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Most pages on this site are devoted to remembering and celebrating the good times about our paratrooper experience, when we were young high-spirited men running around and yelling "AIRBORNE" and "HOOAH."

However, this page is more serious in nature, since what we did was serious and to be called a paratrooper was an honor, a very solemn honor. For that honor, some of our comrades gave their lives when in their very prime, and just at a time when the whole world seemed to be before them.


Let's please take a moment to reflect upon, and say a prayer in remembrance for, all of our comrades who died while jumping and in battle.
Please also take a SPECIAL moment in prayer and remembrance for all those who are still missing.

The above written by:
DAN McKegney who served in Vietnam 1967 - 1668





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Robert Murray
Mortar Battery 2 Abn. Battle Gp, 187 Inf. 101 Abn Div Ft. Campbell Ky 6/57 to 12/58
April 1, 1998
A Great Contributor to our Site. Provide some great Jump School Pictures.
James A. Core 11th Abn 11th Med Bn. Amb. Co. 1956-57 then Viet Nam
 November 1967
Killed in Action
Panel:28, Line: 080, Ref No: 8342
Ralph Monje 11th Abn 11th Med Bn. Amb. Co. 1956-57
1957 Germany
Shot By a German National
Thomas E Davis SSgt, 101st Airborne, Ft Campbell KY.
Died: Dec. 12, 1985
Plane Crash
Gander Newfoundland
SP4 Robert S. Hoyer 101st Airborne, Ft Campbell KY.
Died: Dec. 12, 1985
Plane Crash
Gander Newfoundland
Spc, Jack T. Tucker
82nd Abn. C Co,
2nd Batt. 1994-1997
July 8, 1997
Blackhawk Helicopter
crash July 8, 1997
PFC, Bassart
187th AIR,
I Co. 1st. pl
killed in a car wreak
PFC, Jarman
187th AIR,
Service Co.
Aprox. Aug.1954
Truck wreak, returning from Morie training field with Troopers of
I Co 1st pl, 187th AIR
Pvt. Jimmy Jones
11th ABN DIV,
Med Co 188 AIR
June, 1955
Killed on Los Banos DZ
Ft. Campbell, Ky.
Parachute Streamer
Pvt. Charles J. LaFrance
502nd PIR 101st ABN
Company F
Sept. 19, 1944
KIA; Battle of Arnhem
Operation Market Garden
James Wilkins
101st Airborne
Battle of Bastone WW2
April 1 1999
Submitted by Bill Orman
President, KWVA Rochester NY
Charles Baney
June 1997, Charles was inducted into the "Riggers Hall of Fame".
Khe Sanh, So.Vietnam
C-130 he was flying in
crashed while droping supplies to the Marines
Ronald Bonell
Machine Gunner, CO. B
June, 1944
Normandy Combat Jump
SFC Fulton E. Rivers
11th Abn, 127th Eng , 187th RCT, made combat jump, and was wounded
5th Dec 1950.
20 Sept. 1970
He and wife(Sara)
killed in automobile wreck
Cpl. John T. Griffin
Co. G, 2/187th ARCT
March 25, 1951
KIA during "Operation Tomahawk" two days after Munsan-ni Jump.
William J. Griffin Jr.
Co.A, 1/188th Airborne Infantry, 11th Airborne Division,
July 5, 1991
Participated in Operation Buster/Jangle, Sept/Oct, 1951. The first atomic detonations performed by the DOD in close support of ground troops.
A disabled veteran, dying after a long illness.
M.D. Fondren
Jumpmaster in the 508th Parachute Inf. Reg ,
1 combat jump in WWII
March 24 1998
Died from a long term illness.
SP/4 Rudy Mantiad Sagon
Co. A, 2/502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division
10 December 1965
Killed In Action - Michelin Rubber Plantation-Republic of South Vietnam..
SGT. George Aaron Morningstar
Co. A, 2/502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division.
09 June 1966
Killed In Action - Dak To, Republic of South Vietnam.
Major Herbert J. Dexter
Battalion XO, 2/502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division.
18 September 1965
Killed In Action - An Ninh, Republic of South Vietnam.
Pvt. David Lee Dodson
Co. A, 2/502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division.
07 June 1966
Killed In Action - Dak To, Republic of South Vietnam.
PFC Melvin Reeder
Co. A, 2/502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division.
07 June 1966
Killed In Action - Dak To, Republic of South Vietnam.
PFC Charles V. Turley
Co. A, 1/327th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division.
09 June, 1966
Killed In Action - Dak To, Republic of South Vietnam.
Chaplain, Major
William Joseph Barragy
1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.
CH-47 (Chinook) Helicopter crash- May, 1966-Nhon Co, Republic of South Vietnam.
The souls of 20 other brave Paratroopers joined Father Barragy in eternity that tragic day.
"God bless them all, the long, short and the tall...AMEN".
SSgt Perkins, Ira
Co. A 1/327th Abn.Inf. 3rd Plt. 101st Abn. Div.
KIA June 1966
Kontum Province R.V.N.
He was the Last of the Mighty "ABU's. Rest In Peace Sarge not a day goes by that I don't think of you.
Major Blaine E Young
Commander A battery 88th Abn AAA
Died 26 dec 1978
He made both Korean Combat Jumps, 20 oct 1950 and 23 march 1951
SGT Jason N. Pringle
HHC, 1/508th Inf. Reg.
(Abn Bat.Combat Team)
Died 1 Oct 99, during a show of force exercise in Kosovo. His parachute failed to open.
Pringle, was also a U.S. Army Ranger who received his Ranger Badge
SFC Thomas H Welsh
508th ARCT, 502Abn Btl Grp, 101st ABN Div
& Special Forces
KIA -- Vietnam
May 16 1966
Killed in Action
Panel 07E-Row 066
Reg. Sgt. Major (RSM),
Warrant Ofc. 1st Class,
Wendell James (Knobby) Clark
1st Canadian Parachute Bat., -- 3rd British Parachute Brigade, -- 6th British Abn. Div.
KIA, D-Day June 6, 1944
while leading his men.
He is buried in The Brit. Airborne Cemetery at Ranville, France.
He qualified as a jumper 3 times; Ringway, England 1942, Fort Benning, Ga, 1943, and Camp Shilo, Manitoba 1943.
Cpl. Albert Mergendahl 187th RCT "F" Company Killed in action in Korea Feb. 20, 1951 Submitted by his Grandchild
SGT. Victor P. Nava 11th Airborne K Co. 1950-52 Died: July 25, 1996 Enjoyed seeing his buddies at the reunion-San Diego CA 1995
Sp4 Daniel Kinnard, medic 1st Bat. 502 Regiment 101st Abn. KIA, March 8, 1968. He was shot and killed while carrying a wounded Paratrooper to safety.
Cpl. Lawrence N. Gardner, D.S. Co. G, 187th Airborne RCT KIA, March 28, 1951 5 days after Munsan-Ni Jump
Pvt, Salvatore Cannizzo
101st airborne
Battle of the bulge
Injured during invasion.
Died april, 23rd, 1993
In loving memory
Your children.
Rosendo F. Beloz
Served with the 11th & 187th Airborne from 1948 to 1952
Died October 12th 1994
In the VA Hospital
Buried Riverside National Cemetery, Cal. with full Military Honors
Sgt. Cecil Boone Jr
11th Abn. 188th Parachutte Inf. Head Qt Co. 1943-46;
Died 2-15-1955
A man's man, killed in Oil Field accident
Joseph Burdette May, Jr
101st Airborne 502nd PIR Ser. Co. Feb. 1944 - Dec. 1945
Died Sept, 1995
Served in WW II, Korea & Viet Nam
SFC, Alfred (Freddy) Sigfred Jordan,
KIA, Korea July 15,1953
Served WWII and Korea
Mike Lutzko,
502nd.prcht.inf.hq.co.2nd bn.101st Airborne fought at Bastogne
Died july 1970
May he rest in peace.
Mike Jr - son
Cpl. Joseph E. Raymond
187th korea 1950-1953
Died July 8, 1999
Proud to have been Airbourne !
James David Little
187th korea 1952-1953
Died Fall of 1961
died in a motorcyle accident at age of 27
Paratroopers Brothers:
Robert E. Sullivan
Charles R. Sullivan
82nd ABN
KIA Korea 1951-02-14
Died 1964
Charles was a Boston Police Officer.
Sgt. Nick Cabrera
82nd Abn. Div
killed,  May 29,1969
by a faulty handgrenade.
served in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam.
Robert W. Brigham
101st Airborne, 502nd, HQ company
KIA, October 23, 1944.
By German mine, in Holland.
1st Sgt.
Rex V. Smith
3BA 502nd Inf 101st Airborne, Fort Campbell, KY
Died: Dec. 12, 1985
Killed Plane Crash
Gander Newfoundland.
PFC Kenneth N. Allen
KIA: 27 May 1951
Born 29 March 1933
PFC Earl Moss Bird
11th Airborne Division, 188th Regiment,
Died June 11, 2001 at the age of 81.
He part of the operation that liberated POWs in Tokyo, one of whom was his cousin.
Scott C. Holloway
82nd Abn Div., 3rd platoon, 2-325 - 1994-96
Died November 9, 1996.
He was so proud to be airborne. - love always, your sister Lisa.
Msgt. Richard David Melbihess
11th Abn Div. 1955-1958 also 82nd and 101st Abn Div. retire 1976
Died of cancer on his 63 birthday Sept.5th 2000.
Two time solider of the year honors.
Always there for others.
S/sgt Vernon G Ronne
Hq Co 1st Bn 188th Prcht Inf 11th Abn. Div.
Feb 1943 - Dec 1945
Died of heart failure, 1985.
His best friend and buddy, Wendy Stillinger
Joe Ladanyi
Co. A & C, 2/502nd Infantry, 101st Abn. Div.
Vietnam, 1965-66.
Died of Cancer,
Aug. 12, 2001
Veteran of the vicious fight at Dak To, June, 1966.
SSG Alexander Gessner
A co 3/505 PIR,
Ft Bragg, NC
Died 24 July 2001
reserve malfunctioned
He was a good man.
His Airborne bretheren SGT Damon Zerby
Doug Holland
Co/C, 1st, 503rd Airborne.
KIA April 9, 1967
Killed going to the aide of another trooper
Sgt. Leslie L. Lyons
82nd Airborne and 4th Ranger Infantry
served 1944 to 1950
Died 1965
Sent in by his son, Patrick Lyons
SP/4 Johnny Wheeler
101st Airborne Div, CO 1ST/327TH
KIA about AUG 1967 in the Chu Lai area of Vietnam
We that knew you will never forget, Georgia,will miss you.
PFC George H. Hooker
376th F Art. Batt.
82nd Abn. Div.
KIA July 11, 1943 - Italy
Buried in the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery Nettuno, Italy.
Eugene C. Kolenski
11th. Abn Div, 11th Medical Batt. Amb.Co 1954-57
Died 11-05-2001
A Friend and great contributor to this site
Tom Astin
11th. Abn Div, 11th Medical Batt. Amb.Co 1955-58
Died 24 June 2002
Served with Ski and Tom have a picture of the two in chutes together on this site
Jimmy D. Knight
11th. Abn Div, 11th Medical Batt. Amb.Co 1955-58
Died May 20, 2002
Jimmy attended the 11th Abn. first jump school in Augsburg, Germany late July 1956.
Christopher Keen

AKA "The Moose"
He served in WWII and Korea
11th. Abn Div, 11th Medical Batt. 1954-58 as 1st Sgt.
He also served in Vietnam
Died 26 June 2005
He was the sterotypical "Mean and Ugly 1st Sgt", a person to be admired and feared in the same breath! .. He was the "ideal Army Paratrooper!" , We called him "Moose!"
Abner Byron Courtney
He served 1947-1967.
He also served was the 11th Abn Medical Batt. from 1955-1958.
died July 1, 2006
I served with Abner, he was a first class guy, a Paratrooper all the way !!
Charles Hardy Ellis
508th PIR Co. C 82nd ABN - 1942-1946
Died August 14, 1998 - Cancer
WWII Veteran, Normandy, Holland, Ardennes, & Rhineland
Harry (Sonny) Jacoby
82nd Airborne 505th regiment
Died 1963
Fought in World War II, Africa and Tunnis
Clyde Stories Served 1951 - 1955 with the 18th SF and 307 ABN Eng and with the 82nd aviation section.
Died December 1, 2001
Clyde was a great contributor to this site
George Raymond Clanton Sr. Served 1947-1950 with the 11th Airborne Div.
Died December 19, 2001
He was a proud paratrooper, that will be missed by his family.
"Moose" Heyliger

Carwood Lipton
Both served in WWII with Easy Co, 506th Parachute Inf. Reg., 101st Abn. Div
Died 11-04-2001

Died 12-16-2001
Both were sources of information for the book "Band of Brothers" which became a HBO acclaimed miniseries.
Felix Esparza, Texas

Fred Mangat, Oregon
Both served in Vietnam with 101st Abn. Div
Both KIA 5-17-1966
battle of Dac To.
From a former paratrooper and friend, David Diaz
SGT. Melvin Arthur Moses Served in the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment.
KIA France on June 23, 1944.
He is buried in the Normandy American Cemetery
William Ellis DeMay Served in the 82 and 101 Airborne also part of 377 parachute field artillery batt. March 1942 to Nov. 1945 .
Died Sept 17, 2001
Saw action in Normandy, recieved 4 bronze stars, bronze arrowhead, silver star, distinguished unit citation w/ oak leaf cluster.
Ssgt. Francis "Mick" Sheridan (father)
Thomas W. Sheridan (son)
101st Abn. 502nd 1/HQ 1940-45 WWII
101st Abn. 502nd 1/D co Vietnam 1968
Died of Cancer 4-6-90
Died of Heart troubles
Between the two they received 9 Purple hearts
they were very proud to be Airborne, and are missed very much.
John J Rabideau 173rd Airborne Brigade KIA, Apr 11, 1967
in Tay Ninh, So.Vietnam
We grew up together; Patricia Mielke
Benjamin A Jones Sp 4 Co A, 502 inf, 101 Abn div KIA, March 22, 1968,
Thua Thein Province So Vietnam
Born Sept 28 1947 Parkersburg West Virginia, Rest in Peace Benny .
SFC Edward Jan Cox Co A, 327 Inf, 101 Abn div
KIA, 24 Jan 1966,
Tuy Hoa, RVN
Sniper MG Fire while retrieving wounded comrades. Silver Star for "Gallantry in Action.
Sgt ROBERT L GRUBB 1st Ranger Co Abn
KIA, 02/15/51
Korea, Chipyong-ni
Julio Vespi 82nd Airborne,
Company I
Died June 25, 1972
Fought in Nijmegen bridge crossing
Alvie L.Scott He was a paratrooper,
with the 5th armored div
Died Jan.28, 1945 in Belgium, age 28
He wed Esther Bates Sept.25,1944 four short months before he died for his country
Pt. Ernest Hamlett British 1st Airborne, 1st Battalion, 1940 - 1945, Italy, Sicily, North Africa, Arnhem. P.O.W. Stalag XIB
Died May 27, 2002
age 87
"The war's over for you, Tommy."
Clarence A Peterson
187 ARCT Co.I, 3rd bn
KIA, Korea 3/26/1951. Made both combat jumps
Was taken POW with 17th airborne 513 co. B 4 Jan. 1945 in Belguim. Buried in Arilington National Cemetary
PFC Gene Hare 187 508th PIR 82nd A/B Div.
Killed in action 17 June 1944
Will never be Forgotten
CPT Robert M. King served with both the 82nd Airborne Div. and the 101st .
died Gander, Newfoundland 12 December 1985
He was returning from serving with the Multinational Force & Observers Sinai peacekeeping mission.
LTC, Andre C. Lucas LTC Lucas was the Commander of 2-506.
KIA July 1970
Awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for his actions in defending Fire Base Ripcord (Thua Thien Province) in RVN July 1970.
Edward Ballard Dale 187th Airborne Inf.
Died 12-08-50 in MASH unit
1st enlistment age 15 , 2nd enlistment age 17, The Good die Young, Buried Inchon Cemetery
Joseph Patrick Murphy 187th Airborne Inf.
Died Nov. 1966
Killed by a drunk driver
Dad I wear your wings every holiday.
Daughter Theresa
Pvt Harlan W. Paige 17th Airborne div.
KIA Jan. 4, 1945
Fought in the Battle of the Bulge
PFC John Eric Jackson 101st Airborne Division Fort Campbell KY.
15 August 2002 at age 37, of heart failure
Served with the paratroopers killed in the Gander Newfoundland plane crash. He was a proud paratrooper and is sadly missed and love by his family.
Roy E. Johnson 101st 327th Gliders WWII
187th AIR Korea
Died 16 October 1985
Was wouned on D day and Jumped in Korea
SSG. Jerry Malone 101st Airborne Division,Ft.Campbell, KY,
Died DEC. 12th 1985
at the age of 27
Returning home from serving with the Multination Force & Observers Sinai Peace Keeping Mission.
Killed 9th July 1944,
at Cean
Buried at Ranville Cemetary in France. Both of Sgt Cook's brothers were also killed in action
Pvt Kenneth Bruce Lytle 513th PIR, 17th Airborne
Died June 28, 1999
at home
Served in the battle of the bulge and crossed the Rhine in Op Varsity 1945
Gregory E. Clemens Battery B - 3rd Batt. , 82nd Airborne
Killed Nov. 30, 1982
During Practice Jump
Entanglement with another Paratrooper, both were Killed
24 March 1945
Buried in Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands
McDonald Kidd 11th ABN Div.
hurt during a night jump just before deployment to Korea
Died May 17 1986
from heart complications
I am proud to have his wings,
Daughter Kimberly
Sp3. Robert William Jeffery. 511th Airborne Infantry 11th Airborne Div.1955
Died June 18, 2003
25 years in Law Enforcement
SFC. Michael Herrera 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment
Died April 14, 2003
He was proud of his country and we are still proud of him !
Love his daughter, Deena Tanzman
Captain Irving Mayer Served in WWII with the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions, Jumped Normandy
Died August 1990
Joined the Army in 1936 and the Airborne at it's inception -- Class 5.
I miss him ... everyday., Rick
Carl H. White Sr. Served in WWII; 82nd Abn; 505th Headquarters; Made 4 combat jumps - 1 was Normandy.
Died June 29th, 2000
They are not lost who find the light of sun and stars and God.
Deeply missed by family.
PFC Angela Niedermayer
(our first lady Paratrooper)
Served with 313 Intelligence Div, 82nd ABN
Sgt Leslie Wade Martin Served with 313 Intelligence Div, 82nd ABN
killed in an accident at Ft Bragg on July 8, 1997
Missed and loved by his parents, Brother and family
Charles R. Herman 17th Airborne 513 PIR Company I Died of wounds Jan 8, 1945, while fighting German Panzer Units in the Ardennes. Now resting at the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg.
Rudolph A. Lucas Served with 11th ABN, 511th Signal Company
Died Jan 30, 2004
Rudy, was Supply Sgt. at Camp Crawford, Japan and later was 1st Sgt. and RSM.
SSGT William E. Jones Served with C Co. 505 PIR, 82nd ABN
Died: July 20, 1962
Jumped Sicily, Italy, Normandy -Rode Glider into Holland
Cpl. Billie E. Mooney 11th ABN Div, 511th ABN INF & Glider Rider Co. B -- Ft Campbell Ky. 1948/1950.
Died: Oct 27, 2002
Another Angel has gone home. -- Son, George
MSG Donald E. McGaughey Jump Master, 82nd ABN Div, 101st ABN Div
Died July 15, 2002
We love and miss you! Pat, Link, Susie, & our families
Billy J. Fleming 82nd AB 505th PIR D Co. (1943-45)
Died Sept. 17, 1996
Jumped Sicily, Italy, Normandy, & Holland. We miss you greatly
George W. Dieter Jr 11 th Abn, 503rd paratrooper in the South Pacific
Died in 1973 of a heart attack
We love him and miss him very much.
Tony Bonaventura 82nd Airborne, 505th Med. Detatchment
KIA, Oct. 1944
KIA Nijmegan, Holland
SSgt William E. Wilson 101st Abn, 1st Batt, "C" Co. 2/502 2nd Plt
KIA, Vietnam
29 Sept 1967
Died during an ambush at Chu Lai
Loved his country and his men.
Harry Leroy Herrin, Jr 17th Airborne Div.
513 PIR.
KIA, Germany
March 24, 1945
Died making Combat jump into Germany
Glenn Hamlin
from Bridgeport, Ct.
506th Parachute Inf.- 101st ABN Div.
KIA, on Oct.7th, 1944
Buried Netherlands Cem.- Margratin, Holland
James Simms 506th Parachute Inf.- 101st ABN Div., Anti-tank Platoon, Hq. Co. 1st Bat.
Died July 3, 2004
fought in the Battle of the Bulge, was severely wounded in the Battle for Bastogne
SSgt. David Lawrence Berkland 3/73rd Armor Battalion attached to the 82nd Airborne Div
June 22nd, 1999 - killed in a motorcycle accident
10 days before he was to attend Special Forces Training.
PFC, Daves

SPC, Dennison
Both from A co 1/504
KIA Dec 20, 1989 Republic of Panama, Operation Just Cause
submitted by:
Ed VanVickle:
I left part of a lung on that hill, they left thier spirit !
Charles W.  Stanley Sr A Co 327th Glider Inf Reg.  101st  Airborne Division,  1942-1945
August 7, 1996
Gone but not forgotton, Greatly missed by your children
William Jesse Gary, Jr. 17th Abn Div, 513th PIR, Company A
March 24, 1945
Enlisted on July of 1941, KIA during operation Varsity, the Rhine Jump
John R Toomey 513th parachute inf. reg. (17th airborne div)
KIA March 24, 1945
During operation Varsity, the Rhine Jump
Elza B. Barnes,PFC. "G" CO. 187th Glider Infantry.
Died, 1968
Submitted by his daughter: Alfreda Feltner
Willim F Davis,Pvt. 501 PIR, 101 Airborne.
KIA, Oct. 14, 1944
Buried Netherlands Cem. Margraten, Holland
KIA, MAR 24 1945
SFC Ray A Archuletta B Co. 2/502 Inf Reg 101 Abn.Div.
KIA Sept 7, 1967 RVN
Buried in Canon City, Colorado
SGT Checo, steven

1LT David Bernstein

PFC Jon Hart
D co. 2/504 PIR, 82nd ABN DIV
C co. 1/508 173 ABN BDE
C co. 1/508 173 ABN BDE
KIA 21 Dec 2002 Shkin, Afghanistan

KIA 18 Oct 2003 Tuz, Ira

KIA 18 Oct 2003 Tuz, Ira
Good friends to many, missed by all
Travis Rogillio
James D. Shafer PRCS Ret USN
Died of cancer
Jan. 9, 2005,
73 years old.
Had 1,201 jumps as a Test Parachutist.
Survived by his children Jim, Mary, and Bill
Kenneth G. Parker Co C 502d Parachute Inf
Wounded in Holland
Sept. 22,1944
Died, 1972 only 47
Susie Wachendorfer
Norman Taliaferro 11th Airborne's Recon Company from 1954 to 1957
Died Nov. 20, 2004
Norman was a great friend and a major Contributor to this site
SP4 James E. Dolan II 173rd Airborne Brigade
KIA Binh Dinh Prov. 5/25/70
Received the distinguished Service Cross for heroism - Gave his life to save two others
from Scitutate, Mass.
PFC Clarence Ardis Jump School - Fort Benning, GA, WWII Italy and Turkey, SVC.Co 350th Inf Regt. 1946 -1947.
Died: January 17, 1996
He was proud to have earned his wings and boots!
Pvt. Garriett A. Youngs 82nd ABN DIV - 1944 .
Killed Oct. 2 1944
Market Garden Operation, Holland
forever in my heart, never forgotten. Your niece, Neda!
Bernard Chalkley British 1st Airborne, 2nd Battalion 1944-1950.
Died 8 September 1997 from a stroke.
Saw action at Arnhem, Ardennes, Palestine.
A proud paratrooper. Sadly missed by his daughter.
Richard C. Minden 511th AIR, Co "G", 1955.
Died with cancer on 2/24/2004.
stationed in Germany during 1956.
He spoke praise of his days as a Paratrooper and was always wise with words and advice
M.Sgt. Clarence Ames("Pete") Peterson 187th ABN in Korea
KIA Korea on hill 228,
He made both combat jumps with the 187th in Korea. Awarded a bronze star for actions on the 1st jump.

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