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"Dog Eat Dog"

Watch out . . . It's dog eat dog
Watch out . . . Well, it's dog eat dog
Watch out . . . Well, it's dog eat dog
Watch out . . . Hey! Well, it's dog eat dog
Watch out . . . Well, it's dog eat dog
Better be careful now, it's dog eat dog
Look out, mama, it's dog eat dog
Hey! Dog eat dog


A dog, a panic in a pagoda
God! A red nugget! A fat egg under a dog!


Like a constipated wiener dog

"Jerry Springer"

Male Guest : And I've sleepin' with your dog Woofie!

"Here's Johnny"

Watch him selling beer and dog food

"White and Nerdy"

Even made a home page for my dog

"Talk Soup"

My dog's a narcoleptic

"Trash Day"

Even my dog passed out and needed resuscitatin'

"Pretty Fly for a Rabbi"

Workin' like a dog at the synagogue

"Confessions Part III"

Threw up on your dog last time I had too much to drink

"Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota"

The Shuffleboard Hall of Fame, Poodle Dog Rock,

Matching Songs 11
Album Count
Polka Party 17
Poodle Hat 3
Running with Scissors 3
Straight Outta Lynwood 2
Alapalooza 1
UHF (and Other Stuff) 1
Matching Albums 6

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I wanna know how many times Weird Al's said in his songs.

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