyoming

Units/Dates +Comments:    1948-1953 82nd Abn; 1953-1957 10th & 77 SF Gp Abn.
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Record 4013
Monday 03/04/2002 4:34:47pm
Name:    James J. Brower

Location:    Jersey City, New Jersey

Units/Dates +Comments:    82nd Airbourne, Div., 2nd ABG, 504th Inf., Charlie Company, 1961, Ft. Bragg, NC

Record 4012
Monday 03/04/2002 2:25:59pm


Units/Dates +Comments:    DELTA COMPANY 2ND /504 P.I.R. FORT BRAGG,N.C. MAR 97 TO MAR 00
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Record 4011
Monday 03/04/2002 2:10:07am
Name:    Donald Nichols

Location:    Monterey, California

Units/Dates +Comments:    1944-6 101st Airborne 506th P.I.R. 1st Battalion, Headquarters Company, Machine Gun Platoon. Parachuted into Carentan Marsh D-Day and also fought at Bastogne. Looking for old friends. Robert Avery and Mizzell from Tennessee. This is entered by his daughter, but he is very interested in hearing from them or others. Thank you!
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Record 4010
Sunday 03/03/2002 4:30:36pm


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Record 4009
Sunday 03/03/2002 3:17:37pm
Name:    Col.Gavin Chow US Army(Ret)

Location:    Berlin, Germany

Units/Dates +Comments:    1950-1971 USA Military Service- 82ndAbn, 187thARCT, 10thSF, 5thSF, Sch of Americas,MTT#1(South America)51stCID 1971-2002 US Government Service(Europe,Central Asia,SE Asia,Brazil,Argentina,Panama,Middle East, Near East and Norther Virgina)
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Record 4008
Sunday 03/03/2002 12:47:02am
Name:    John S. Beaber

Homepage Title:   Deliverance It Has Come POW WWII Diary

Location:    tx

Units/Dates +Comments:    I really enjoyed your site. We must never forget. Thanks for keeping the memory alive.
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Record 4007
Sunday 03/03/2002 10:16:54am


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Record 4006
Saturday 03/02/2002 3:01:41pm
Name:    Geir Jorstad


Units/Dates +Comments:    I'm "Nobody", 25th Army Div.in '69/70 at Cu Chi. I had another name then... All my best to the guys who did what they had to do under circumstances beyond comprehension. My prayers to those who never made it home. God bless you all.
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Record 4005
Saturday 03/02/2002 9:59:36am
Name:    Bob de vignier

Location:    Florida

Units/Dates +Comments:    October, 1958-February, 1962. Served with 82nd PS&M Company (Riggers), Ft. Bragg. Sgt. Lester McClaney (original parachute platoon) was 1st Sergeant. Looking back on those days I can't believe that the first time I ever flew in an airplane I jumped out of the damned thing! Those were great times.
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Record 4004
Saturday 03/02/2002 0:58:48am
Name:    James Houston Meeks


Units/Dates +Comments:    hi! I'm signing on in behalf of my dad James H. Meeks who enlisted before his 18th bd (he got a draft notice while he was in Ft. Bragg I believe) was in Germany during the 50's in civies and got his first driver's license of any kind in Germany. Was discharged in California. does anyone know him? write me please.
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Record 4003
Friday 03/01/2002 10:18:27pm
Name:    Linda (Lewis) Fisher

Location:    Indiana

Units/Dates +Comments:    Raymond Parker Lewis, PFC 501st Airborne 101st Regimine Paratrooper Killed in England 5-19-1944. Please!! Anyone know him, remember him, or ?? Thank you Much I would like to take this time to say thank you to all those that served, are serving or died for our freedom. God Bless !!
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Record 4002
Friday 03/01/2002 11:05:25am
Name:    Ken Freeman

Homepage Title:    62nd Troop Carrier Squadron


Units/Dates +Comments:    62nd Troop Carrier Squadron (M) C-119s Ashiya, Japan/ Kimpo, Korea: 1950-52 My web site is in honor of all who served.
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Record 4001
Thursday 02/28/2002 7:12:02pm
Name:    geraldo diaz(JERRY)

Location:    waterbury,CT.

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