Multi-Player Atari 2600 Games

Three (or more) Player Games  	Max. Players
----------------------------  	------------
Blackjack                         3             jlodoen
Breakout                          4
California Games                  8
Casino (Poker Plus)               4             jlodoen
Decathlon                         4
Fireball (for Supercharger)       4             jlodoen
G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike            3 at once     tovu
Party Mix (for Supercharger)      4 at once     toh
Steeplechase                      4 at once     jlodoen
Street Racer (Speedway)           4 at once     waxy
Summer Games                      8
Video Olympics (Pong Sports)      4 at once
Warlords                          4 at once
Winter Games                      8
Thanks to: (Rick Kinney) (Jeff M Lodoen) (Tom Vuong) (Marc Sira)

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Last Modified: 16 Aug 1996