Mission Log: AF2.20/2

Atari Force #20, backup story
Aug 1985
"Hukka vs. the Bob"
Starring: Hukka
7 pages

Plot & Pencils:Keith Giffen
Plot & Dialogue: Robert Loren Fleming
Plot & Inks:Karl Kesel
Plot & Colors:Tom Ziuko
Plot & Letters:Bob Lappan
Plot & Edits:Andy Helfer
Plot & Take-out:Communist China

A young Chris Champion buys Hukka a robot Personal Pal name Bob. He leaves them to play while he is in his study cube. Hukka rides Bob, but gets upset when Bob puts him through the ceiling. Not being able to read the "do not immerse in water" label on Bob's back, Hukka attempts to flush him down the toilet. Bob becomes vicious and chases Hukka. Hukka finally gets Chris to help, but just before, he breaks Bob's antenna. Chris misunderstands and thinks Hukka's upset because of the broken antenna and replaces it with the spare. Bob lives. . .  .


  1. This is quite possibly the funniest backup of them all.

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