From: (VGR (Craig Pell))
Subject: It Begins.
Date: 2 Sep 1995 06:01:03 GMT
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Keywords: adventure,indenture

The story thus far:  I ask Atari for permission to sell DOS Adventure.  They
say no.  Then Activision buys the rights to the game.  So I call Activision
and ask about it.  What I'm told is that Activision has decided they want
more Atari-made 2600 games than they'd originally planned on asking for,
and Atari Corp. in its brilliance will need at least another year to draw
up the new contract for that.  Another year?

I was never interested in being Warren Robinett.  I made Adventure for DOS
because I loved the game and because I had fantasized about a few improve-
ments of my own.  I made them reality.  But I ended up getting a lot more
of the experience than I bargained for:  I know how Warren felt.  I know
now what it means to be screwed by a shitpile of Atarian bureaucracy.  I
know now why he dedicated so much of that precious 4K to the secret

Fuck all of 'em.

I'm releasing it now.  It is on my homepage.  I've given the game subtle
differences, the most notable being that it's called Indenture and also
that it's freeware.  It is much less likely I'll get sued if I'm not
garnering any revenue from the game.

So go over to my homepage and get it.  I'm sure my handful of beta-testers
didn't find *all* the bugs.  The homepage is:
[Changed to new URL.]

I'll announce when it's on an FTP site.
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