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Paratroopers of the 50's constantly gets E-mails asking for old Airborne songs such as "Blood on the Risers" and "Beautiful Streamer".
So we have done our best to put together a CD of what we feel are the cream of Airborne songs plus some other songs, we Troopers of the 50's loved for $10.00 which covers the production cost and includes the shipping. We can ship an additional CD at the same time for only $4.00
14 of the songs on this CD where cut about 40 years ago. The cadence songs and the 1990 version of "BOR" are the only recent ones.
Here's a list of the songs :         
1- Jumpmaster Instructions & 18th Abn March
2- Beautiful Streamer
3- 11th Abn Div - Down from Heaven
4- 82nd Abn the All American Div.
5- 101st Abn Div. the Screaming Eagles
6- Paratrooper's Marching Song
7- Blood on the Risers - 1960's version
8- Blood on the Risers - 1990's version
9- The Army goes rolling along
10- Running Cadence - Jumpschool
11- Airborne Ranger Running Cadence
12- Ballad Of The Green Beret
13- Letter From Vietnam
14- Fraulein
15- Geisha Girl
16- Danny Boy
17- Star Spangled Banner

Ps, you can get the words to a lot of these songs from our song page.

Please mail check , shipping address and your Email Address to.
CJ Magro
PO Box 367
Town Creek, Al 35672           I will email you when I ship the CD.

You can also purchase an Airborne CD from theThe Airborne & Special Operations Museum   for $13.50 plus $6.00 shipping a total of   $19.50.
I do not have the CD so I can't tell you whats on it.

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