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Song Count
"Bohemian Polka" 12
"A Complicated Song" 12
"Trapped In The Drive-Thru" 11
"Albuquerque" 10
"Don't Wear Those Shoes" 10
"Close But No Cigar" 8
"The Hot Rocks Polka" 8
"Bob" 8
"Here's Johnny" 7
"I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead" 6
"When I Was Your Age" 6
"I Remember Larry" 6
"Buy Me A Condo" 5
"Couch Potato" 5
"Amish Paradise" 5
"Polka Your Eyes Out" 5
"Velvet Elvis" 5
"Jurassic Park" 5
"Gotta Boogie" 5
"Grapefruit Diet" 4
"Polkarama" 4
"Germs" 3
"White and Nerdy" 3
"Achy Breaky Song" 3
"Eat It" 3
"Hardware Store" 3
"Smells Like Nirvana" 3
"Airline Amy" 3
"Generic Blues" 3
"She Never Told Me She Was a Mime" 3
"The Alternative Polka" 3
"She Drives Like Crazy" 3
"Mr. Popeil" 2
"Bedrock Anthem" 2
"Waffle King" 2
"Addicted to Spuds" 2
"Jerry Springer" 2
"Callin' In Sick" 2
"You Don't Love Me Anymore" 2
"Alimony" 2
"Toothless People" 2
"Taco Grande" 2
"Wanna Be Ur Lovr" 2
"Your Horoscope For Today" 2
"This Is the Life" 2
"I Can't Watch This" 2
"Traffic Jam" 2
"UHF" 2
"The Night Santa Went Crazy" 1
"Gandhi II" 1
"(This Song's Just) Six Words Long" 1
"Dog Eat Dog" 1
"Angry White Boy Polka" 1
"Good Enough for Now" 1
"Trigger Happy" 1
"Lasagna" 1
"Young, Dumb and Ugly" 1
"Virus Alert" 1
"Stop Draggin' My Car Around" 1
"Buckingham Blues" 1
"Stuck in a Closet with Vanna White" 1
"I Love Rocky Road" 1
"Happy Birthday" 1
"My Baby's In Love with Eddie Vedder" 1
"Nature Trail To Hell" 1
"Talk Soup" 1
"Dare To Be Stupid" 1
"Theme From Rocky XIII" 1
"Hooked on Polkas" 1
"Christmas at Ground Zero" 1
"Trash Day" 1
"Frank's 2000" TV" 1
"Ricky" 1
"Don't Download This Song" 1
"It's All About the Pentiums" 1
"Gump" 1
"Do I Creep You Out" 1
"Slime Creatures From Outer Space" 1
"Party at the Leper Colony" 1
Matching Songs 79
Album Count
Poodle Hat 33
Alapalooza 32
Straight Outta Lynwood 29
Off the Deep End 24
Polka Party 24
Running with Scissors 23
Bad Hair Day 18
UHF (and Other Stuff) 17
"Weird Al" Yankovic 16
In 3-D 12
Even Worse 10
Dare to Be Stupid 5
Matching Albums 12

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I wanna know how many times Weird Al's said in his songs.

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 Even Worse
 UHF (and Other Stuff)
 Off The Deep End
 Bad Hair Day
 Running With Scissors
 Poodle Hat
 Straight Outta Lynwood
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