There are several continuity problems in the Atari Force comics. DC Comics apparently had some problems deciphering the mission logs they were given. (See the individual mission logs for details.) This timeline is but one interpretation, generally accepting AF2 comics over AF1. Specific dates are only used when given by the comics. Year, month/year, and circa dates are drawn from clues in the stories.

c. 1400 The First Custodians bring peace to the galaxy of New Earth (AF1.05).
04 Apr 1962 Morphea 6593AB-7 born.
19 Sep 1974 Martin Champion born.
1985 Mohandas Singh adopted by Professor Stanley Miles (AF1.02).
1992 Martin Champion joins the Marines (AF1.02).
c. 1995 NASA restarts "full bore" (AF1.01).
1995-1998 Martin Champion flies four lunar missions (AF1.01).
1996 Martin Champion wins three gold medals at the Olympics.
Apr 1998 NASA begins establishing a lunar colony (AF1.01).
18 Oct 1998 The NASA lunar colony is attacked. Martin Champion and Lydia Perez start out on rescue mission (AF1.01).
21 Oct 1998 Champion and Perez arrive at the Moon and make a daring rescue of the lunar colonists (AF1.01).
Oct 1998 The Five Day War begins after NASA proves who attacked the lunar colony. Li-San O'Rourke leads U.N. attack on an enemy-occupied oil field in the Arabian Peninsula (AF1.02).
1998-1999 The Break-Up: A period of chaos after the Five Day War (AF1.01, AF1.02).
1999 ATARI assumes control of NASA and the National Academy of Science (AF1.01) and begins working on Project: Multiverse (AF1.02). Dr. Lucas Orion is part of the last U.N. peace-keeping force. He quits when invited to head ATARI medical research (AF1.02).
18 Feb 2000 Tukla Oly (Pakrat) born.
2002 Mohandas Singh becomes head of ATARI computer research (AF1.02). Martin Champion joins ATARI.
2002-2004 Martin Champion commands the second manned Mars mission. [Can be safely ignored if desired.]
Late 2004 Lydia Perez joins design team of Project: Multiverse (AF1.01).
Mid 2005 The original Atari Force is formed. Scanner One launched (AF1.02). Atari Force encounters the Dark Destroyer for the first time and the Zylons. Hukka joins the crew (AF1.03). Atari Force stumbles upon the Malaglon (AF1.04).
Late 2005 Bob Marcus destroys the Malaglon master base six months after Atari Force encountered the Malaglon (AF1.04).
20 Jun 2006 Atari Force discovers New Earth (AF1.05).
Jul 2006 Scanner One is converted to Exodus One and launched with the first wave of humans to colonize New Earth (AF1.05).
13 Aug 2006 Martin Champion marries Lydia Perez.
03 Jan 2007 Erin Bia O'Rourke-Singh (Dart) born.
05 Mar 2008 Christopher Champion (Tempest) born. Lydia Perez dies.
c. 2015-20 Chris Champion buys Hukka a robotic Personal Pal named Bob (AF2.20.2).
04 Aug 2016 Pakrat expelled from Markian Military Academy.
05 Aug 2016 Pakrat arrested for suspected theft on Gamma-Six.
11 Sep 2016 Pakrat released.
12 Sep 2016 Pakrat arrested.
30 Oct 2016 Pakrat released.
31 Oct 2016 Pakrat arrested.
01 Nov 2016 Pakrat deported offworld.
22 Apr 2017 Pakrat arrested on Yul's Asteroid. Deported.
01 Aug 2017 Pakrat arrested on Edgeworld. Deported. Will be arrested and deported many more times.
c. 2017-26 Pakrat and Ferra steal an ambassador's jewels and head to New Earth (AF2.15/2, AF2.16/2, AF2.17/2)
2018 Hukka gets left in a toy store and has to defend himself against a guard dog (AF2.18/2).
10 Jul 2023 Dart set to be arrested for anti-social acts after allegedly attacking a group of students who taunted her about her mutant genetics (AF3/1).
02 Aug 2023 Dart joins mercenary squad (AF3/1).
2026 Dart and Blackjak form own mercenary squad (AF3/1).
2026 Babe born ("estimated").
Jan 2028 Dart and Blackjak arrive at Roc's World.
08 Jan 2028 Morphea applies to join ATARI.
22 Jan 2028 Morphea accepted by ATARI.
c. Mar 2028 Babe leaves his mother, encounters a kind pilot who helps him get back, but is forced out again (AF2.14/2).
16 Aug 2028 Morphea arrives on New Earth. Attached to ATARI Psychic Research staff.
Early Sep 2028 Dart and Blackjak fail to get their fee from General Ki on Roc's World, so they join the rebels against him. After the war is over, they head to New Earth. Blackjak is apparently killed during the journey (AF2.01, AF2.02, AF2.03). Pakrat steals the Klavian crown jewels on Moon Alpha and heads to New Earth. His brother Rident is on his tail the last part of his trip (AF2.01, AF2.02, AF2.03, AF2.04, AF2.05).
10 Sep 2028 Babe kidnaped by a freighter captain and begins trip to New Earth (AF2.01).
Late 2028 Dart arrives on New Earth (AF2.04).
c. one week later Champion, Tempest, Dart, Hukka, and Morphea steal Scanner One and take Babe with them. Pakrat stows away. Rident Oly follows them (AF2.05).
Late 2028 Atari Force confronts the Dark Destroyer. Babe and Hukka end up on a remote planet (AF2.06, AF2.07). Hukka has some behind the scenes adventures (AF2.12/2, AF2.13/2, AF3/2). Taz's mate is killed (AF2.19/2).
Days later Atari Force finds Babe, Hukka, and newcomer Taz (AF2.08).
Late 2028 Babe sheds a layer of skin into Scanner One's life-support system, forcing Atari Force to land on a war-ravaged planet to make repairs (AF3/3). Tempest returns to New Earth. Blackjak is discovered to still be alive (AF2.09). Tempest is captured (AF2.10). Blackjak sabotages Scanner One's navigational computer and the attempt to fix it (AF2.11).
Six hours later Atari Force arrives at the Dark Destroyer's bomb. (AF2.12/1).
Late 2028 After two fights, a universe is destroyed when the bomb goes off. Atari Force, Kargg, and Rident escape (AF2.13/1, AF2.14/1).
29 hours later Atari Force encounters Rident (AF2.14/1).
Late 2028 Atari Force escapes the ants that attempt to eat them and Scanner One. The Tazlings are born (AF2.15/1, AF2.16/1). They remove Blackjak and Kargg's Dark Destroyer implants and give Blackjak a new eye (AF2.17/1). Tempest reunites with Atari Force and leads them home. Blackjak gets his mechanical eye back (AF2.18/1). Atari Force lands on New Earth. Scanner One is destroyed. Champion, Tempest, and Dart arrested (AF2.19/1).
Next day Champion, Tempest, and Dart are put on trial. Before a verdict is reached, Atari Force leaves for Old Earth "to build a research station true to the principles under which New Earth was founded" (AF2.20/1).

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