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Found 41 occurrences (note).

Song Count
"Polkarama" 5
"I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead" 3
"A Complicated Song" 3
"Hooked on Polkas" 2
"Gump" 2
"Trapped In The Drive-Thru" 2
"Albuquerque" 1
"Mr. Popeil" 1
"The Brady Bunch" 1
"Don't Wear Those Shoes" 1
"Midnight Star" 1
"Phony Calls" 1
"You Don't Love Me Anymore" 1
"My Baby's In Love with Eddie Vedder" 1
"I'll Sue Ya" 1
"Amish Paradise" 1
"Dare To Be Stupid" 1
"I Lost On Jeopardy" 1
"Isle Thing" 1
"You Make Me" 1
"Everything You Know Is Wrong" 1
"Bohemian Polka" 1
"I'm So Sick Of You" 1
"Why Does This Always Happen to Me?" 1
"Generic Blues" 1
"Your Horoscope For Today" 1
"Good Old Days" 1
"Slime Creatures From Outer Space" 1
"Party at the Leper Colony" 1
"Yoda" 1
Matching Songs 30
Album Count
Straight Outta Lynwood 8
Bad Hair Day 6
Dare to Be Stupid 5
Poodle Hat 5
In 3-D 4
"Weird Al" Yankovic 3
Running with Scissors 3
Even Worse 2
UHF (and Other Stuff) 2
Alapalooza 1
Off the Deep End 1
Polka Party 1
Matching Albums 12

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I wanna know how many times Weird Al's said in his songs.

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 "Weird Al" Yankovic
 In 3-D
 Dare to Be Stupid
 Polka Party
 Even Worse
 UHF (and Other Stuff)
 Off The Deep End
 Bad Hair Day
 Running With Scissors
 Poodle Hat
 Straight Outta Lynwood
 Alpocalypse (coming soon!)
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