Lee's Atari 2600 Games

Most lists are sorted by title, but the Atari 2600 list is sorted by maker, then title. Here is an explanation of the columns. (Note that all of these columns do not appear on all lists.)

Title The name of the game.
Maker The company that produced the game.
FAQ/VGR/List The rarity of the game from the system FAQ or VGR's list, or another widely accepted list. (If the rarity has a number and dash in front of it, it's an artifact of my sorting carts by rarity.)
DPG The rarity from the Digital Press Guide (5th edition). (When I get around to it.)
Condition My own system rating the label condition from A+ (mint) to F- (no label).
Manual If I have the manual for the game, shows a condition. If it's blank, I don't have the manual for that game. If a game comes with more than one manual (like Starmaster), there are two conditions separated by a slash. (If it just contains "y", I have the manual but haven't graded its condition yet. "Asc" means I have an ASCII copy and "Ph" means I have a photocopy.)
Box Same as the manual column, but for game boxes.
Overlay(s) Indicates if I have the overlay(s) (if any) for the game. Note that this means different things depending on the system. If in the format #/#, the first number indicates how many overlays I have and the second indicates how many were supposed to come with the game.

Alien20th Century FoxR3BAsc Small FC written on label
Beany Bopper 20th Century FoxR3B   
Deadly Duck 20th Century FoxR3C-   
Fantastic Voyage20th Century FoxR2B   
Fast Eddie20th Century FoxR3C   
Flash Gordon 20th Century FoxR3yyyBWB
M*A*S*H20th Century FoxU2C+   
Mega Force20th Century Fox  yyyBWB
Turmoil20th Century FoxU2Cy   
Worm War I20th Century FoxU3BAsc  
Skate Boardin' AbsoluteR3A+y y 
Barnstorming ActivisionU1yy yBWB
Boxing ActivisionU1D+C  
Bridge ActivisionU3B y 
Checkers ActivisionER4A+y y 
Chopper Command ActivisionU1Ay  Blue label
CommandoActivisionR3B-  White label
CrackpotsActivision  yyyBWB
Decathlon ActivisionR1A+y yWhite label upside-down
Dragster ActivisionU1By   
Enduro ActivisionU1BAsc  
Fishing DerbyActivisionU1A   
FreewayActivisionU2B+y C 
Frostbite ActivisionR3D+   
Grand PrixActivisionU1A+y  Blue label upside-down
Ice HockeyActivisionU1A+y yBlue label; B&W manual
Keystone Kapers ActivisionU1yyyBWB
Laser Blast ActivisionC1yyyBWB
Oink! ActivisionR3D   
Pitfall II: Lost CavernsActivisionR2AAsc  
Pressure CookerActivisionR C-  Bad Actiplaque
River RaidActivisionU1yyyBWB
Robot TankActivisionR2yy yBWB
Seaquest ActivisionR2B   
Skiing ActivisionU1BAsc  
Sky Jinks ActivisionR2B-   
Space ShuttleActivisionR2Ay yBlue label
Spider Fighter ActivisionU2DB  
Stampede ActivisionU1B   
Tennis ActivisionC1C+   
Mogul Maniac AmigaER4B   
Final ApproachApolloR4DAsc  
Racquetball ApolloU2D+  Red label; No end label
Shark AttackApolloU3C-  aka Lochjaw (ER)
Space Cavern ApolloU2B-  Blue label
Space Chase ApolloU2C+   
Wabbit ApolloR4B   
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe AtariU2Ay yPicture label
Adventure AtariC1Ay yPicture label
Air Sea Battle AtariU1By  Picture label; Target Fun manual
Alpha Beam with ErnieAtariR3B-  CCW label
Asteroids AtariC1Ay yPicture label; No opening copr. message
Basic MathAtariU3B  Text label; 61 on end label; aka Fun w/Numbers
BASIC Programming AtariR2A+y yPicture label
BasketballAtariC1DAsc Text label; No end label
BattlezoneAtariU1BAsc Picture label
BerzerkAtariC1A+y yPicture label
Big Bird's Egg CatchAtariR2C  CCW label
Blackjack AtariR1C-y  Text label; No end label
BowlingAtariC1A+y  Picture label
Brain GamesAtariU2B  Picture label
Breakout AtariC1Ay yText label
Canyon BomberAtariU1By yPicture label
Casino AtariU1A+BBPicture label
Centipede AtariC1Ay  Silver label
Championship SoccerAtariC1   see Pele's Soccer
Circus Atari AtariC1A+y  Picture label
Code Breaker AtariU2A-y  Picture label
Combat AtariC1Ay  Flat text label
Cookie Monster MunchAtariR2C  CCW label
Crystal Castles AtariU2A+y ySilver label
Dark ChambersAtariU1A+y  Rust label
Defender AtariC1Dy  Picture label
Demons to Diamonds AtariU1F+Asc Picture label
Desert FalconAtariC2A+y  Rust label
Dig DugAtariU1A+y ySilver label
Dodge 'Em AtariU1B-Asc Picture label
Donkey Kong JuniorAtariR3A+y  Rust label
Double Dunk AtariR3A+y  Rust label
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial AtariC1yy yBWB
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial AtariC1A+y ySilver label
Flag Capture AtariU2A+y  Picture label
Football AtariC1By  Text label (green)
Galaxian AtariU1A+y ySilver label
GolfAtariC1B  Text label
Gravitar AtariU1A+y  Rust label
HangmanAtariU2A-  Text label
Haunted HouseAtariC2Ay  Picture label
Home Run AtariC1A-Asc Picture label
Human CannonballAtariU1BC Text label
Hunt & Score AtariU2B-  Text label; end label
Indy 500 AtariU2B-Asc Text label
Joust AtariC1A-y ySilver label
Jr. Pac-man AtariU1Ay  Rust label
Jungle Hunt AtariU1Ay ySilver label
Kangaroo AtariU1B+y  Silver label
KrullAtariR2C-  Silver label
Mario Bros. AtariU2B+  Silver label
Math Gran PrixAtariC C  Picture label
Maze CrazeAtariU1Ay  Text label
Midnight Magic AtariR2Ay  Rust label
Millipede AtariR2Ay ySilver label
Miniature GolfAtariU3AC Text label
Missile Command AtariC1Ay  Picture label (lower case)
Moon Patrol AtariU1A+y  Silver label
Mouse TrapAtariR2B+y  Rust label; Coleco manual
Ms. Pac-man AtariC1Ay ySilver label
Night Driver AtariC1By  Picture label
Off the Wall AtariER4Ay yRust label
OthelloAtariR2A+y  Picture label
Outlaw AtariU1CB Picture label
Pac-manAtariC1A+y  Picture label
PhoenixAtariC1Ay  Silver label
Pigs in SpaceAtariER4D  Muppets label
Pole PositionAtariC1Ay  Silver label
Q*bertAtariR2Ay  Rust label
Radar LockAtariR4Ay  Rust label
Raiders of the Lost Ark AtariC1B+y ySilver label
RealSports BaseballAtariU1A+y ySilver label
RealSports BoxingAtariU2C+  Rust label
RealSports FootballAtariC1Ay  Silver label
RealSports SoccerAtariU1Ay  Silver label; Football on label
RealSports Tennis AtariU1A+y  Silver label
RealSports Volleyball AtariU1Ay  Silver label
Secret Quest AtariR3Ay  Rust label
Sentinel AtariR3Ay  Rust label
Sky Diver AtariU1By  Picture label
Slot MachineAtariR4A-  Text label
SolarisAtariU1Ay  Rust label
Sorcerer's ApprenticeAtariR4C  Disney label
Space Invaders AtariC1Ay  Glossy silver label
Space War AtariU2A-y  Text label
Sprint MasterAtariR3Ay  Rust label
Star Raiders AtariU1Ay  Picture label
Star Ship AtariR3A-  Text label; 03 on end label
StargateAtariU2Ay  Silver label; aka Defender II
Street Racer AtariU2BAsc Picture label
Super Baseball AtariU1A+y  Rust label
Super Breakout AtariU1Ay yPicture label
Super Football AtariU1A+y  Rust label
Superman AtariC1Ay  Picture label
Surround AtariC1By  Picture label
Swordquest: Earthworld AtariC1A-Asc/B Silver label
Swordquest: FireworldAtariC2By/y Silver label
Taz AtariR3D-  Silver label
Vanguard AtariC1By  Silver label
Vanguard AtariC1BB True silver label (joystick controller)
Video Checkers AtariR1Ay yPicture label
Video Olympics AtariC1A+BBText label; black manual
Video PinballAtariU1B+y  Picture label
Warlords AtariU1B+y yPicture label
Xenophobe AtariER4Ay  Rust label
Yars' RevengeAtariC1Ay  Rust label
Mountain KingCBSR3C   
Omega RaceCBSU3B-C + Booster Grip
Solar FoxCBSU2B   
Wizard of WorCBSR2B+C Manual has stain
Donkey KongColecoC1By   
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's CastleColecoU2C-   
Time PilotColecoR AB  
Mines of Minos CommaVidER6C-   
AirlockData AgeC2B   
Bermuda TriangleData AgeR2B-   
BugsData AgeU2C-   
Encounter at L-5Data AgeU2B   
Frankenstein's MonsterData AgeR BB/B Manual & insert
Journey Escape Data AgeC2C+y   
Warplock Data AgeC3C   
California GamesEpyx R2A-y   
Summer Games Epyx R2A-y   
Winter Games Epyx R2A-y   
Sea Hunt Froggo R2Ay   
Atlantis Imagic U2C-y   
Cosmic ArkImagic U2B+B-  
Demon Attack Imagic C1B-  Text label
DragonfireImagic C2C-   
Fire Fighter Imagic R2C+   
Moonsweeper Imagic U3Ay yBlue label
Riddle of the Sphinx Imagic U2B   
Star Voyager Imagic C1CAsc  
Trick ShotImagic R2C+   
Adventures of Tron M Network U2C   
Air Raiders M Network R2B   
Armor Ambush M Network C2By   
AstroblastM Network U2A-y   
Bump 'n' JumpM Network R3A+A+y 
BurgerTimeM Network R3C   
Dark Cavern M Network U2CC  
Frogs and Flies M Network U1B   
International Soccer M Network U2BB+  
Kool-Aid Man M Network U3C   
Lock 'n' Chase M Network C2C   
Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-ManM Network R4C   
Space Attack M Network C2By   
Super Challenge Baseball M Network C1CC  
Super Challenge FootballM Network C1B   
Tron Deadly Discs M Network U2yy BWB
Tron Deadly Discs M Network U2C   
Spitfire Attack Milton BradleyU4B+  No end label (originally?)
Survival RunMilton BradleyR4C-   
Fire FlyMythiconU3B   
Star FoxMythiconU3C   
AmidarParker Bros.U2CAsc  
FroggerParker Bros.C1By   
Frogger II: Threeedeep!Parker Bros.ER5D   
G.I. Joe: Cobra StrikeParker Bros.U3C-  Gray label
GyrussParker Bros.R3 y  GW
James Bond 007Parker Bros.R4B   
PopeyeParker Bros.C1C   
Q*bertParker Bros.C1C+  End peeling
ReactorParker Bros.U2A-y y 
Sky SkipperParker Bros.R2C   
Spider-manParker Bros.R2Ay y 
Star Wars: Jedi ArenaParker Bros.R2Ay y 
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi -- Death Star BattleParker Bros.R3By y 
Star Wars: The Arcade GameParker Bros.ER4By   
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackParker Bros.C1A+y y 
Super CobraParker Bros.U3B+y   
TutankhamParker Bros.U2 Ph&Asc GW
MazeSearsC2B  aka Slot Racers
Stellar TrackSearsR4C-  Half of end label missing
Video Chess SearsU1CAsc  
Buck Rogers: Planet of ZoomSegaU3B   
Congo BongoSegaR2B   
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator SegaR3Ay  + overlay
Sub ScanSegaU4C+   
Tac-Scan SegaU3B+   
Tapper SegaER5C-   
Up 'n DownSegaER7C   
Gangster Alley Spectravideo R4C   
Planet PatrolSpectravideo R2B+y   
DragonstomperStarpathER4BC+ Supercharger #6
Fireball StarpathR3Ay ySupercharger #3
Killer SatellitesStarpathR3A  Supercharger #7
Suicide Mission StarpathR3Ay ySupercharger #4
Demolition HerbyTelesys ER7C+  PAL
Fast Food Telesys R2C+   
Miner 2049erTigervisionER4A+A+A+ 
BMX AirmasterTNT Games ER4Ay y 
Commando RaidU.S. GamesR3By   
Eggomania U.S. GamesR3A-   
Entombed U.S. GamesER3F  Main label missing
Gopher U.S. GamesR2B   
Piece O' CakeU.S. GamesER5B   
Raft RiderU.S. GamesER5B   
Sneak 'n PeekU.S. GamesR3B-   
Space Jockey U.S. GamesC2Ay y 
Squeeze BoxU.S. GamesER3A   
Towering InfernoU.S. GamesU2C   
Word Zapper U.S. GamesU2By   
Chuck Norris: SuperkicksXonoxER6B   
Ghost Manor/Spike's PeakXonoxU4C-   
Sir LancelotXonoxER7F-  No label

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