Action Pack Debugger

Newsgroups: alt.atari.2600
Subject: Atari 2600 Action Pack IS AN EMULATOR!!!!
Date: 5 Mar 1995 22:10:15 GMT
Organization: LTI
Message-ID: <3jdcs7$>

Once again, Activision's Atari 2600 Action Pack is a true emulator. 
For those of you who doubt this, I left a little easter egg in the
program that let's you access the symbolic debugger I wrote, so you
can single step and trace through Pitfall.  Here is how you do it: 

In the ActPack directory (where everthing is placed from the setup
program), there is a file called 2600EMU.EXE.  Run this EXE file - The
program will come up with a "DEBUG" pull down item on the menu bar. 
There are a number of choices under "Debug", but the only one that is
active is the "Debug65.." item.  Selecting this item will bring up my
6507 symbolic debugger, which allows you to single step, change
registers, generate interrupts, examine memory, etc.

This should, hopefully, end the ongoing debate over whether or not
Action Pack is an emulator.  It really is, I promise, scouts honor!

Best Regards,

Michael Livesay

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