Pac-Man Fever Forever



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A Brief History of the Lyrics on This Site

The lyrics for "Pac-Man Fever" came from Marshall Stowe via his site, The Pac-Page, which (to the best of my knowledge) was the oldest Pac-Man site on the Web. It's sadly defunct, but you can still view it thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

The rest of the songs' lyrics came from James R. Leek (, who originally typed them all up for his own Pac-Man Fever site. The lyrics were not published with the album, so he had to figure them out from listening to it. When he took the site down in 1997, I e-mailed him asking if I could use his lyrics. He agreed.

As I prepared the lyrics for this site, I discovered some lines that I didn't think were correct. I e-mailed my corrections to James, most of which he agreed with. There were a couple where he was certain he was right, so I left those as he had done them.

Photo of Garcia at the mike with lyrics from these Web pages.

In 1999, I received the following from Mike Stewart: "Just a note, I am printing out the lyrics from your page for Gary to sing from today." Stewart played a Moog synthesizer on "Mousetrap" and "Berzerk" in 1981. He's now the owner of The Sound Shop, the studio where they re-recorded the songs for compact disc, and acted as a recording engineer for those sessions. He later sent me the photo of Gary Garcia with the lyric sheet seen here.

In 2000, I was able to obtain a Pac-Man Fever Song Book from eBay. I discovered that even it had some lyric errors, but they were quite obvious. It did, however, allow me to settle the few disagreements James and I had had. As best I could determine, none of the errors present in the lyrics on this site in 1999 made it on to the CD. I guess as Garcia sang it a few times, they came back to him.