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Summary: A long, detailed description of a number Saturday Morning cartoons.

The following text is transcribed from "The Encyclopedia of Animated 
Cartoons," by Jeff Lenburg.  It is copyright 1991.  The ISBN of the book 
is 0-8160-2775-7, for those that are interested.  I've included only the 
"classic" referances, as that is basically all I was interested in - a 
number of more "modern" video-game-based shows are also listed in the book.

On a side note, I'd recommend the book to anyone who is interested in 
animation, especially TV animation.  It certainly was a trip back in 
time for me to read about "Jabber Jaw," "Dungeons and Dragons," and 

Anyway, here it is:

Video game related show not detailed, due to non-classic status:
Captain N: The Game Master; The Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers Super
Dragon's Lair
In King Ethelred's kingdom, one knight outshines them all - Dirk the Daring.
He preforms great deeds and protects the kingdom and his beautiful Princess
Daphne from creepy villains and a fiery dragon.
_A Ruby-Spears Enterprise Production.  COlour.  Half-hour.  Premiered on
ABC: Spetember 8, 1984-April 20, 1985.
Dirk the Daring: Bob Sarlatte, Princess Daphne: Eleen Gerstell, King
Ethelred: Fred Travalena, Timothy: Michael Mish, Cinge: Arthur Burghardt,
Bertram: Peter Cullen, Sotryteller: Clive Revill
"The Tale Of The Enchanted Gift," "Sir Timothy's Quest," "The Tournament Of
The Phantom," "The Smithee's Haunted Armor," "The Pool Of Youth," "The Sotry
Of Old Alf," "The Song Of The Wind Chimes," "The Girl From Crow's Wood,"
"Mirror, Mirror," "The Snow Witch," "The Tale Of Dirk's New Sword," "The
Legend Of The Giant's Name" and "The Mist Of Wishes."
The Pac-Man/Rubik, The Amazing Cube Hour
Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Baby Pac and the rest of the Pac-Land gang 
returned in
all-new adventures in this hour-long fantasy/adventure series which provided
equal time to its co-star, Rubik, the Amazing Cube, which made its
Saturday-morning debut.  Rubik is discovered by a young boy (Carlos) who
brings the colourful cube to life - after he aligns all the cube's sides -
an sets out on a magical adventure tour along with his brother and sister,
Renaldo and Lisa. (The series was rebroadcast in the spring of 1985 as a
mid-season replacement.)  Hanna-Barbera Productions (Pac-Man) and
Ruby-Spears Enterprises (Rubik) co-produced the series.
_A Hanna-Barbera and Ruby-Spears Enterprises Production.  Colour.  One hour.
Premiered on ABC: September 10, 1983-September 1, 1984.
Pac-Man: Marty Ingels, Ms. Pac-Man: Barbera Minkus, Baby Pac: Russi Taylor,
Super-Pac: Lorenzo Music, Pac-Junior: Darryl Hickman, Chomp Chomp: Frank
Welker, Sour Puss: Peter Cullen, Mezmaron: Alan Lurie, Sue: Susan Silo,
Inky: Barry Gordon, Clyde: Neilson Ross
Rubik: Ron Palillo, Carlos: Michael Saucedo, Renaldo: Michael Saucedo, Lisa:
Jennifer Fajardo, Ruby Rodriguez: Michael Bell, Marla Rodriguez: Angela Moya
"Pac-Man" (two 11-minute episodes per show)
"Hey, Hey, Hey... It's P.J.," "The Old Pac-Man And The Sea," "Journey Into
The Pac-Past," "Pac-A-Thon," "Here's Super-Pac," "The Genii Of Pac-Dad,"
"Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Pac-Man," "The Greatest Show In Pac-Land," "Computer
Packy," "Around The World In 80 Chomps," "Super-Pac Vs. Pac-Ape," "Pac Van
Winkle," "The Super-Pac Bowl," "Public Pac-Enemy #1," "P.J. Goes
Pac-Hollywood" and "Happy Pacs-Living."
"Pac-Man Vignettes" (30-second spots per show)
"Clean Sweep," "The Sky's The Limit," "Buffons-R-Us," "Life Is A
Multi-Dimentional Experience," "ShipShape," "Lil'Shrinkers," "Surf's Ooop"
and "Mow Me Down."
"Rubik, The Amazing Cube" (one 22-minute episode per show)
"Rubik, The Amazing Cube," "Rubik And The Lucky Helmet," "Back Packin'
Rubik," "Super Power Lisa," "Rubik And The Mysterious Man," "Rubik And The
Pooch-Nappers," "Rubik And The Buried Treasure," "Rubik And The Science
Fair," "Honolulu Rubik," "Rubik's First Christmas," "Rubik In Wonderland"
and "Saturday Night Rubik."
The Pac-Man Show
The immensely popular video game character stars in this half-hour series,
along with his wife, Ms. Pac, a peppery, liberated lady; the energetic Baby
Pac; Chomp Chomp, a loveable dog; and Sour Puss, their sly cat, in fantasy
adventures that take place in Pac-Land, a pretty pastel world composed of
brightly glowing dots.  Their perfect world has one enemy, however: the
even-sinister, Mezmaron, who tries to rob the Power Pellet Forest of the
power pellets PAc_land thrives on.  (His attempts are always bungled by his
comical ghost monsters, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde and Sue).
In 1983, the series was rebroatcast in combination with Ruby-Spears
Enterprises "Rubik, The Amazing Cube" as "The Pac-Man/Rubik, The Amazing
Cube Hour."  Several new characters were added during the second season to
the Pac-Man cartoons.  They were Pac-Junior. Pac-Man's fast-talking
free-wheeling cousin, and Super-Pac, a vain and powerful super-hero.
_A Hanna-Barbera Production.  Colour.  Half-hour.  Premiered on ABC:
September 25, 1982-September 3, 1983.  Rebroatcast on ABC: September 10,
1983-September 1, 1984 (as "The Pac-Man/Rubik, The Amazing Cube Hour.")
Pac-Man: Marty Ingels, Ms. Pac-Man: Barbera Minkus, Baby Pac: Russi Taylor,
Super-Pac: Lorenzo Music, Pac-Junior: Darryl Hickman, Chomp Chomp: Frank
Welker, Sour Puss: Peter Cullen, Mezmaron: Alan Lurie, Sue: Susan Silo,
Inky: Barry Gordon, Clyde: Neilson Ross
Pac-Man (two 11-minute episodes per show)
"Presidental Pac-Nappers," "Hocus-Pacus Pac-Man," "The Great Pac-Quake,"
"Picnic In Pacland," "Southpaw Packy," "Pac-Baby Panic," "The Pac-Man In The
Moon," "Neander-Pac-Man," "Super Ghosts," "Invasion Of The Pac-Pups," "Trick
Or Chomp," "Pacula," "Once Upon A Chomp," "Journey To The Centre Of
Pac-Land," "Chomp-Out At The O.K. Corral," "The Bionic Pac-Woman," "The
Great Power-Pellet Robbery," "Backpackin' Packy," "The Abominable Pac-Man,"
"Sir Chomp-A-Lot," "Goo-Goo At The Zoo," "Attack Of The Pac-Mummy," "A Ba
Case Of The Chomps," "The ay The Forest Disappeared" andd "Nighty
"Pac-Man Vignettes" (30-second spots per show)
"Toot-Toot-Tootsy Goodbye," "Canned Canine," "Gimme A Hand," "Ballon Pie,"
"Ghosts Galore," "Stuck Up," "Keep In Step," "Animal Magnetism," "On The
Noggin'," "Stacked" and "Hose On First" (title of one spot was not on
Pole Position
A stunt racing and daredevil family team puts on thrilling automotive
acrobatics at the Pole Position Stunt Show, run by Dan Darret and his two
sisters, Tess and Daisy, after their parents disappear after an unexplained
explosion during a stunt race.  The kids carry on their parents' work, along
with pet Kuma and two computerized cars, Roadie and Wheels, using the
cutting edge technology of their high-tech vehicles to fight crime.  Series
was based on the popular video arcade game of the same name.
_A DIC Enterprises Production.  Colour.  Half-hour.  Premiered on CBS:
September 15, 1984-August 30, 1985.
Dan Darret: David Coburn, Tess: Lisa Lindgren, Daisy: Kaleena Kiff,
Dr.Zachary: Jack Angel, Wheels: Melvin Franklen, Roadie: Daryl Hickman,
Kuma: Marilyn Schreffler, Teacher: Helen Minniear
"The Code," "The Canine Vanishes," "The Chicken Who Knew Too Much,"
"Strangers On The Ice," "The Race," "The Thirty-Nine Stripes," "The
Thirty-One Cent Mystery," "Dial M For Magic," "The Bear Affair," "The Clutch
A Thief," "The Secret," "Shadow Of A Trout" and "The Trouble With Kuma."
Saturday Supercade
Five segments made up this series of video game-inspired cartoons which ran
for two seasons on CBS.  The first season lineup featured: "Donkey Kong,"
the adventures of a gorilla who escapes from the circus an keeps on the run
to avoid captivity; "Donkey Kong Jr.," the misadventures of Donkey Kong Jr.
and his friend, Bones, in search of Kong's missing father; "Frogger," the
story of a frog and his companions (Fanny Frog and Shelly the Turtle) as
reporters for the _Swamp Gazette_; "Pitfall," the exploits of a treasure
hunter, his niece and their cowardly pet who travel the world to unearth 
treasures; an "Q*bert," a teenager who battles the evil Coilee Snake and his
accomplices (Viper, Ugh and Wrong Way) with the help of his girlfriend,
"Frogger" and "Pitfall Harry" aired only during the first season.  For the
second season, they were replaced by two new video game-derived segments:
"Space Ace," a handsome, gallant space hero who, with his lovely partner,
Kimberly, protects the heavens from the evil Commander Borf, who plots to
rule the universe; and "Kangaroo," the misadventures of three youngsters
Joey, Katy and Sindey, who run into all sorts of problems at the local zoo,
including the Monkey Biz Gang.
_A Ruby-Spears Enterprises Prouction.  Colour.  One hour.  Premiered on CBS:
September 17, 1983-Auguest 31, 1985._
Donkey Kong:
Donkey Kong: Soupy Sales, Pauline: Juy Strangis, Mario: Peter Cullen
Donkey Kong Jr.:
Donkey Kong Jr.: Frank Welker, Bones: Bart Braverman
Frogger: Bob Sarlatte, Fanny: B.J. War, ShellShock: Marvin Kaplan,
  Tex: Ted Field Sr., Mac: Alan Dinehart
Pitfall Harry: Bob Ridgely, Rhonda: Noelle North, Quickclaw: Ken Mars
Q*bert: Billy Bowels, Q*tee/Q*val: Robbie Lee, Q*bertha/Q*Mom: Julie Dees,
  Q*bit: Dick Beals, Q*mungus/Q*ball/Q*Dad: Frank Welker, Coilee Snake:
  Frank Welker, Viper: Juile Dees, Ugh: Frank Welker, Wrong Way: Frank
  Welker, Sam Slick: Frank Welker
Space Ace:
Space Ace: Jim Piper, Kimberly: Nancy Cartwright, Dexter: Sparky Marcus,
  Space Marshall Vaughn: Peter Renaay, Commander Borf: Arthur Burghardt
Katy: Mea Martineau, Joey: David Mendenhall, Mr. Friendly: Arthur Burghardt,
  Sidney: Marvin Kaplan, Monkey Biz Gang: Frank Welker, Pat Fraley
"Donkey Kong"
_1983-1984_ "Mississippi Madness," "Gorilla Gangster," "Banana Bikers," "The
Incredible Shrinking Ape," "Movie Mania," "Gorilla My Dreams," "Little
Orphan Apey," "Circus Daze," "The Great Ape Escape," "Apey And The
Snowbeast," "How Much Is That Gorilla In The Window," "Private Donkey Kong,"
and "Get Along, Little Apey."
"Donkey Kong Jr."
"Trucknapper Caper," "Sheep Rustle Hustle," "Rocky Mountain Monkey
Business," "Magnificant 7-Year Olds," "The Ventriloquist Caper," "The Great
Seal Steal," "The Jungle Boy Ploy," "Junior Meets Kid Dynamo," "Amazing
Rollerskate Race," "A Christmas Story," Gorilla Ghost," "The Teddy Bear
Scare," and "Double Or Nothing."
"The Ms.Fortune Story," "Spaced Out Frogs," "The Who-Took-Toadwalker Story,"
"Hydrofoil & Go Seek," "The Great Scuba Scoop," "The Headline Hunters," "The
Legs Croaker Story," "The Blackboard Bungle," "Good Knight, Frogger," "Take
Me Out To The Ballgame," "I Remember Mummy," "Here Today, Pawned Tomorrow,"
and "Hop-Along Frogger."
"Amazon Jungle Bungle," "Raiders Of The Lost Shark," "Tibetan Treasure
Trouble," "Mass Menance Mess," "The Sabertooth Goof," "The Pyramid Panic"
and "Pitfall's Panda Puzzle."
"Disc Derby Fiasco," "The Great Q-Tee Contest," "Q-Bowl Rigamrole," "Crazy
Camp Creature," "Thanksgiving For The Memories," and "Dog Day Dilemma."
"Donkey Kong"
_1984-1985_ "Sir Donkey Kong," "The Pale Whale," "El Donkey Kong," "New Wave
Ape," "Greenhouse Gorilla" and "Hairy Parent."
"Take Me Out To The Q-Game," "Noser P.I.," "Hook, Line And Mermaid,"
"Q-Historic Daze," "Q*bert's Monster Mix-Up," "Game Show Woe," "The Wacky
Q-Bot," "Q-Beat It," "Q-Urf's Up," "Little Green Noser," "Rebel Without A
Q-Ause," "Looking for Miss Q-Right" and "The Goofy Ghostgetters."
"Space Ace" (one per show)
"Cute Groots," "Cosmic Camp Catastrophe," "Dangerous Decoy," "Moon Missle
Madness," "Perilous Partners," "Frozen In Fear," "Age Ray Riot," "Wanted
Dexter," "Phantom Shuttle," "Spoiled Sports," "Calamity Kimmie," "Three Ring
Rampage" and "Infanto Fury."
"Kangeroo" (one per show)
"Trunkfull Of Trouble," "Zoo For Hire," "Bat's Incredible," "The White
Squirrel Of Dover," "The Birthday Party," "Having A Ball," "The Tail Of The
Cowardly Lion," "It's Carnival Time," "Lost And Found," "Joey And The
Beanstalk," "Zoo's Who?," "The Egg And Us" and "The Runaway Panda."

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[Note: one thing I noticed right away was the name of Nancy Cartwright, 
 who does the voice for Bart Simpson (I think - anyway, someone on the 
 Simpsons) who does the voice of Kimberly for Space Ace.]

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  2. I don't know of any way to get video tapes of these cartoons.
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